Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unbidden and unseen

(623)  Tandravijarita moha samavrta

Sleep-besieged and blind-attachment-ringed,
Who are You that on these eyelids mine appeared?
Orbs lined with song and smeared with love's honey,
You touched down upon my heart, so melancholy.

The lotus which was not full-blown in my mind,
Which gave not a scent or hue that satisfied,
You made it blossom and filled it with honey;
You came and went unbidden, my Master Unseen.

The hopeful tune which never did resonate,
Which did not reverberate in the musical scale,
Sweetly strumming that on the strings of Your lyre,
Forgiving shortcomings, You suffused my psychic sky.

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  1. He stands before us in radiant glory, but ensorcelled eyes cannot see.