Monday, November 20, 2017


(885)  Amar ghare eso prabhu

Come, Master, into my shrine
With Your summons to the light;
I call on You with artless mind.
By Your light a lamp was lit
That I've maintained in secret;
None else will ever know of it.

The sky and stars, of course they know,
As do the ocean's river-flows.
The love twixt devotee and Lord,
It's known all over the world.

Bundles of moonlight say smilingly:
"Master, I'm in love with Thee."
Particles of flower pollen
And molecules of psyche...
Everybody's love, everyone's heartsong
Emerges from the song that's Yours.
Such love-tales are common knowledge
For all who've lived in the world;
But no one else will know.

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