Monday, November 27, 2017

My one desire

(892)  Tandra bheunge dio

Shatter my inertia
With a thunderclap.
Keep alive hope's lamp,
Unflickering mid my ignorance.

On my journey to the light, never closed be my eyes;
Should the way be lost, of the quest may I not tire.
As if to glaze sandalpaste with moonlight,
Let your voice always arise with a smile upon my sky.

I do not want a soft and milk-white bed,
Nor do I want some richly colored dress.
I don't want the dogged shame of getting lost;
I want just light, more light, and still more light;
That light will take me to the place all limits end.

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  1. Even the intellectual must don the humble guise of devotion to reach his goal.