Friday, December 30, 2022

My love won't You receive...

(2502)  Jabe dure cale

You will go away far-distant,
Trampling below feet a garland strung;
Please tell me what's the reason.
You float on the rays of dawn,
You smile within floral color;
Know that You I won't abandon.

Insignificant my force,
There is no strength of endeavor,
But I cherish You alone;
In You I am absorbed.
My candor and my fervor,
Regard them as golden chains on one.

The heart's burden of anguish,
A collection of disgraces,
Everything kept to myself,
Love's necklace I did give;
With smiling face, You please take it.
To me do be gracious;
Myself closer still, kindly draw.

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