Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Heaven on earth

(621)  Tumi esechile tandra bheungechile

You'd arrived and broke my sleep,
Making bright my darkened heart.
Without my asking, still You had come,
Showing mercy though I was unworthy.

Disrespected and neglected,
I was lying in but a tiny niche.
You woke me and induced me to arise;
Placing Your hand on top of mine,
Delightful love-filled words You lavished.

On an ashen earth, dust on my head,
Nobody was with me to feel my distress.
But, on my dark night, into every bosom
You infused the duty to assuage misfortune;
You swathed me in a flourish of sweet music.

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  1. When everyone is a Neohumanist, earth and heaven will meet.