Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting to know You

(42)  Tomare peyechi

I have had You with me...
In the cheery crimson light of dawn,
In the warbling in the lotus garden,
In the morning breeze, in the waterfall,
In the lonely forest paths.

In the ups and downs on the path of progress,
In the laughter of dance, in rhythm and melody,
In sweet memories, in heartrending songs,
In everything heard and thought...
I have got to know You.

I have loved You, I have brought You close
In resonant dreams and reflections.

Sarkarverse article
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Baba's exposition:
Along the path of progress, the movement towards the goal is not a straight and plain road. There are so many ups and downs. O Lord, You have been with me during the ups and also during the downs. In my pleasures, You were with me in the smiles on my face; and, in my pains, also You were with me in the tears in my eyes. You have been with me in all circumstances and in all conditions. You never leave me. You are so near to me. You maintain the closest proximity to me. You are my closest friend.

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