Wednesday, April 26, 2023

He is ever with

(2613)  Aloker path dhare, jara giyechilo dure

Along the path of effulgence,
Those who had gone off far-distant,
Hey Lord, they have stayed pervasive,
Within just Your midst.
"I've got lost" is a wrong thought;
The earrings that sway back and forth,
Beyond recollection's length,
They are with rays of the sun.

"I am lost, I am lost", always I stay thinking,
Even if naught gets lost and surplus remains nothing.
The great Tandava dance, when You are in,
Along with You everyone is.

You have been in the light,
And in dark pits You reside.
In deficit and plenty, with a smiling sense,
You are reverberating on strings at core inner.

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  1. Though far astray I may drift, I remain within His circumference.