Saturday, June 14, 2014

Curtain call

(36)  Sabar bandhu sabar apan

Everyone's abiding friend; everyone's very own self—
You are everyone's goal of life.

On a dark night, You are a festival of light—
On an arid route, a fountain of water.

When everything has been revealed,
Then what use is Your hide-and-seek game?
Lord, come into my heart in Your true identity,
In a flow of sweet compassion.

On Your path, glittering with light,
Don't think to conceal Yourself.

Sarkarverse article
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Baba's exposition:
Paramapuru┼Ťa is always with everyone. And not only is He with everyone, He helps everyone in all circumstances, whether good or bad, sinner or virtuous. He is just like a fountain of fresh water in the desert. He is just like a festival of light in a dark night. Now, when this fact has been known to all, that You are the helper of all and no one can be without You, then You no longer remain unknown. Regarding You everything has become known to all. So now there is no necessity of this hide-and-seek play with us. Come in the forefront, and proclaim Your true identity, saying "I am Paramapuru┼Ťa"; and don't play hide-and-seek with us any longer. And You know, one can hide only in darkness or in a closed place. But the path You have shown to us is glittering with light, and there is no dark place on it. So where will You hide Yourself on that glittering path? It won't be possible now for You to play hide-and-seek with us. So please give up this particular habit of Yours; it is a defective idea. The days of playing hide-and-seek are over.

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