Sunday, June 8, 2014

Who has appeared... and why

(31)  Kon timirera par hate phute uthecho

Who has appeared, piercing the darkness,
The polestar of my life?
From what heavenly realm have You brought
A stream of divine nectar to this earth?

Come, Lord, in life's essence,
Come, Lord, in mind's flame,
Come, Lord, in heart's kadamba
Make this world sweetly fragrant.

Come, Lord, in life's melody,
Come, Lord, in mind's lyrics,
Come, Lord, in heart's rhythm—
Stir those who are aslumber.

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
You have come from the other side of darkness and brought with You the divine nectar for this earth from the other world, from the supramental world. You have come in the very vitality of my life. You have come in the fragrance of my heart. You have come in the flame of my mind. And You have made this universe fragrant. O Lord, with Your presence, let the entire universe be aroused.

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