Wednesday, December 4, 2019

You send me out, You bring me home

(1439)  Prabhu amar priya amar, tomar tarei amar jiivan

Lord of mine, Love of mine,
Just for You is my life.
In hope of You I persevere;
My dream is only to get Thee.

On the stream of Your compassion,
I move, drifting with rhythm and song.
In the universe, just You exist;
Fulfilled is all resolution.

By Your wish, I am here;
I've forgot shame, hate, and fear.
At heart's core, please come near,
Oh my refuge everlasting.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In spring

(1438)  Vasante phulavane ke ele

In spring, Who arrived in the flower garden?
With colored sweetness and a scented elegance,
In new mode the earth You dressed and embellished.

You cast afar wintry inertia,
Letting fall heaven's nectar-stream in profusion.
Setting mind adrift, free like a bird,
You summoned the unlimited infinite.

You don't arrive to demand anything;
You are coming to provide Your everything.
To bring Your loved one very close,
So You filled dejected heart with hope.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Come, my Lord

(1437)  Barer veshe eso tumi

Oh You please come in the garb of a groom
Into my house, adorned with blooms.
Please arrive, a sweet smile with,
On rosy mouth, on rosy lips.

I am hearing that You know the sport divine
And, with that sport, also pride.
At every second, in every pore,
You abide, full of and amid love.

What You want, only that You perform;
Eyes gently smiling You hold forth.
Each and every instant, the heart You fill
With nectar's essence at a lovers' tryst.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Final thoughts

(1436)  Jiivaner madakatay

Inside life's intoxicating property,
I have found just You, my Dear.
Now in extreme distress, in hopelessness,
Let me think of You only.

In the dawn's crimson color,
I've achieved with novelty's attraction.
Now, as I'm going, leaving with detachment,
Please stay with my every pollen.
In rainstorm and stream of tears,
When gloomy, kindly brighten psyche.

Dwell in the gladness of those who succeed;
Stay in the pain of those who meet defeat.
Those who survive me, safeguard them in bliss;
And even on their death apply sweetness.

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