Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lost and found

(33)  Tomar name tomar gane

In Your name, in Your song,
My inner self was lost.
The traveler wandering in the dark
Has found the fountain of effulgence.

The bewitching atmosphere with illusory ties—
If she comes to bind me—
With a sweet smile I will say to her,
"I have smashed your prison walls."

All living beings are respectable;
Accept my humble salutation.
All minds are incomparable;
Accept my homage.

I have come in the flow of attractive movement,
Like nectar in a flower blossom.
Today, the enchantment of Your name calls me
To forsake all former bonds.

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
You know there is eternal movement, eternal velocity, with each and every entity, whether animate or inanimate. Nobody comes into this world knowingly. All human beings come unknowingly in the process of eternal movement, just as nectar comes within a flower. Now, after coming here, when I came in contact with Your name and with Your song, I was so overwhelmed that I have lost myself. I have lost my identity.

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