Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A tiny request

(2606)  Tomare ceyechi ami rupe rage sure

I have longed for You in form, hue, and melody;
I've wanted inside intuition's faculty.
But You did not reply, gazed not back at me;
You have gone and stayed afar elsewhere.

On Your side trifling is my desire,
For You my attainment is futile;
But for me every sea-churned gem,
At that You make a mockery.

Darling, I'm atomic, while You are immense,
I obsess with pettiness, You are high-minded;
You are with the myriads of unit-selfs–
Who can comprehend Thee?

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  1. In Your eyes maybe it's not much, but don't You know I'm doing my best?