Friday, November 24, 2017

All in good time

(889)  Tomar lagi rati jagi

On account of You, awake at night,
Garland in hand, I sat waiting.
But came You not nor did You speak;
On that dark night, why not arrive?

In the far firmament, the moonbeams,
They had been begging for Thee...
They had suffused my heart-sky
With sundry tunes and melodies.
Then, suddenly, my lamp of hope
Extinguished on that cruel night,
It was sleep that alit upon my eyelids.

Now the rays of the moon, they have faded away;
And it is dark, with darkness on all sides.
Despite my amassed despair,
The gloom that has filled my mind,
Still I love You with the same faith;
With hope to attain, I remain wild.

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  1. In the cosmic game of hide-and-seek, He chooses when to appear.