Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hey there

(634)  Daruna nidagha tape

From the scorching summer heat
Creepers shudder out of grief;
And, likewise, my bloom is seared.
With Your touch, the rain You bring;
You deluge the dried-up stream...
You make a spring flow endlessly.

Listen, listen to my sad story...
Don't inflict more pain on me;
Don't You know my bosom's aching?
Your heart, it is adamantine,
Devoid of any feeling...
You've enjoyed making me weep!

If like mine Your heart had been,
You would have seen so very many
Distressed creatures in utter agony.
Accept my thousand curtsies please,
All kneeling at Your holy feet.
Have mercy on me, oh Heart-Thief.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

No small event

(633)  Andhar sagar par haye ele

Crossing the sea of gloom You arrived,
Invincible Lord, full of light...
August and serene but never tired,
Inscrutable, yet You burn bright.

With a stern hand You rout moral defect,
But You protect benevolent intellect.
By Your sweet-affectionate glance,
Round the world awareness is wakened.

Unlimited is Your talent, oh Supreme Soul;
Endless vision in ten directions[1] You goad.
In countless lives, You give inspiration;
Laying waste to slumber and darkness.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017


(632)  Prabhu tumi eso ghare

Lord, come into my home,
Please come into my home;
Having lit the lamp, I bide my time.
On a dark road in the deep of night,
Why do You remain alone...
I've switched on the light.

Ever gazing skyward,
Your words I consider.
In starsongs spread across the heaven,
Your message I have heard.
You are mine, and I am Yours...
It's the gist of what I've understood.

Having spread Your seat in a niche of my mind
With incense and tapers in silver antimony,
A spray of flowers from the garden of my psyche
I have placed along the side.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Hope springs eternal

(631)  Juge juge dakiyachi

Age after age I've been calling;
I've been flooded with tears.
Yet, You did not grant embrace,
Oh, my Cynosure.

So many nights have passed me by;
So many stars have fallen from the sky.
So many days were filled with pain;
So many songs were lost.

What You do is for welfare;
With that hope I stay awake.
Recalling faults, I beg pardon;
Kindly rid me of my anguish.

Lord, with You I'm in love;
Removing gloom, You keep me ever watchful.
Gracefully in my mental realm You dwell,
In the lotus of consciousness that can be held.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

There and back again

(729)  Tomar carana lagi tomar karuna magi

I touch Your feet and beg for mercy;
Grant to me a glimpse of Thee.
In this life You give, with thoughts You give,
Through vibration dreamlike, please reveal Yourself.

Only due to You, the fickle stream
From waterfall, outward it does speed.
Now craving nothing else, it moves in hope of Thee;
Today its yearning, please fulfill.

When daybreak smiles at end of night,
The crimson dawn arrives, afloat on many-colored light.
Now amid that splendor, please make everyone unite.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


(629)  Ami tomay bhule giyechinu

I'd forgotten Thee,
But You've been watching me.
I'd strayed from the path;
You've brought me back on track.

The planet, gone far from its center-star,
Is it too removed to be rescued?
The sun draws it near invariably,
And likewise You've retracted me.

An ocean wave makes a long journey,
But never can it leave the sea.
The sea calls to it endlessly;
Likewise You have summoned me.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

He makes up the difference

(628)  Tumi atrpta prane trpti

You fulfill the life that's unsatisfied;
On a dusty earth, You are the light.
In the dense darkness, You shine bright;
Despite no reason, You choose to like.

You are theirs, who have nobody;
For those without home, You are sanctuary.
The neglect-laden, who've been scorned,
Bearing their burden, You lavish love.

For many an age, on countless occasions,
I've cherished You ever, time and again.
I've known You alone as my life's essence;
You kindle the splendor of consciousness.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

How to love

(627)  Carane aj kiser dvidha

Today, what makes your feet falter;
And why does sleep come on a bed of thorns?
What dulls the power of your mind,
And why do tears fall from your eyes?

The one you love,
Has he neglected you;
And, due to that, a flood deluged
Every anxious heart?
When tears fall from a sentient one,
It's as if a cobra lost her gem.[1]

Keep in mind such things crop up;
So that is not the way to love.
The one you love belongs to Him;
Engage in selfless service.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Is it a secret?

(626)  Kamal kali kao na katha

Dear lotus bud, won't you say,
For whom do you stay awake?
Why keep mute on a talkative globe;
Whom do you pursue in a mental cubbyhole?

On many golden autumn nights,
Many dawns, many twilights,
Admiring suitors have arrived.
To none do you allow embrace,
Nor even do you choose a mate.
Within your mind but one name's afloat;
It seems heart's honey you've saved for him alone.

In rain and storm, you're never overcome;
In darkest gloom, you don't get lost.
Night and day, of just him you've thought.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

At long last

(625)  Mor hrdaye eso go krpa kare

Have mercy and please enter my heart,
Your eyes smeared with affection,
Outlined with passion,
And filled with love.

What is this music that You sing?
You rouse sweetness with what notes and beat?
If You love me, then come near,
Ever gently, on honeyed feet.

Age after age, always on the qui vive,
I kept awake in hope of getting Thee.
As a flower, today please blossom
In the water of my heart-pond.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Unbidden and unseen 2

(624)  Anahuta haye esechile ghare

Though uninvited, into my home You came;
About such sentiments, Dear, You don't care.
Your seat in my heart was not arranged;
And with no dhoop or deep[1] was Your altar arrayed.

Around Your throat I placed jeweled beads
And bathed Your feet with my eyes' tears.
To the affectionate timbre of Your flute,
I proffered my heart-soaked, long-lost tunes.

On a silent night You arrived
With the scent of flowers and songs so fine.
Unseen You came, and unseen You did leave;
Unseen, You made my life complete.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unbidden and unseen

(623)  Tandravijarita moha samavrta

Sleep-besieged and blind-attachment-ringed,
Who are You that on these eyelids mine appeared?
Orbs lined with song and smeared with love's honey,
You touched down upon my heart, so melancholy.

The lotus which was not full-blown in my mind,
Which gave not a scent or hue that satisfied,
You made it blossom and filled it with honey;
You came and went unbidden, my Master Unseen.

The hopeful tune which never did resonate,
Which did not reverberate in the musical scale,
Sweetly strumming that on the strings of Your lyre,
Forgiving shortcomings, You suffused my psychic sky.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


(622)  Jadi cale jete cao kichu balibo na

If You want to go, nothing will I speak;
To bar Your way, a sit-in I won't keep.
On Your path I'll place a wreath strung with great care;
Leaving, should You trample it, that I cannot bear.

I have heard that You're in love with everybody;
Surely You know that I am not outside that company.
This love of Yours I would perceive;
As long as I'm alive, I won't admit defeat.

You are the life of every life, oh my Most Revered;
Cosmic Controller, You gave life also to me.
I would be bound by that same life You did concede;
By no one's sorcery will I be deceived.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Heaven on earth

(621)  Tumi esechile tandra bheungechile

You'd arrived and broke my sleep,
Making bright my darkened heart.
Without my asking, still You had come,
Showing mercy though I was unworthy.

Disrespected and neglected,
I was lying in but a tiny niche.
You woke me and induced me to arise;
Placing Your hand on top of mine,
Delightful love-filled words You lavished.

On an ashen earth, dust on my head,
Nobody was with me to feel my distress.
But, on my dark night, into every bosom
You infused the duty to assuage misfortune;
You swathed me in a flourish of sweet music.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

On His advent

(620)  Tumi asiyacho tamah nashiyacho

You've come and removed the dark;
The sea of grief has run dry.
You've loved and smiled in all hearts;
Budding flowers have bloomed.

On eastern horizon, whatever
Clouds that had gathered,
They have drifted off somewhere.
You've played Your flute and laughed cheerfully;
A floral fragrance has spread.

Those in mind dishonored and disgraced
And having fallen beside the way,
All of their shame has been abolished.
Hearts filled with joy to the brim,
They’ve flooded the universe.

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His ray of light

(619)  Esechi alor srote

I've come on a stream of effulgence
To give hope and goodwill to those in gloom.
I've drifted in the realm of idea,
Absorbed in love and devotion for You.

In the midst of darkness I've wanted You,
And on sorrowful nights I've got You.
I've seen You in Your music's biding resonance,
In Your charming mind-blinding embellishments,
And in Your unmanifest penchants.

Amid the thunderstorm I've wanted You;
Then with gentle breeze I've got You.
I have heard Your flute so very lovely;
Transcendent is Your set of melodies,
Rising above all lethargy.

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His song

(618)  Saorabh ene mana upavane

You brought sweet scent into my mental garden.
Strumming my heart-strings,
You'd arrived with a song.

My inner speech had been buried
Neath a heap of pain, age after age.
That pile You removed, and You renewed
My voice with music in fresh tunes.
Secretly, You'd appeared before me.

My love's sweetness had been concealed,
Its buds mute, in a cavern entombed.
You removed the lid and set them free;
Restoring to my heart its inner core.
Fearlessly, You'd appeared before me.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Big and small

(617)  Manera kone rayecho gopane

In a cranny of the mind, secretly You reside;
But You are vaster than all that is vast.
You are dripping with love's honey;
In that temperament the whole world is drenched.

You've driven out drowsiness and lethargy...
Beyond thought are You, but You've come within conception;
You have blossomed in the lotus of the mind...
Beyond sensation, but You are great.

In the white snow on purple mountaintops,
In mind's gemmed necklace inside a jewelbox,
In the essence of pure-souled, perfect knowledge,
In the stream of ambrosia is a hidden being;
You are truth, consciousness, and bliss.

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Friday, January 6, 2017


(616)  Anek diner pare anek ghure ghure

After a long time and so much rambling,
Today, I've finally recognized Thee.
You're the coolest shade in burning heat;
That simple fact I was not knowing.

On storm-tossed nights, stricken by calamity,
Ever and always You are with me.
Amid pouring rain, thunder and lightning,
Upon my head Your tender hand writes a blessing.
I have nothing for expenses on my journey,
What I have is Your holy name only.

You are the polestar on dark nights of misery;
Taking Your name, I forget all worries.
On my every wound, You apply a balm;
So, with body and mind, I offer pranam.[1]
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Can it be?

(615)  Abar ki re alo elo

Can it be that light has come
To this dusty earth?
Open your eyes and see
With a hearty yearning.

Trees and vines have put on color;
With ideas their minds are rife.
The dance of color, it gave a quiver
To land and water on these spring nights.

Whelmed by the rhythm is the distressed mind;
On the breeze is a jungle's floral scent.
With the glitter of bright light,
A flashing waterfall descends.

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Only one constant

(614)  Jader peyechi nikate peyechi

Those whom I met, I found them near;
I got them by Your mercy.
Those who went away, where did they go?
The answer lies in You alone.

From time out of mind, daystar of my life...
My constant Lord, You are never lost.
Everyone else, they will go off
Within Your measureless confines.

Transient is the way of the world,
Without regard to big or small.
The very mean-minded and the most noble,
Everyone's bound by Your procedure.

The entire universe moves per Your wish.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


(613)  Tomare khunjechi krsna tithite

I have looked for Thee
On gloomy days
And on dark nights absent of sleep,
Heart full of pain.
I have gazed on Thee
At the springtime of my psyche
In a fragrant flower garden
Touched by a vernal breeze
With sweet baritone lovesong.

I have looked for Thee
In cloud-cooled rainy season
When my psychic peacock prances and sings,
Calling out to some remote unknown,
Like a screwpine stamen on the branch of a neep tree.[1]

I have gazed on Thee
On full-moon nights
In Your form sparkling bright
And with luster that is dreamy.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

With a flood of effulgence

(612)  Tumi esecho alor vane

You have come with a flood of effulgence;
Crippling fear of censure is at an end.

Lord, Your form, it overwhelms;
Your lovely, enchanting cosmic form,
Oh how it overwhelms!
In Your name alone there's boundless sweetness;
Bringing beauty, affection, love, and song,
You have come with a flood of effulgence.

Lord, Your heart, it overflows;
Filling the world and embracing life,
Oh how it overflows!
There's boundless ambrosia to sate appetite;
Full of affection drawing us near,
You have come with a flood of effulgence.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Melody of love

(611)  Aloker jharana dharay

In a streaming fountain of light
You've bathed everybody's mind.
Creating a stir in the sky,
The three worlds You've revived.

Near or far, friend or foe,
Ignoring distinction, You've made all Your own.
Good or bad, black or white,
With a common thread, every life You've entwined.

With the radiance of dawn and the hue of dusk,
You've made consciousness engaged in love.
Crossing the dike of time, person, and place,
With murmuring music, a flutter You've waked.

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