Sunday, December 8, 2019

I am She, and She is me

(1443)  Apsara eseche

A divine nymph has arrived;
Toward the flower she does fly,
Fly, fly, fly.
Psyche she knows how to recognize;
Having seen mind full of love, she does hie,
Hie, hie, hie.

Flowers had wanted her from age to age.
To take as their own, with nectar they'd craved;
Now their every hope, realized it was made.
Nymph divine, with eyes open, she does gaze,
Gaze, gaze, gaze.

All hope had lain hidden inside human psyche.
Prayer and desire were at core of heart residing;
With every private thought, love was outpouring.
Nymph divine, with devotion, she does sing,
Sing, sing, sing.

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  1. Love attracts. Through love the many become one, and every gap is past.