Sunday, April 30, 2023

Must be a mistake

(2617)  Diiner kutiire tumi ese gele

When You came unto a poor one's shack,
Date and way forgotten, the why I know not.
There's no fruit of virtue or power of sadhana;
This is the unmerited compassion.

What I could not ever imagine,
Gave You that today; in life it did happen.
To a devotee lax grace, affectionately granted.
Crying eyes You can't stand.

A throat ever-calling has become decrepit;
Night and day in Your meditation have I wept.
Now, taking pity, along a road erroneous
Came You, the all-pervading fount of effulgence.

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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Our wedding is coming

(2616)  Ei unmada malayanile

On this frenzied vernal breeze,
Full of honeyed scent,
With the bela and bakul, champak buds
Are ecstatic in the forest.

For the sake of getting You, heart is zealous;
My tiny river has spilled over shore.
Having loved, hope sways like an earring, back and forth,
For the One alone, husband I have chosen.

Darling, please arrive on silent feet,
With springtime flowers welcoming, welcoming,
Mind conscious and subconsciousness in thought smiling,
Shedding light that is golden.

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Your pursuit is charity

(2615)  Ogo prabhu tomar liila apar

Oh Lord, Your liila is boundless;
I have not the intellect to comprehend.
What You give is for welfare;
Had You wished ill, no more would You witness.

On Your liila's love-stream I go floating;
Through only Your power, I find speech.
In Your melody, a hymn to Thee I receive;
In grief and glee, forgotten is affliction's burden.

My Dear is everybody's Love,
Fit for esteem at just heartcore.
Within the seven realms[1] the One worthy of welcome,
Everlasting, You are nectar's essence.

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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Always let us agree

(2614)  Prane eso mane eso

Into life please come, into mind please come,
Lord, please come into my entire being.
Into life please come.
Psyche's latch, I've kept it free,
Yourself, unimpeded, easily to receive.

With sandal fragrance on an air intoxicating,
Moonlight in the sky, floral essence exuding,
You please come with meter, dance, and song, tune and key;
Inundating heart's inside with ideation privately.

If You can't come, there is no harm;
To get You near I merely want.
But You are on the vast azure, with hope You convene;
Know that on my firmament two moons there are not.
Then into Your fest of life, kindly attract me;
This particle would be in harmony with Thee.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

He is ever with

(2613)  Aloker path dhare, jara giyechilo dure

Along the path of effulgence,
Those who had gone off far-distant,
Hey Lord, they have stayed pervasive,
Within just Your midst.
"I've got lost" is a wrong thought;
The earrings that sway back and forth,
Beyond recollection's length,
They are with rays of the sun.

"I am lost, I am lost", always I stay thinking,
Even if naught gets lost and surplus remains nothing.
The great Tandava dance, when You are in,
Along with You everyone is.

You have been in the light,
And in dark pits You reside.
In deficit and plenty, with a smiling sense,
You are reverberating on strings at core inner.

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All on board

(2612)  Aji notun aloke pulake palake

Today with new splendor instantly a thrill
You instilled on earth and in heaven.
What was old and what was giving obstruction,
From the path You withdrew them.

Oh the Great Incarnation, resort of the static,
Boundless is the speed on wheels of Your chariot.
Scattering that luster in every direction,
Upon everybody You dab brightness.

So that none lags behind on the path,
Of both body and mind is this sadhana.
By Your rhythm is awakened aspiration;
You drive everyone toward fulfillment.

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Monday, April 24, 2023

By Your mercy

(2611)  Andhar jiivane alok enecho

In a gloomy life You have brought effulgence;
You have given, distributing Yourself.
Who is wise or ignorant, You did not consider;
Unstintingly, You have poured water of kindness.

What is one's necessity, he knows it not;
Without cause he desires, for cause he wants not.
He believes the remote close and the close, remote;
You have been at my heartcore, but I am not cognizant.

What is one's necessity, You accept;
Grasping that, You bring rain, warmth, and coolness.
To the mute, You give speech, You supply confidence;
But You've gone on doing all work by Yourself.

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In a proper order

(2610)  Nijer katha balte gele

Going on telling own tale,
An age, it passes by.
Should You relate Your story,
Attendant ears are satisfied.

For hearing just one chronicle,
So many lifetimes I'm attentive.
Just one smile's flash, for its sake,
Overflowing is the mind.

I won't talk more 'bout myself,
A base mind's hope and distress.
Toward You, hey Bounding Main,
Let this tiny drop hie.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

My Beau in private

(2609)  Kusumer papri sama anane

With a face, flower-petal-like
You had arrived
In my mind.
With moonlight, like the moon You had smiled;
That, who did realize?

All the closed doors, they got opened;
Through a window into home a free wind did enter.
Letting Unknown be discerned, You were recognized
At a lonesome site.

In only my mind's tiny bin,
You are hid; You are mine, a whole world's throng amid.
Close or remote, pleasant dreams filling, You abide;
You have been in my surmise.

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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Please draw nigh

(2608)  Jeo na kache thako

Please don't go, remain close;
With You is the world of mine.
Neath moonlight it feels not whole,
If under gloom You stay recondite.

How often have I come and passed;
Around You have I danced.
Yourself never I forgot,
Hey Lord, at any time.

Hey, Life's Polaris, Star of North,
You have been filling heartcore.
In Your form getting lost,
With the Infinite I go unite.

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Friday, April 21, 2023

The magic of tears

(2607)  Ei sajala samiire susmitadhare

On this same humid wind, with lips gently smiling,
You'd arrived at my dwelling.
I did not beg to come, did not tell to sit;
But happiness was in my tears.

Spreading it Yourself You had taken seat;
You had known the news of well-being.
Love's bouquet You had kept preserving,
With its blooms scented sweetly.

Again has come a soggy breeze;
Your song has gone on, heard by ear.
With unobstructed luster, instantly thrilling,
It has set afloat on ocean of melody.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A tiny request

(2606)  Tomare ceyechi ami rupe rage sure

I have longed for You in form, hue, and melody;
I've wanted inside intuition's faculty.
But You did not reply, gazed not back at me;
You have gone and stayed afar elsewhere.

On Your side trifling is my desire,
For You my attainment is futile;
But for me every sea-churned gem,
At that You make a mockery.

Darling, I'm atomic, while You are immense,
I obsess with pettiness, You are high-minded;
You are with the myriads of unit-selfs–
Who can comprehend Thee?

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Friday, April 14, 2023

Only He is permanent

(2605)  Kalo megher phanke phanke

In openings between black clouds,
A ray of hope allowed a glimpse.
Not only dark is the existence;
Bad and good are commingled.

Today that which you abhor,
What you deem inferior,
Tomorrow it becomes a deity,
If Sea of Grace wanted it.

Today that person wealthy and esteemed,
Whose furious prowess is paid heed,
Tomorrow into dust he gets crushed,
If Providence became displeased.

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Thursday, April 13, 2023

No more will I be distracted

(2604)  Tomake ceyechilum je

Oh I had wanted Thee
Within life's every deed...
Far off I wished not to keep;
So why are You withdrawn notwithstanding?

I could not realize
You are only nearby.
Both inside and externally,
You have kept me replete.

Resolve oft ignored on the call of inertia,
I've gone on forgetting Your path and Your work.
Despondency has descended, cascaded have tears,
Upon thinking in vain about myself personally.

Today, the rains' screwpine akin,
My life's pollen
Drifts on sky, darkness I rend,
Seeking You at infinity.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

By Your grace I survive

(2603)  Utala pavane madhura svapane

In a pleasant dream, on a restless wind,
Oh Who are You, come at this auspicious moment?
I could not recognize, I did not invite nearby;
I did not tell You to sit in mind's garden.

I was not able to know that You are my own,
A collection of love, the Kinsman of Soul...
But today, Dear, heart prays for Your closeness,
By this charming throbbing of subconscious.

If showing grace You did arrive,
Stay with me for endless time...
In summer heat You're water, fire neath winter snow,
Tenderness please remain, with a smiling visage.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Life and meditation are a stream...

(2602)  Tomake ceyechi ami dhyane

I have wanted You in meditation.
You please enter mind of mine;
In my mind do appear, into life kindly come.
I have wanted You in meditation.
I am seated at an altar, flower adorned;
This shrine is in the mind-pavilion.

There's no end ever of craving;
So please go on staying with me.
Eternal Stone of Philosophers,
Please look in my direction.

Dumbfounded be power of speech;
Hope is fulfilled, having got Thee.
Ambition and acquisition float above,
A flowing tune of satisfaction on a river-song.

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Distracted no more

(2601)  Sharada pradose

On an autumn evening,
On this autumn eve, with a gentle southern breeze,
Yourself a heart longs to acquire.
In a heady sky with scent of blooms very sweet,
It moves adrift beneath the moon's winning smile.

Today I've vanquished obstacles and tethers;
For Your sake I've set aside fear and bashfulness.
With the birds in a courtyard free,
Whereto flies away my mind?

At every step there had been earthly impediments;
I sang not that song rehearsed with diligence.
Oblivious to melody and forgetting rhythm,
Alas I had been asleep within confines.

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Saturday, April 8, 2023

The real story

(2600)  Phulavane nay manovane aj

Not in a flower garden but now in a grove of mind,
Arrived has the Bumblebee.
Speaking words in a bud's ear,
He has taken honey.

Oh Bumblebee, awake in hope of Thee,
For ages I'd been waiting.
Yourself to gain today as mine,
That wish has been achieved.

You had been all around me,
Though that's not inscribed in history.
Only on account of Thee laughs and weeps
In song and dance the psyche.

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As You will

(2599)  Tumi ele tumi ele tumi ele, bhuvane dola dile

You appeared, You showed up, You entered;
In the world a sway You did give.
My dormant mental bud,
With own hand You made it blossom.

With the tinkling sound of Your anklets,
You've awakened life in senseless and sentient.
In a sleeping mind's hard-to-reach niche,
Yearning You aroused from slumber.

Your pulsation only— in its midst,
Amid all desire and attainment,
Every inclination becomes shunned,
When You, Dear, are wanting it.

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(2598)  Maner majhe madhurii saje

Inside mind, Sweetness Adorned,
Oh Who are You that came this morn?
Even knowing You, recognition does not happen;
At every instant is an epoch's transformation.

As soon as I've imagined I've got understanding,
That knowing Your true nature I've achieved,
In the next instant, a blow is struck;
You've conveyed that I could not fathom.

In the mind, at moment when pride has come,
When hope has stirred of grounds for acquisition,
This house of clay proves totally destructible;
You've made known: in time it will be swallowed up.

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Friday, April 7, 2023

What is Your excuse?

(2597)  Bhalabasi tomay ami, cokher jale more bhasiye diyecho

Yourself I hold dear;
On tears You've cast me adrift.
At core of psyche the honey that's present,
Only that I've kept pouring; rejecting, You've grinned.

Of this hardheartedness, there is no comparison;
You look not back, and even seeing You ignore.
Nonetheless, I invite– I don't stay forgetting Thee;
I remain forgetting only that forgetful You have been.

I am puny, ringed by limitations;
In a scanty area, my perambulation.
You are huge, limitless and great;
Why have You gone on making such a liila?

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Thursday, April 6, 2023

The sun also rises

(2596)  Alor pare andhar ase

After luster dark arrives;
With ebon's end comes the light.
Mental peacock that today cries,
Tomorrow, fanning tail he smiles.

This the essence, in mind keep:
Life is not a mere futility.
Dark is there, but there is light;
Sweet is mixed in what is vile.

This same earth ringed by light-beams,
It's packed with balloons motley.
This too is inside heart to gratify,
Arriving from the shadow's other side.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Common paternity

(2595)  Gane gane mor manavitane

With many songs underneath my psychic canopy,
You brought and brought a rhythmic garrulity.
Those who were remote, with a tune of mystery,
They too got mixed in life, having come near.

Infused with the scent of metric verse,
All of heart's sweetness got dispersed.
With the raga You sang, You made life complete;
But its memory went far away in the forest of psyche.

Lacking You, in the three worlds[1] there is nobody;
Yourself You did scatter with a jangle of melody.
You were and are, You dance within every atom;
At love's garden in each pore You are here.

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Why so heartlless?

(2594)  Bhulecho amake tumi

Myself You have forgotten;
Can't You understand that?
You visit close-at-hand, I dance in the current;
But in my direction You don't look back.

Watching the path, I await, hoping for Your advent;
Sleepless, with every breath I count the moments.
Why are You so ruthless, myself You've made bereft;
Afflicted's mental anguish, why don't You grasp?

Pay heed to my plight, the cosmic game forget;
Don't pour more pain in a mind, alone and helpless.
By Your grace I exist, ever I pray for compassion;
Although knowing it, are You aware of this fact?

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Thanks be to Thee

(2593)  Je rathe tumi calecho

The chariot on which You've traveled,
With mind-gems that cart is made.
The track that You've selected,
That path's ringed by fixed light-rays.

You don't wish for a thing from anybody;
You go on giving that which they beseech...
Lustrous hair or golden anklets,
Heap of wares, lasting or frail.

What more will I give to Thee?
Of me what's mine, naught is there.
Thinking Your things belong to me,
I'm beaten by vanity, by pride.

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Monday, April 3, 2023

In life sometimes it's best to just accept

(2592)  Prabhu tomar liilay

Master, Your liila,
It is hard to understand.
Sometimes it makes cry, sometimes it makes laugh;
Even when knowing well, not to know it asks.

You arrive, racing from the bosom of heaven;
In a far-flung psychic niche, You sit in silence.
Remaining unseen, You demolish any darkness;
Who thinks, states, or does what– You know that.

The everlasting liila is Your mobile chariot;
In the style that You move, that alone becomes the path.
Inside You merges and emerges all moral doctrine;
Every raag and raginii[1] chants Your ballad.

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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Our universal Dad

(2591)  Niirava carane varane varane

With silent feet and many colors,
Making flowers bloom You had come.
Having swum darkness in firmament's ocean,
On their countenance a smile You poured.

From the south came a temperate air-gust;
And on snow-cloud came a wind from north.
Being called, You received Earth's everyone
At lotus feet, with music-beat, dance, and rhythm.

All who are in the three worlds,[1] everybody dances
Around You and inside Your psychic midst.
Constantly all beseech Your compassion;
Having known and called You "Dearest".

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