Friday, June 13, 2014

The call of total attainment

(35)  Akash vatas sudhaniryas

The sky and air exude ambrosia—
Krśńa summons from the clouds.
In my heart sweetly sounds
The Páiṋcajanya conch.[1]

Such a strain of dance and song;
Such a flood of effulgence in my heart—
I have transcended all bounds on hearing
The call of total attainment.

With no direction in this sweet song,
How does the summons guide me?
Between the lines it is He
Who keeps calling me.

After darkness, light.
Suddenly my life is fulfilled—
My whole heart overflows
With divine sound.

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
Paramapuruśa, who is also known as Lord Krśńa, has come so close to me; and I am listening to the sweet music of His flute. This flute sound of Paramapuruśa, this internal sound, is the oḿkára sound. Because of my coming in close proximity to His divine presence, I hear that divine sound; and I find that the sky, the air, and everything of this universe has been filled with divine nectar and charged with divine fervor. I hear that cosmic sound of that cosmic flow. Now there is nothing left to be attained. Everything has been attained.

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