Thursday, June 12, 2014

Under Your eyes and beneath Your feet

(34)  Tomar nayan tale sab kichu nece cale

Under Your eyes everything capers.
Beneath Your feet the universe flows.
Days long past, songs onetime sung,
Words once spoken – all merge in You.

Many times I came, danced, and sang.
Many persons I loved, many veils of Maya I tore.
Many games I played while moving toward You;
In this flow of movement, they turn to dust.
Nonetheless, that dust cannot forsake You.
In Your rhythm, it drifts toward immortality.

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
Whatever one thinks, whatever one sees, whatever one says – all these expressions are rhythmic expressions. And these rhythmic expressions come from You, remain with You, and go back to You. Whatever was said millions of years ago, was sung or was expressed, all is still there in the storage of the cosmic mind. No vibration is lost forever. Do not think that anything is lost. Nothing is lost. Nothing dies forever. And that is why all the rhythms of this universe – all the celestial rhythms and all the mundane rhythms – flow towards You. You are the ultimate goal. You are the supreme desideratum. Everything moves towards You. Everything moves towards the supreme source of immortality.

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