Thursday, November 30, 2017

He gave a push

(895)  Kabe tumi rauniyechile

When had You made bright
The very heart of humankind?
You'd given a push and made us swing,
A push You had given.

Even still the bees relate that story;
The wind carries the same report.
Day and night, soul-penetrating,
That tale is told in meditation.

In storm's caprice is just its hint;
In meteors, its revelation.
With but its tint the sky is colored;
Sky dances to its rhythmic beat.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Soul of our soul

(894)  Sabai tomay prabhu

Master, with respect to You, everybody,
Everybody wants You near.
You exist in every atom, every molecule;
But knowing that, it's still not understood.

We seek You in the distant heavens and in refreshing winds,
In the meaning of the stars and in the flowers' fragrance.
We search not in the heart, in undiluted beauty adorned;
And so, crying, we grieve and die in utter disappointment.

You're circumscribed by name and form, and You're outside them also;
You're engrossed in liila's flow, and You're in the timeless abode.
For those with and without form, with no virtue or beyond all traits,
In Your sublime ideation, instantly they tend to faint.

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Our very own

(893)  Vishve jagaye triloka kanpaye

Earth awakened, the three worlds[1] were shook;
You'd come with beauty and affection.
Setting many stanzas to music's octave,
You'd composed with love.

With unknown strings upon an unfamiliar lyre,
Earth's rumbling voice was made to quiver.
To drive from mind the pain of loneliness,
You scattered the fragrance of consciousness.

The human race had understood their Maker:
He is nearer and dearer than everyone.
Impregnating their every thought,
Lo, this wellspring is ever active.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

My one desire

(892)  Tandra bheunge dio

Shatter my inertia
With a thunderclap.
Keep alive hope's lamp,
Unflickering mid my ignorance.

On my journey to the light, never closed be my eyes;
Should the way be lost, of the quest may I not tire.
As if to glaze sandalpaste with moonlight,
Let your voice always arise with a smile upon my sky.

I do not want a soft and milk-white bed,
Nor do I want some richly colored dress.
I don't want the dogged shame of getting lost;
I want just light, more light, and still more light;
That light will take me to the place all limits end.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Higher and higher

(891)  Bhalobesechi hiya sanpechi

I have loved, my heart I've entrusted;
Still, my Darling did not come, He did not come.
Picking flowers from the garden,
A garland I have strung; yet no offering was done.

My mental altar I have kept adorned;
I've spread His seat with love and affection.
From my heart-flame, a lamp I've lit;
But árati[1] did not happen.

With abstract sandalpaste, I'd removed impurity,
Being sprinkled with rágánugá bhakti.
Now in rágátmiká I've forgot myself;
I've forgot all pangs of my heart.[2]

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Talking to oneself

(890)  Vijane basiya kii jena kahile

What's that you said, seated solitarily?
Who knows the words; to whom did you speak?
For what strange place did you laugh and leave,
Blithely forgetting me?

How many days and months have passed?
Years then decades, they've elapsed.
My eyes tear up, by that topic beset,
Again and again in reminiscence.

Alone and ever waiting in maya's garden,
A song of bygone days comes floating in.
That sweet memory, that unforgettable hymn,
Is filled with love of the infinite.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

All in good time

(889)  Tomar lagi rati jagi

On account of You, awake at night,
Garland in hand, I sat waiting.
But came You not nor did You speak;
On that dark night, why not arrive?

In the far firmament, the moonbeams,
They had been begging for Thee...
They had suffused my heart-sky
With sundry tunes and melodies.
Then, suddenly, my lamp of hope
Extinguished on that cruel night,
It was sleep that alit upon my eyelids.

Now the rays of the moon, they have faded away;
And it is dark, with darkness on all sides.
Despite my amassed despair,
The gloom that has filled my mind,
Still I love You with the same faith;
With hope to attain, I remain wild.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Give thanks

(888)  Aruna aloke taruna prabhate

On a new morning with Your crimson splendor,
Radiant light You lavished.
Stirring mind's core and ousting bashfulness,
With the heart's tongue You did speak to us.

Nonstop Your cosmic game proceeds,
Never neglecting anybody.
Soul of Life,[1] in the minds of everyone,
You've stayed engaged in our psychic actions.[2]

No further respite do You get;
Your liila flows on, infinite and endless.
Cosmic Director, with Your play's heaving emotions,
You've suffused the full-moon sky of early morn.[3]

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Welcome my Lord

(887)  Tava ratula carane varane varane

Kneeling[1] at Your rosy feet,
Such a light You have released!
Into crimson rays mixed with gold,
Ambrosial sweetness You have poured.

Vibrant are the woods and groves,
Enraptured are the minds of all.
In recurring dream pregnant with purpose,
Playing a bamboo flute, You caper in the forest.

Radiant with Your constituent light-beams
And overflowing with Your cosmic meaning,
Propelled by Your sweet greatness,
Love You give with laughter that's enchanting.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


(886)  Aj tomay pelum

Today, I happened on Thee
In fresh attire inside my psyche.
This mind of mine had been busy
With various deeds and misdeeds.

The path I moved along,
That path was tortuous,
Days and nights shrouded in darkness.
Drawn by Your affection I gazed in Your direction...
My chariot wheels, they still revolved;
But with Your call my dried-up riverbed was flooded.

On the other side of darkness was the color black;
And after that was yet more black...
My condition was completely black.
Then You arrived, bringing light;
And after light was light and still more light.
Now anywhere I look, it only looks good...
You've won my mind and filled my life with vigor;
With Your love, my heart was lifted and made full.

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Monday, November 20, 2017


(885)  Amar ghare eso prabhu

Come, Master, into my shrine
With Your summons to the light;
I call on You with artless mind.
By Your light a lamp was lit
That I've maintained in secret;
None else will ever know of it.

The sky and stars, of course they know,
As do the ocean's river-flows.
The love twixt devotee and Lord,
It's known all over the world.

Bundles of moonlight say smilingly:
"Master, I'm in love with Thee."
Particles of flower pollen
And molecules of psyche...
Everybody's love, everyone's heartsong
Emerges from the song that's Yours.
Such love-tales are common knowledge
For all who've lived in the world;
But no one else will know.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Long ago but still now

(884)  Tumi je esechile

Once You did appear,
Descending on light beams.
Embrace You had granted,
Touching down on thrilled eyelids.

The light You stored within earth's bosom,
The smile You painted on the innocent face,
Due to their vigor, even now the world's maintained;
Earth carries on, crossing over countless hurdles.

The fragrance You instilled in buds of flowers,
The sweetness You bequeathed to hearts,
Today do they persist amid Your greatness;
They are swimming on this ocean of affliction.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017


(883)  Tava agamane udvel paramanu

With Your advent the atoms grew effusive;
The world, it was absorbed in bliss.
Due to the crimson light You pour and pour,
More nectar fills the flowers.

Now, it's as if the lonesome lovers[1] sing in bliss;
Falling in countless currents is ambrosia from heaven.
Bursting all bonds, affection-spreading splendor
Has streamed down, leaving everybody restless.

Now, in every autumn, out of season, cuckoos sing;[2]
And, among the reeds, outward the jungle does do peer.
Now, the Celestial Song, steeped in love and beauty,
Has brought to us Its basket of melodies.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Remembering to remember

(882)  Tomar namer bharasay prabhu

Trusting in Your holy name, my Lord,
This broken ship I did launch.
As long as You're with me,
I never dread anything.

Come typhoons and come hurricanes,
With streams of hail and lightning trying me...
Everything in me getting tested, I'll sail on;
Resolutely I remember Thee.

In whirlpools, black and turbulent,
Dark clouds above and fearing death...
Into everything outside and inside me,
Your bright halo exudes, filling all directions.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Who's to blame?

(881)  Cale gele more phele jadi

When You’ve gone away, deserting me,
Inside this hut, what’s the reason You’d appeared?
Flowers of rosy anticipation,
Why'd You make them fall out of season?

Oh dear me, had they heard hope's news of You,
The night jasmines[1] would stay awake;
The cuckoos, they would sing in Spring;
And the moon would scatter light at night.
All the strings of my lyre
You tore easily and cast aside.

Alas, because You went,
With its dew, the Autumn keeps on weeping;
Water-deprived kadam blooms, they swoon;
And the swaying grass is lost, it’s colored black.
All the sweetness of my psyche
You stamped with Your feet when You left.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


(880)  Manav samaj avibhajya

Human society is indivisible;
Today, I sing its victory song.
March on, my brothers and sisters,
Disregarding every thorn.

All men are my brothers;
Everyone is my beloved.
If all of us live together,
God also is present.
With purest gold we can cover
This our dusty Earth.

On dogma we have drifted astray;
We have kept some people away.
Studying not the annals of time,
With untruths we've run wild.

Today, making amends, complete peace
I'll surely afford to everybody.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


(879)  Aloker ei uttarane

On this splendid ascension,
I will brook no obstruction.
No matter how brutal the storms may be,
I won't be overpowered by any beating.

Each duty that I've taken on my head,
As life's vow I have respected.
Prior to attaining my objective,
I won't pause on the path for any reason.

I've marched onward, clinging to morality,
Disregarding aerolites and lightning.
From any grimace by the force of sin,
Under no condition will I be frightened.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

On the way

(878)  Manavatar ketan sammukhe dhari

Holding to the fore humanism's flag
We've marched ahead on Your path.
Bearing the sword of truth and justice
On this morning, gold-dripping.

With consciousness, the lamp of hope's ablaze,
In a world that we'll remake.
By Your mercy, by Your grace,
We'll not fear any barricade.

Verily, a short delay there's been;
A little time has passed in idle mischief.
Now, bearing on head some of Your kindness,
Not looking back, we march along the path.
New lives and our proffered visions,
They're in plain sight, upon eyelids.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Only Thee

(877)  Tomar carantale tomar carantale

Beneath Your feet, beneath Your feet;
Beneath Your feet, the cosmos swings
From transcendence back to formlessness.
The jingle of Your ankle bells,
Your jingle, which in hearts brings beat,
Comes from whence and floats off where?

Unseen Lord, You are Your own methodology;
The world moves not per science or philosophy.
Absorbed in Your thought
All have become, so speech they have lost;
Having gone to enfold You, they themselves were lost.

Omnipresent God, You are free from influence,
Outside limitation, beyond all conception.
In Your contemplation, hearing and revering,
Lives get spent just thinking of Thee;
Master, on this earth You exist exclusively.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The essence

(876)  Egiye cale tomar rather caka

Forward roll Your chariot wheels;
That I've managed to perceive.
They move, crushing all hidden sins;
That much I could fathom.

Upon sun's chariot mysterious,
You're moving on Your private orbit.
Waiting, waiting by the path,
I've counted days till Your arrival.

On a night of dreams moonlit,
Accompanied by flower pollen,
You rode that golden chariot
To pick up everybody;
And instantly I recognized Thee.

So now I'm waiting for Your advent,
By the wayside, lamp in hand.
This light of mine, faint it becomes
Before Your bright effulgence;
About You I have understood the gist.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Out of my way!

(875)  Ami cai aloker path dhare jai

I would journey on the path of light;
Please don't block this wish of mine.
Worldly pleasure I no longer chase;
In darkness I don't want to stay.

The vast sky teems with lively light;
It surges round me on all the four sides.
And so I would remove the darkness,
Can't you understand this?

The One Who dwells on the far side of vice,
My life and mind He has made bright.
Piercing the gloom, near Him alone I go;
Now no impediment will I condone.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017


(874)  Tumi sabay bhalobasiyacho

You've befriended everybody;
You've imbued all lives with love's bright gleam.
As to the spurned, neglected beings,
You've raised their personal dignity.

The minds that are not tarnished,
The eyes expressing true compassion,
Those who in sunlight remain spotless,
Near to Thee come such hearts;
And everybody's intimate words
You've lifted from those mirrors.

On light's bright chariot crimson,
You've wanted to bear everyone;
On everybody's path of movement,
You Yourself have been the mentor.
Everyone's mental affliction,
With empathy You've understood.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Coming to my senses

(873)  Aloker oi jharnadharay

Ah, in that cascade of light,
Bathing, Who has arrived
With fresh-wet garments
Spraying this desert mine,
Heart's arid wilderness?

The earth in which grass never grew,
It's been graced with flowers and fruits.
Recalling this fact and beholding You,
Time after time, body and mind I bow in salute.

I had refused to hear, my face held down;
You gave a jolt, great beyond bounds.
Your songs, Your love... on their account,
Today, my voice, it now rings out.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

It's a new world

(872)  Jyotir sagar egiye caleche

The effulgent sea has swelled;
In its light everyone must meld.
Beloved Lord, what You will,
It alone shall be fulfilled.

Plant’s fruit and flower’s sweetness,
Sky's blue and ocean's glory...
Your majesty and subtlety
Will unify everything.

What we do and do not think,
What we can and cannot think...
As everybody must equate in Thee,
By Your love, jointly will all proceed.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

He comes and goes

(871)  Phuler nirjase tumi esecho

With floral essence You have come;
In crimson splendor one enchanted morn,
Like a lotus flower, You have blossomed.

Many ages had gone by in silent austerities;
Without the moon, nights elapsed in a lengthy series.
After long, at dawn You came, careening on love's stream.
Affection You've conferred, all our hopes fulfilling;
After giving more than asked, then You've taken leave.

When everyone longs for Thee, why not get You instantly?
Alas, in tears, our days pass with burgeoning despondency.
Embracing everyone, make hearts and lives and minds replete.
Oh Darling Dear, with drops of love why have You deceived;
Why did You keep playing the game of hide-and-seek?

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

The bottom line

(870)  Ami tomakei bujhiyachi sar

You I've realized as my best part;
You've occupied a place inside my heart,
Being immensely kind.

Glazed with Your loving sweetness,
I witness heaps and heaps of grace.
Incessantly in tears I swim,
Seeing Your munificence.

Should I think to not think of Thee,
All the more on Thee I'm bound to think.
Not being able to forget, oh how hard it is,
Thinking constantly of You, my eyes streaming.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

High on His name

(869)  Alo jhara je path dekhaye diyacho tumi

Light-shedding is the path that You've revealed;
Night and day I walk upon that path exclusively.
Like a lotus stalk, mid the mud I grin;
My heart poured out, I love You only.

Taking Your name, all-day I stay high;
Hardships as pain I never classify.
From the break of dawn, always am I
Wide-eyed, observing Your sweet smile.

You're the Ancient Companion, the Unknown Traveler...
The sweetheart of all, everybody's sympathiser.
Know it or not, everyone craves You each minute;
That very desire lifts them into the Infinite.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

On the boulevard of light

(868)  Ami tomar dake beriyechi

I've gone out at Your bidding;
Keeping to Your path, I proceed.
For weal, You've given everything;
As much as I can, I've reaped.

A bright mote floats across the sky,
Romps onward and grins with delight.
Likewise laughing-dancing am I also;
I rush forward, toward the goal.

You've chastened me for my welfare;
Always benign thoughts You've maintained.
With such good discipline, with such advice,
I'm traveling on the boulevard of light.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017


(867)  Tandra dao katiye

Let my lethargy be lifted;
Let my fears be dispelled.
Having embraced the shining path,
Intrepidly, I advance.

The power You have given to me,
The song You've filled with melody,
The sweetness imbued in this bud...
Bring that to fruition.

The tunes well-practiced in my mind,
The notions with my soul entwined,
The impetus You gave me, Lord...
Take that in Your service.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Poetry in motion

(866)  Chande bhuvan bhara

With penchant[1] the world is filled;
To beat after beat the lightstream dances.
Engrossed in rhythm You are bewitched,
Drunk with the bliss of Your own Creation.

The rugged-dry desert with green-leafy trees,
Sinful jungle-dwellers who are good per their psyche,
Banners of love and each lustrous moonbeam...
They lose themselves in Your rhythmic beat.

Sweet reminiscence of bygone days
And doleful songs sung on nights of pain,
The grit and endurance this earth sustains...
One and all, Your sweet will pervades.

All-forswearing is the cosmic love of yogiis;
Per Your wish, such people are homeless.

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