Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tell me why, tell me how

(1452)  Ajana pathik ke tumi balo

Unknown Traveler, Who are You, please disclose...
Uninvited You arrive; when invited, come You don't!
You smile very tenderly only from far away...
Always You are active in the cosmic game, do explain.

You sit not when You are called with a decked altar;
You don't show up at the home adorned with flowers.
With a heart very soft, to the wretched one's abode,
Without any invitation, You come running...
Tell me please why You move in this fashion?

Many days appear and then leave, all to no purpose;
Many bright images spread 'fore me like chimeras.
But without end You've gone ahead,
Every moment trampling any darkness... how do You do it?

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