Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life eternal

(45)  Bakula gandhe madhuranande

With sweet bliss and the fragrance of bakula flowers,[1]
He came in the rhythm of a honeybee.

"Beyond the end there is a beginning—
The end is not so" He said.

The stream of life is eternal and interminable.
Even in a desert the stream is not lost.
In Your momentum, in Your speed,
In Your current, it flowed on.

All afflictions and all obstacles—
Those iron gates have been shattered.

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Baba's exposition:
The Lord came with the fragrance of the bakula flower and with a wave of sweetness, with the rhythm of the honeybee. In His eternal movement there cannot be any full stop. When we say this is the last point, then we see that it starts once again. A river may dry up amidst the desert, but the flow of life will not dry up, even amidst the desert of obstacles. O Paramapuru┼Ťa, when You are with me, no obstacle can stand before me as insurmountable. Even iron gates will crumble to pieces when Your grace is with me. O Lord, stay with me.

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  1. For one who is knowingly approaching death, this song offers both comfort and strength.