Sunday, November 26, 2017

Higher and higher

(891)  Bhalobesechi hiya sanpechi

I have loved, my heart I've entrusted;
Still, my Darling did not come, He did not come.
Picking flowers from the garden,
A garland I have strung; yet no offering was done.

My mental altar I have kept adorned;
I've spread His seat with love and affection.
From my heart-flame, a lamp I've lit;
But árati[1] did not happen.

With abstract sandalpaste, I'd removed impurity,
Being sprinkled with rágánugá bhakti.
Now in rágátmiká I've forgot myself;
I've forgot all pangs of my heart.[2]

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  1. Achieving greatness is not the highest goal. Pleasing Him is everything.