Friday, April 28, 2023

Your pursuit is charity

(2615)  Ogo prabhu tomar liila apar

Oh Lord, Your liila is boundless;
I have not the intellect to comprehend.
What You give is for welfare;
Had You wished ill, no more would You witness.

On Your liila's love-stream I go floating;
Through only Your power, I find speech.
In Your melody, a hymn to Thee I receive;
In grief and glee, forgotten is affliction's burden.

My Dear is everybody's Love,
Fit for esteem at just heartcore.
Within the seven realms[1] the One worthy of welcome,
Everlasting, You are nectar's essence.

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  1. You have Your liila, and I have naught to conceal. If I have anything of merit, it is just by Your mercy.