Saturday, December 17, 2022

Why did You go and where?

(2487)  Chande chande ele nrtyer tale tale

You arrived with dance-beats, in cadence after cadence;
Toward whom did You go away, I don't grasp.
At my pond of psyche, on the bank beyond language,
Why You had awakened, I don't understand.

On light's chariot, Lord, You alone are the coachman;
Heeding not day and date, You come, You go, You flash.
By Your immense gift, by affection's contribution,
A game-world You fashion.

You love everyone, Yourself everybody loves;
A sea of mercy, You've no peer in the seven worlds.
You exist, so I am; I survive on a stream of compassion;
Staying with me, You complete my endeavor.

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