Thursday, June 26, 2014

Onward ever onward

(43)  Tomra ja khushi tai balo

Whatever you may say,
I will march on without halt.
Proceeding without pause,
I will speak out but never beg.

The sky is filled with clouds of silver;
The breeze sways on a palette of reeds;
The night jasmine emits a flood of fragrance;
The dewdrops quiver with joy.

I have not found the one I am seeking,
But I know that He is seeking me.
With my songs He is stringing
One small garland.

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Baba's exposition:
You may say whatever you like, but you must know that mine is a pauseless march. I go ahead without pause. And whatever I say, I say straightforwardly and without any sentiment. I am always, under all circumstances, outspoken. In all directions, nature is bountiful and beautiful, full of love and full of melody. And, amidst this natural beauty, I am simple and straightforward. There is no curvature in me. I am in search of a particular personality, and I know that personality is also in search of me. And I also know that these tiny songs of mine have been accumulated by Him. He is preparing a garland out of my songs.

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