Saturday, June 21, 2014

Knowing You, knowing me

(41)  Andhar periye apani esecho

From the other side of darkness You came—
You came into my life.
Disregarding merits and demerits, You loved—
You loved me.

In my small mind You infused desire;
With petty thoughts You kept me inert.
Yet in Your greatness You also taught
How to make You my own.

Thinking of You, remembering You,
You allowed me to know myself.

Sarkarverse article
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Baba's exposition:
One can have a rough idea, a microscopic idea, of God only when Paramapuruśa desires it. Without His desire, nothing can be done. Even a blade of grass cannot move without His support, without His order. You came from beyond the veil of darkness, and You loved me without caring for my qualifications and disqualifications. This is nothing but Your mercy, and that is why I say that You are mine. And You have taught me how to know You. You know, everything is the object of Paramapuruśa. Paramapuruśa is the Supreme Subject, the Supreme Subjectivity. He cannot be the object, for He sees everything. He is the subject, and the entire universe is the object. But Paramapuruśa Himself teaches the microcosms, the human beings, to make Him their object. That is, during sádhana, the sádhaka becomes the subject and Paramapuruśa becomes the object. Such a vast entity cannot be the object; He is the subject. But He Himself has taught that: "During sádhana you should accept Me as your object." And He has further taught that: "If you know Me, you will know yourself also."

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