Saturday, December 31, 2022

Krsna, my Sweet

(2503)  Ceye gechi tomare

I have kept looking at Thee
In a hundred forms, on a hundred happenings.
Through name and song You had granted apprehending
By way of both music-mode and melody.
I have sought You still more near,
Amid the heart's feelings;
Far-removed, never do I want You to be.

Effulgent Deity, come closer yet;
In silence smile on my 'I'-sense.
By my love and Your majesty,
Make a living being replete.

Yourself I request in my vicinity
With threads of love echoing rhythmically,
With luster in a ringlet, with thrill in a wink,
Filling me with sweetness of a bamboo reed.

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Friday, December 30, 2022

My love won't You receive...

(2502)  Jabe dure cale

You will go away far-distant,
Trampling below feet a garland strung;
Please tell me what's the reason.
You float on the rays of dawn,
You smile within floral color;
Know that You I won't abandon.

Insignificant my force,
There is no strength of endeavor,
But I cherish You alone;
In You I am absorbed.
My candor and my fervor,
Regard them as golden chains on one.

The heart's burden of anguish,
A collection of disgraces,
Everything kept to myself,
Love's necklace I did give;
With smiling face, You please take it.
To me do be gracious;
Myself closer still, kindly draw.

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Such misery

(2501)  Jar tare mala gantha

Him for Whom garland is strung
And contemplating Whom the pain is lost,
Why did He not come to my dwelling?
Day and night a few words for all plights of everyone,
With light the heart He makes replete;
Why did He not come to my dwelling?

If somebody knows the reason
Why nearby He does not come,
What for does He smile remotely
But close by He does not talk,
Kindly explain it to me.

I plead with everybody,
Please do me this mercy...
For His sake I am living...
So that He may not forget me
And make me vibrant with music and melody.

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In this world our destiny

(2500)  Aloker dut chute esechilo

Light's herald had come rushing in;
To me He'd told privately,
Via songs aplenty:
"Know the world is not a mime,
But genuine flow-tide upstream.

"Daybreak's rise, evening's demise–
On cue of just the One Divine–
True Deity is ever the Director;
Know this fact wholeheartedly.

"Anywhere in life don't retain fraudulence–
Nothing stays reserved at home of existence–
That truth suffuses heart in deeps;
Pay heed to it with mind sincere."

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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Let the dance go on forever

(2499)  Dur ambare sandhyasayare, je raktalekha likhe dile

At twilight's sea on the far sky,
The blood-red writing You inscribed–
Its tracing won't fade away
From my mind at any time.

I have blended with Your color;
My lost self I have abandoned–
By Your love, through tear and smile,
You dispensed the joy of life.

Lord, a game keeps getting made with color;
On each side color-full is Your exhibition–
In that sportive flow, nectar with delight,
My Beloved, You came nigh.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Now I've found the One

(2498)  Alor raune maner raune

Hue of light and hue of mind, the two colors,
On this evening I united.
Revenue unpaid I pursue in vain;
It's not there in psyche's room jewel-studded.

Throughout my existence what I've sought,
For own sake that I've longed for.
But all things I observe, they are gorged,
Full of life, like the flame of a lantern.

With my hue in twilight's red complexion,
It went missing through affection.
Having lost everything while attaining One,
In contemplation of the One I exist.

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Keep my nose to the grindstone

(2497)  Tandra jadi ase

If drowsiness arrive,
Hey Master, please fracture it.
If vanity arise,
With dust please marry it.

If I should forget You,
If on a wrong track I move,
Then with thunderous outcry,
Myself please govern.

I have come to strive,
To proceed along Your line,
With only You to abide,
This truth in mind do fill.

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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Be vigorously active

(2496)  Iishan tomar visan bejeche

Lord Shiva, Your horn has sounded;
Laziness, faraway You've discarded.
Inactivity's disgrace wasn't able to remain;
Liveliness has grinned.

Sleeping Earth, awakening has risen;
With fresh leaves, it has been embellished.
Colors have kept filling fruits and flowers,
Mid auspicious thought's refulgence.

Impeding the path is no other person;
It's the bale and malice of mean thought.
With the luminaries on a free firmament,
The day has come for going ahead.

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Saturday, December 24, 2022

In my eye is there a sty?

(2495)  Sabakar se je ankhira tara

He Who is the pupil of everybody's eye,
Him I don't recognize, Him I don't realize.
Though He is nearby, I don't catch sight;
I don't understand, I don't see why.

Blind infatuation had enveloped me;
Bereft of rhythm, wept had the psyche.
To remove the gloom, to infuse cadence,
Him I invite– why did He not arrive?

To just His rhythm romps the universe entire;
Why myself alone, rhythm-free I'll abide?
With only His splendor planets and stars smile;
Why does He not look in the direction mine?

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Had I been fully awake

(2494)  Sei jhainjha bhara andhakare

In that same gloom, full of storm,
To my gate You had come.
Mind stupefied, being drowsy,
I did not invite inside, op'ning the door.

Standing with Your garments soaked You had been;
From storm-shivers You had trembled.
And yet sleep I did not break, rise and open gate;
Why then did You call me Your "most beloved"?

The whole watch You'd been waiting;
My faults had amassed tier after tier.
Why did You not wake me with flash of thunder
To please You by rendering service?

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Friday, December 23, 2022

Let me take you there

(2493)  Tarar malar saje akash nupure baje

Wearing a wreath of stars, sky resounds with ankle-bells;
They tell: "My happiness has no limit–
Oh it has no limit, no limit."
With the One I am frenzied, I have loved the One only;
Except One I don't know another.

In nebula and galaxy, neath vernal breeze with honeyed scent,
On a gold chariot of realized hope, with just His omnipresence,
My holy endeavor circles round only Him.

I am yours in common, all of you are my beloved;
I took everybody's grief and load of pain upon my shoulders,
Don't delay, come on let's go to the realm skyward.

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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Hararme pita

(2492)  Jhar jhainjhay varasay

In monsoon, with typhoon and storm,
On new-moon night You'd come.
At meager hut with door bolted,
I had been asleep in seclusion.

By knock on door You shattered slumber;
Motioning me, out of doors You invited.
You said: "Come and laugh wholeheartedly;
Behold the earth in new form."

A tiny hut went and grew large;
The whole world became similar.
A nebula and stars turned intimate;
The mind got filled with flow of love.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

I chase a dream, I have a goal

(2491)  Ei jhirjhire dakhina vay

On this gently blowing southern breeze,
Psyche unbridled, where does it go sailing?
Timidity's inertia remains not;
Sky-goose[1] mine darts in pursuit, spreading wing.

What came, what left, news I keep not;
Who captured me, that too I know it not.
Straight in front I gaze, wholeheartedly a song I sing
To recognize the Unknown One in rhythm and melody.

I fly upon the firmament like a free bird;
With planet and stars I converse.
Taking everyone along, society I build;
Mind yearns to break the walls dividing.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Searching for the Divine

(2490)  Ratrir tapasya

Night's austerities,
Rife on this same amávasyá,[1]
You are here, and I am here, oh Master,
With an endless implication.

As oft as I've lost melody,
You'd infused repeatedly.
The world capers to the tune of You only;
New-moon nights, they float off.

My gloom is not perpetual;
Thrive specks of light, teeming in that.
Within just that, intrinsic Your acquaintance;
Smiling, You sail away to Elysium.

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Monday, December 19, 2022

On a dark night

(2489)  Sei krsna rajanii esechilo

It had arrived that same night black;
Wrapped in darkness, it had cast.
I'd lost the way, but North Star came;
Caught was the target of a compass.

Any time I consider that night's tale,
Dazed, in a pit of fear, the pain...
How is it that angst for aid,
Your ear had heard that!

Your compassion cannot be forgotten;
With an unseen touch it provides a cradle...
Everybody comes and goes by Your wish;
Manifest had been this fact.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

I find You amid misery

(2488)  Varsansnata ei sandhyay

On this same rain-washed evening,
With the screwpine pollen, love goes a-floating.
Leaping o'er the enclosure of known and unfamiliar,
Mind's peacock races toward infinity.

Today in the kadam bower swaying has begun;
In the bamboo grove, verdancy has come.
Grass brownish-red, a fresh green it has turned;
Inundating both banks, faraway the stream goes missing.

In a niche of home, seated alone, I go on singing;
None else be retained, it's You Whom I'd make hear.
Mid the sound of a rainstorm, I find a melody;
Outside and in, it brims over, greatly satisfying.

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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Why did You go and where?

(2487)  Chande chande ele nrtyer tale tale

You arrived with dance-beats, in cadence after cadence;
Toward whom did You go away, I don't grasp.
At my pond of psyche, on the bank beyond language,
Why You had awakened, I don't understand.

On light's chariot, Lord, You alone are the coachman;
Heeding not day and date, You come, You go, You flash.
By Your immense gift, by affection's contribution,
A game-world You fashion.

You love everyone, Yourself everybody loves;
A sea of mercy, You've no peer in the seven worlds.
You exist, so I am; I survive on a stream of compassion;
Staying with me, You complete my endeavor.

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Friday, December 16, 2022

My one desire

(2486)  Jani tumi asbe priya

I know You will come, my Darling;
You won't stay at a distance.
You discern the whole story,
An impatience hidden within.

Only with You am I here,
Day and night I've gone on thinking.
Everything forsaking, anxious heart,
Yourself does it covet.

With affection You come near;
Deep inside You smile sweetly.
For Your sake tears, they drip;
You blaze on life's candlestick.

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

The music He left

(2485)  Bansharii bajale balo na

When the flute plays You don't speak, what's the sense?
For self-work, by greed-craze-fear-and-shame I had been
Rendered careless.

I stay waiting, ear to ground, mental sweetness coating;
All the incompleteness, with hues of You alone I'm hiding.
Everything You carried off but left the sound of bamboo reed;
That I can't forget!

That flute gave jolt in every niche of the worldly sphere;
That flute gave rhythm to the mind of everyone living.
Hooked on the tones, I've been engrossed by mode and melody;
Master, that's Your kindness!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Let me entertain You, my Love

(2484)  Kache ese dhara diye jao

Coming nigh, Your accommodation go on and permit;
Kindly let my psyche be brightened.
Dais is empty; should You come and take a seat,
Please gaze in my direction for a moment.

Filling heart with fragrance-passion, I'm presenting;
I'm creating music neath a languid, southern breeze.
In a tune You gave, a reed flute full of sweetness,
I sing lyrics; You go on and listen.

Not a thing belongs to me; all is Yours, my Darling:
This world of beauty and this love reception-worthy.
You've remained diffused in all, with You everything is;
Please waken in the mind this consciousness.

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No more will I sleep

(2483)  Ghumer ghore chilum ami

I had been in deep slumber;
You had come, then did leave.
What had You got at time of sleep?
Also consciousness You'd seized.

Raising a clang with strings of veena,
You had called me off and on.
Though getting near, no more I got:
You demolished taste of dreaming.

With a dance beat rhythmic,
To my heart You are intrinsic.
You had been erupted
In a trice on a night menacing.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Eyes on the prize

(2482)  Jatai balo bhulte tomay

However much You tell to forget Yourself,
Lord, I will not ignore.
Ringed by maya and enchanted,
I won't waver by attraction.

What is there today does not remain on the morrow;
What is sweet today, tomorrow it is sorrow.
What at present drives me crazy,
Later I don't gaze in that direction.

I know that always changing is this mundane realm;
It is neither falsehood nor the essence.
Close naught does stay due to motional propensity;
I won't forsake the Everlasting One.

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Monday, December 12, 2022

As You will

(2481)  Kena dhara dite nahi cao

Why being held You don't want to permit,
Able to fathom I was not.
Granting embrace, You think You'll be limited;
Naught to fear, I won't talk.

To the floral nectar You've surrendered;
By the fresh leaves tender, You've been fastened.
You have let light's realm be filled;
Do You think I know it not?

Last word was, Yours is this cosmic sport;
But fathoming with intellect winds up tough.
Though mundane life floats on this same flow of liila,
One become ability and sadhana.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Let love cascade

(2480)  Ei alo jhara svarna usay

On this light-emitting, golden dawn
In new form You had come.
Churning honey hid in heart,
Like a kadam smiling, thrill You brought.

You removed the veil from buds of flowers,
Made exude the vital pollen.
You drew nigh those persons distant;
Any opposites, by fellowship became one.

The closed gates of mind were opened;
Through each orifice sweetness emerged.
Mingled with fondness were presence and dearth,
In my prayer and meditation.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What a difference You make

(2479)  Tumi esechile kon suprabhate

On which fine morning had You come,
Smiling under luster of a rising sun,
Mixing floral pollen
With insistent-rhythmic song?

The precise date of it is not in mind;
Mem'ry to churn I don't desire.
For with that same pulsation, thrill of ideation,
Even still upon eyelids the very day befalls.

That Great Man are You, both mild and stern;
Resplendent is Your grandeur.
Contemplating You alone, I forget privation;
Night and day I remain in jubilation.

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Love's splendor

(2478)  Raunin phagun praner agun

March multicolored, life's fire
It did bring in jungle after jungle,
In forest after forest.
Dormant writing upon leaves,
By its allure it wakened.

Flower smiles, black-bee chants;
On air today color's been dabbed.
Rent hope discovered language
By the tie of fondness.

Not a bit is left to reap;
To Thee I call wholeheartedly.
Having approached, smiling You sit,
A heady scent in this garden.

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Monday, December 5, 2022

My matchless Lord

(2477)  Manohara he manohar

Hey Charming One,[1] mind-captivating,
Of the universe You are unique.
You displace the psychic gloom of everybody;
Brightly shining, You are very dear.

Where hardship's there, the suffering You realize;
On everybody's face You infuse a smile.
With light and shade, You go on making Sport Divine,
Hey the Primogenitor,[2] highly esteemed.

In the floral nectar You are the sweetness;
In the moon of firmament You are the gentleness.
You are the anxiousness of a heart afflicted,
Psyche's One, fit to be revered.

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

You light up my life

(2476)  Ei ghanaghor amanishate

On this same cloudy, new-moon night,
Oh You on radiant chariot, Who arrived?
Gathered gloom You banished, Most Precious Darling;
You allowed filling with light.

Where You exist is everything; near You will I desire?
Full has the ocean stayed with droplets Thine.
For everyone dearer than life, cosmically unstinting,
By love You vanquished heart and mind.

Even though unspoken, inwardly conceived have I,
In every atom of existence, in each heartbeat mine.
Without You it's hard to abide; so all go on singing
Ballads Thine in both good and bad times.

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Highlight of my life

(2475)  Anander ei samarohe

At this same pageantry of jubilation,
You alone I go on contemplating.
Neath the daylight You came not;
By black of night may I receive.

For You I yearn by day and night,
Tears shedding in woe and delight;
On stricken heart balm to apply,
Like You there is nobody.

With You am I in love...
You're the smile of my night's orb,
A heap of flowers multicolored;
Thus Your hymn I sing.

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Friday, December 2, 2022

My Splendid One

(2474)  Kon ajana loke puspamadhurii

From some unknown realm the sweetness of blossoms
You'd brought with You, hey the Resplendent One.
With fresh rays in many colors
You infused a beauty all over the world.

From break of day up to evening,
You keep pouring luster, hey the Store of Mercy.
In the night, peace You bring, Lord,
Silent, still, and full of stars.

Inside of mind all the filth that had been,
On Your thought, faraway it left, dismissed.
Erasing attachment's grief with the light of love,
You draw to Paradise, hey Wisdom's Avatar.

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

In which way am I wanting?

(2473)  Svapane ceyechinu gopane

In a dream, I'd wanted You sub rosa;
But close You came not, what's the reason?
Could it be You fear to enter heart;
Even so, why then did You go and stay afar?

Like a lively, insane breeze,
The doe of psyche longs for Thee,
And mental peacock goes on dancing;
What's this... seeing it, didn't You mark?

I hear You know what's in another mind,
An attribute You lost in instance mine;
Yet fervently I go on calling day and night;
Purposely stone-deaf did You become?

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