Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Love will triumph

(1466)  Tomar lagiya raciya rekhechi

For Your sake, I have kept on making
This wee-small garland of flowers.
Tiny though it be, it's not insignificant;
It's the love of a woman going to her Darling.

Painstakingly, flowers I have gathered;
Through depths of mind, I have roamed in search.
Mingling with the blooms full of nectar,
I have woven this love song.

Even if to take it You don't wish,
Any slight to love won't be tolerated.
Oh my Most Beloved, though I'm insignificant,
This tiny love-garland, trifling it is not.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

The way You left...

(1465)  Bhuliya gecho ki sediner katha

Have You gone, neglecting the facts of that day,
Its pain-inundated details...
This my face, packed with tears,
These two eyes, looking at Thee?

At that time, the cloudy sky was rumbling;
A stream of hail was falling.
No person stood 'longside Your path;
The screwpine, it was baffled.
You've departed under such circumstances;
After that, You came not back.

Decades aplenty, they have passed since then;
Now from the tears Your path has gotten drenched.
Dried up have become many a flower garland;
Bearing flag of compassion, glance You did not cast.

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

What changed?

(1464)  Vasante mor phulavane priya

In spring in my floral garden, Love,
You came not... why did You not come?
Blooms have withered, and petals have fallen;
Nectar's intoxication You got not.

For braid-bun I am stringing a garland,
The part in my hair with oleander I've adorned–
On earlobes I have dangled silk-tree's flower–
Yet, having come, You looked not.

Now sitting neath ashok tree's shade,
A song I am composing for only Your sake.
Spring left, and summer came...
After so many days, there was compassion.

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

I need You

(1463)  Tomay ami ceyechilum

I had looked at You,
Chink in the ebon night, having pierced.
From beyond the sea of gloom,
From wherever You may be, come back please.

To call my own, I have none;
Hope and refuge, You're the only one.
To many beats, dancing I proceed,
Round and round Your altar.

Even sweeter than the sweetest,
Your smile is peerless.
Magic flute delights the psyche
On both shores of song undying.

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Spiritual awakening

(1462)  Ghare eso ghare eso

Come to my home, come to my home,
Come to my home this day, My Own.
Garland I am stringing, house I've embellished;
With smiling face please arrive, Most Beloved.

I have nothing more to call my own,
All that was mine, I would forgo.
At Your lotus feet, I proclaim submission;
Please receive it, oh Peerless One.

When I was thinking that anything belonged to me,
That was a delusion; I was not understanding.
Blunder has got busted, awakening has come;
Having been made Yours, take me, Mind-pleasing One.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019


(1461)  Amare bhuliya gecho

Forgetting me, You have gone;
For what sin I know not.
Oh, what was my fault;
Was there not sadhana?

Sweet greenery You lavished;
With flower and fruit You filled.
After giving all in abundance,
Why did You not come in person?

Flow of light You did cascade,
And articles of beauty You gave.
Having given love, my heart to sate,
My love why did You not take?

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Both real and fantasy

(1460)  Jara tomay bhalabase

Those who are in love with You,
Why make them far removed?
Flower having bloomed and bumblebees assembled,
Why then let its petals be fallen?

Life after life, and birth to decease,
I have offered myself at only Your feet.
Once having come near and also held me dear,
Why do You look at me, having gone elsewhere?

However much the yearning, liila You keep making;
In such state why do You entangle me?
Fantastic things You go on devising;
With both light and darkness why make love stream?

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I am exhausted, Lord

(1459)  Tava patha ceye priya

Watching the path of Your advent, Love,
The lamp's got extinguished...
Vying with the darkness,
Its ghee[1] has been finished;
Now it is Your mercy I implore.

For Your sake the lamp was lit constantly,
In clattering of storm, in rustling of trees...
Now in the dark I am seated, in the gloom I am alert;
This Your lamp, please carry it.

With me, what wick and ghee had been present,
All of it has finished; my head is made to bend...
Many hundred times, myself I surrender;
At this moment, kindly take my burden.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Woven into my life

(1458)  Tumi mor ashari alok

You are my one ray of hope;
You are my sole lamp of life.
You are the precious stone on my tiara;
In dense rain, You are the cadamba.[1]

Braid of hair painstakingly arranged,
You are the black thread in secrecy.
Sandalpaste applied on my face,
You are the smiling bindi.

Stealthily You come and leave
Upon silent feet.
Having exuded ambrosial stream
With colors aplenty,
In my dust-coated pysche,
You are the lantern gem-bedecked, luster falling.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Your will be done

(1457)  Amar jata malinata

All of my unclean state,
Please remove it, Lord, on this very day.
Work to keep performing, meditation to keep making,
Let me have still greater capability.

Your mere footdust, I'm the one who forever
Gets improved when You set me to Your work.
Please do take me, making Your machine;
Assign every deed, scattered everywhere.

I am coming to this world to go on working,
To comply with Your decrees.
Your wishes, to make manifest,
Each and every moment give me boon of fearlessness.[1]

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Bhakti's melody

(1456)  Ami tomake niye achi go

Oh, having followed You, I continue;
And I sing in just Your tune.
By Your kindness I endure;
And I gaze always at You.

On moonlit night, washed with light,
In Your world of illusion, sport I make...
But in the night I get drenched by rain;
I dance on in company with peacock's cry.

In the autumn, at cool midnight,
I drift along with night-jasmine...
Having taken on my head the winter mist,
I saturate the earth with delight.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

With dynamic intellect and with intuition

(1455)  Ek svapner deshe ami

I was in a land of dreams
With moonlight magic-brimming.
This is the song I'd been hearing,
Sitting all alone with You.

There, no one dies from lack of food;
There, surge of foolishness is not endured.
There, human infighting does not occur;
No blood-river is made to run.

There, in the intellect is no inertia;
There, with intuition, never wretchedness.
There, due to darkness of arrogance,
None gets suppressed by any other.

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

As seasons go by

(1454)  Kata kal tava patha ceye rabo

Your pathway, how much time will I be watching?
Oh Beloved, when will You arrive?
How many days and dates will I keep counting?
When will You eradicate the ebon night?

I have tolerated summer's scorching heat;
To parching thirst I've confessed defeat.
When streams of rain and stones of sleet,
They brim over, then will You love me?

Autumn jasmines having withered;
It's the end of a frigid prewinter.
Upon winter's dissolution, with the tender reddish leaves,
Maybe You will look at me on advent of spring?[1]

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Receive my love

(1453)  Ami tomay bhalabesechi, ogo priya

I have been in love with Thee,
Oh my Darling Dear...
Not with Your beauty or quality...
Just the attraction is surpassing.

Your atom, even it be paltry,
I am still Your tiny body...
Circling You, I keep dancing;
You are my Most Revered.

Far away why go on staying,
Won't You tell me please...
Why don't You come and speak;
I am in love with Thee!

Your liila You alone devise,
But please accept this love of mine.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tell me why, tell me how

(1452)  Ajana pathik ke tumi balo

Unknown Traveler, Who are You, please disclose...
Uninvited You arrive; when invited, come You don't!
You smile very tenderly only from far away...
Always You are active in the cosmic game, do explain.

You sit not when You are called with a decked altar;
You don't show up at the home adorned with flowers.
With a heart very soft, to the wretched one's abode,
Without any invitation, You come running...
Tell me please why You move in this fashion?

Many days appear and then leave, all to no purpose;
Many bright images spread 'fore me like chimeras.
But without end You've gone ahead,
Every moment trampling any darkness... how do You do it?

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Monday, December 16, 2019

A strand of hope

(1451)  Tumi kabe asibe

When will You arrive?
A dry wilderness is mine.
With flowers You'll adorn it.

I am laying out Your seat;
My lamp I am lighting,
Fulfilling all my hope,
When will You take Your throne?

The heavens are overcast,
Nothing gets looked at.
Having come, darkness piercing,
When will You be smiling?

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Gazing at the path

(1450)  Base base kal gune jai

Waiting and waiting, I keep reckoning the time;
How many days will I go on counting?
How much longer will I wait like this, tell me please,
Staring at Your pathway, will I always be?

This star blossoms on the deep-blue sky,
But it gets hid when the thick cloud arrives.
This Your game is an unkind liila–
How much more time will I view it?

With cool, sweet southern breeze on the wind,
April-May's northwesters come to devour it.
With autumn's bright clouds over reeds and grass,
The coldish prewinter does ravage that.
As You do not want to remain,
Then go, having come and explained:
Yourself how will I attain?

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Saturday, December 14, 2019


(1449)  Ami tomay bhalabesechi, tumi baso ki na na jani

In love with You have I been;
What You feel, unknown it is.
At heart's core I've kept etched
Your portrait in lines attractive.

By the magic of dawn's color crimson,
What's in You we view in new fashion.
By the setting sun's blood-red color,
We sense You with fond attachment.
At the game of hues, a passing cosmic fest,
One and all, we concede You are the best.

Secretly, with the universal psyche,
Day and night, You go on working.
In rhythm and melody, and in lyrics sweet,
With enticement of love, You move on, dancing.
Through worldly illusion with fascinating swings,
By Your liila, spellbound are the living beings.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

King of Kings

(1448)  Ogo rajar raja

Oh King of Kings,
Come to my home...
You're the light of hope;
I survive due to Thee.

Oh I'm the darkness 'fore Your lamp;
The dust of Your path.
A single drop of Your ocean,
Myself I'm forgetting.
Your molecule's atom I am;
I dance around Thee.

On moonlit night, I'm a chukor;[1]
In just Your thought I am absorbed.
Please come near and still more near;
Let heart be replete.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Calling me

(1447)  Phagun kena kende cale jay

Spring, why does it go out crying?
It just keeps calling me,
And I cannot bear it...
On unfamiliar wind from a land exotic,
Weeping, weeping, calling me,
From far shore of hundred seas.

So many days, they come and leave...
Alas, Lord, there's no end to that calling.
Sitting all alone, I consider inwardly:
In what manner do I make it cease?

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

His parting blessing

(1446)  Ankhite chilo je vari

In eyes had been that water,
At the time when He left.
Bathed in tears the garland
He placed around my neck.

I have seen His eye-water;
Its drift I did not perceive.
I grasped not what the trust had been,
Intrinsic to His loving me.
Silently, He did leave;
Silence tells the story.

About Him anytime I recollect,
It matters He is out of body.
He did not forget me;
Him I too did not forget.
It would be to speak untruly
If said I have lost His memory.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cold comfort or tough love?

(1445)  Jale bhara ankhi

Eyes full of water,
And yet you seem a fair-eyed maiden.
Please say why you bound not your tresses...
Half are fallen down, half are unblossomed,
Under the moonlight, a clump of loti on the ground.

Which Unknown Traveler had come?
He captured your heart.
He'd conquered heart and gone off;
He went away and never did return.

Now I hear that Traveler has come again;
Avoiding you He keeps His distance.
In your presence He comes not; He has not the courage;
After all, you did not forget love.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Sentient jealousy

(1444)  Alor dhara gale ghense bale gelo amay

The lightstream by my cheek is because You left me;
To where do You drift away, leave, leave, leave?
Planet, star, and nebula, they all gaze at Thee;
Why don't You look at them... tell me please:
At whom do You peer, peer, peer?

River, hill, and woodlands each,
To be seen they want only from Thee.
To them not having paid heed,
Whose song do You sing, sing, sing?

In this flower-filled month of spring,
There is one who's waiting, desolate and lonely.
Which is that good person, in whose direction
Rather than love's wicker-tray,[1] You get filled up...
Take, take, take me please.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

I am She, and She is me

(1443)  Apsara eseche

A divine nymph has arrived;
Toward the flower she does fly,
Fly, fly, fly.
Psyche she knows how to recognize;
Having seen mind full of love, she does hie,
Hie, hie, hie.

Flowers had wanted her from age to age.
To take as their own, with nectar they'd craved;
Now their every hope, realized it was made.
Nymph divine, with eyes open, she does gaze,
Gaze, gaze, gaze.

All hope had lain hidden inside human psyche.
Prayer and desire were at core of heart residing;
With every private thought, love was outpouring.
Nymph divine, with devotion, she does sing,
Sing, sing, sing.

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

His wondrous expression

(1442)  Amar e phulavane

In this, my plantation,
Who are You that came? You made flowers blossom.
On the withered branch, a bud You awakened;
You imbued with color, beauty, and aroma.

The rosebush had borne aught but thorns;
There'd been no slew of hues, no store of forms.
Amid her thorns, comely contours You did pour,
On this very break of day, on this same dawn.

The champak tree had lost its sweetness;
Bumblebees weren't gathered to make heard the words of love.
That tree You did decorate, You brought out its floral glamor;
Speaking in whispers, behind a veil of tales You hid.

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Friday, December 6, 2019


(1441)  Tomar carandhvanir ashe

Hoping for sound of Your footsteps,
I am waiting, my ear to the ground.
On Your pleasant fragrance,
With its heady power, I've been overwhelmed.

Your honeyed smile upon me,
It breaks the dam of swollen emotion.
With Your rhythm and Your song am I...
I've been filled, right up to the brim.

Drawn by Your magic flute's melody,
Mind races to the cosmic pavilion.
Inwardly, I think only:
To love, defeat I've conceded.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

You send me out, You bring me home

(1439)  Prabhu amar priya amar, tomar tarei amar jiivan

Lord of mine, Love of mine,
Just for You is my life.
In hope of You I persevere;
My dream is only to get Thee.

On the stream of Your compassion,
I move, drifting with rhythm and song.
In the universe, just You exist;
Fulfilled is all resolution.

By Your wish, I am here;
I've forgot shame, hate, and fear.
At heart's core, please come near,
Oh my refuge everlasting.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In spring

(1438)  Vasante phulavane ke ele

In spring, Who arrived in the flower garden?
With colored sweetness and a scented elegance,
In new mode the earth You dressed and embellished.

You cast afar wintry inertia,
Letting fall heaven's nectar-stream in profusion.
Setting mind adrift, free like a bird,
You summoned the unlimited infinite.

You don't arrive to demand anything;
You are coming to provide Your everything.
To bring Your loved one very close,
So You filled dejected heart with hope.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Come, my Lord

(1437)  Barer veshe eso tumi

Oh You please come in the garb of a groom
Into my house, adorned with blooms.
Please arrive, a sweet smile with,
On rosy mouth, on rosy lips.

I am hearing that You know the sport divine
And, with that sport, also pride.
At every second, in every pore,
You abide, full of and amid love.

What You want, only that You perform;
Eyes gently smiling You hold forth.
Each and every instant, the heart You fill
With nectar's essence at a lovers' tryst.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Final thoughts

(1436)  Jiivaner madakatay

Inside life's intoxicating property,
I have found just You, my Dear.
Now in extreme distress, in hopelessness,
Let me think of You only.

In the dawn's crimson color,
I've achieved with novelty's attraction.
Now, as I'm going, leaving with detachment,
Please stay with my every pollen.
In rainstorm and stream of tears,
When gloomy, kindly brighten psyche.

Dwell in the gladness of those who succeed;
Stay in the pain of those who meet defeat.
Those who survive me, safeguard them in bliss;
And even on their death apply sweetness.

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