Monday, November 6, 2017

He comes and goes

(871)  Phuler nirjase tumi esecho

With floral essence You have come;
In crimson splendor one enchanted morn,
Like a lotus flower, You have blossomed.

Many ages had gone by in silent austerities;
Without the moon, nights elapsed in a lengthy series.
After long, at dawn You came, careening on love's stream.
Affection You've conferred, all our hopes fulfilling;
After giving more than asked, then You've taken leave.

When everyone longs for Thee, why not get You instantly?
Alas, in tears, our days pass with burgeoning despondency.
Embracing everyone, make hearts and lives and minds replete.
Oh Darling Dear, with drops of love why have You deceived;
Why did You keep playing the game of hide-and-seek?

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