Monday, April 24, 2023

By Your mercy

(2611)  Andhar jiivane alok enecho

In a gloomy life You have brought effulgence;
You have given, distributing Yourself.
Who is wise or ignorant, You did not consider;
Unstintingly, You have poured water of kindness.

What is one's necessity, he knows it not;
Without cause he desires, for cause he wants not.
He believes the remote close and the close, remote;
You have been at my heartcore, but I am not cognizant.

What is one's necessity, You accept;
Grasping that, You bring rain, warmth, and coolness.
To the mute, You give speech, You supply confidence;
But You've gone on doing all work by Yourself.

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  1. My requirements and my abilities, they all reside in Thee.