Tuesday, November 21, 2017


(886)  Aj tomay pelum

Today, I happened on Thee
In fresh attire inside my psyche.
This mind of mine had been busy
With various deeds and misdeeds.

The path I moved along,
That path was tortuous,
Days and nights shrouded in darkness.
Drawn by Your affection I gazed in Your direction...
My chariot wheels, they still revolved;
But with Your call my dried-up riverbed was flooded.

On the other side of darkness was the color black;
And after that was yet more black...
My condition was completely black.
Then You arrived, bringing light;
And after light was light and still more light.
Now anywhere I look, it only looks good...
You've won my mind and filled my life with vigor;
With Your love, my heart was lifted and made full.

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