Thursday, April 27, 2023

Always let us agree

(2614)  Prane eso mane eso

Into life please come, into mind please come,
Lord, please come into my entire being.
Into life please come.
Psyche's latch, I've kept it free,
Yourself, unimpeded, easily to receive.

With sandal fragrance on an air intoxicating,
Moonlight in the sky, floral essence exuding,
You please come with meter, dance, and song, tune and key;
Inundating heart's inside with ideation privately.

If You can't come, there is no harm;
To get You near I merely want.
But You are on the vast azure, with hope You convene;
Know that on my firmament two moons there are not.
Then into Your fest of life, kindly attract me;
This particle would be in harmony with Thee.

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  1. If You won't be inside of me, then still I am inside of Thee.