Thursday, December 22, 2022

Hararme pita

(2492)  Jhar jhainjhay varasay

In monsoon, with typhoon and storm,
On new-moon night You'd come.
At meager hut with door bolted,
I had been asleep in seclusion.

By knock on door You shattered slumber;
Motioning me, out of doors You invited.
You said: "Come and laugh wholeheartedly;
Behold the earth in new form."

A tiny hut went and grew large;
The whole world became similar.
A nebula and stars turned intimate;
The mind got filled with flow of love.

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  1. Hararme pitá gaorii mátá svadeshah bhuvanatrayam: "Supreme Consciousness my father, Causal Matrix my mother, the universe is my homeland."