Monday, June 30, 2014

The wretched of the earth

(46)  Era kannay bhaunga rudhirete rauna

Downtrodden,[1] they have broken into tears.
Having lost all, they are crushed with despair.

They are without vigor, without ambition,
Without spirit, without direction.

Come, let us bring them to bathe in light;
Let us restore their confidence;
Let us abolish all their deprivations—
With heartful, loving embrace.

The suffering of one is the suffering of everyone.
This earth belongs to all.

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Baba's exposition:
Those downtrodden people, whose lives are filled with weeping, who have no aspirations, whose existences have no charm of vitality – let us guide them on the path of light. Let us educate them. Let us fulfill their demands and their needs. Let us restore their lost dignity. With our hearts overflowing with love, let the sufferings of each be shared by all, for this world belongs to us all.

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  1. In case anyone is not acquainted with Frantz Fanon's influential, revolutionary book condemning racism and colonialism, I borrowed the title of this song from him. A neohumanist does not tolerate any form of imperialism under any circumstance. This earth is our common patrimony.