Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Common paternity

(2595)  Gane gane mor manavitane

With many songs underneath my psychic canopy,
You brought and brought a rhythmic garrulity.
Those who were remote, with a tune of mystery,
They too got mixed in life, having come near.

Infused with the scent of metric verse,
All of heart's sweetness got dispersed.
With the raga You sang, You made life complete;
But its memory went far away in the forest of psyche.

Lacking You, in the three worlds[1] there is nobody;
Yourself You did scatter with a jangle of melody.
You were and are, You dance within every atom;
At love's garden in each pore You are here.

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  1. Because of Him we are one family. Because of Him we mix and meet.