Sunday, December 15, 2019

Gazing at the path

(1450)  Base base kal gune jai

Waiting and waiting, I keep reckoning the time;
How many days will I go on counting?
How much longer will I wait like this, tell me please,
Staring at Your pathway, will I always be?

This star blossoms on the deep-blue sky,
But it gets hid when the thick cloud arrives.
This Your game is an unkind liila–
How much more time will I view it?

With cool, sweet southern breeze on the wind,
April-May's northwesters come to devour it.
With autumn's bright clouds over reeds and grass,
The coldish prewinter does ravage that.
As You do not want to remain,
Then go, having come and explained:
Yourself how will I attain?

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