Monday, December 9, 2019

Sentient jealousy

(1444)  Alor dhara gale ghense bale gelo amay

The lightstream by my cheek is because You left me;
To where do You drift away, leave, leave, leave?
Planet, star, and nebula, they all gaze at Thee;
Why don't You look at them... tell me please:
At whom do You peer, peer, peer?

River, hill, and woodlands each,
To be seen they want only from Thee.
To them not having paid heed,
Whose song do You sing, sing, sing?

In this flower-filled month of spring,
There is one who's waiting, desolate and lonely.
Which is that good person, in whose direction
Rather than love's wicker-tray,[1] You get filled up...
Take, take, take me please.

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  1. Once You stood by my side; but now You've left me for another, and my world is empty.