Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Some random questions...

(1589)  Jeo na ektu thako

Do not go, please stay a bit;
I've something more to speak.
You need not mind my words,
But what's the harm to hear?

Why do flowers go on dropping?
Why do garlands of love wither?
What's the cause that bestirs
These thoughts that I keep hidden.

In fall, the night-jasmines come;
In winter, loti do not blossom.
'Gainst a lovely blue sky
Glides a flight of cranes, what hope calling?

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Who am I kidding?

(1588)  Candanasurabhi makha

Glazed by sweet scent of sandalpaste,
Oh, Who are You that came today,
Kohl traced upon Your eyes,
Asking nothing from my side?

I declared: "Yourself I don't recognize;
That we've met, it does not spring to mind.
But I have taken resolve inwardly
On throne building in lonely retreat."

Then You replied: "You do know Me;
With Me is your intimacy.
Since ancient times long out of mind,
Assuming countless shapes, I have arrived."

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Why am I tongue-tied?

(1587)  Mananikuinje puinje puinje

At psyche's arbor, in hive after hive,
I know not why the bumblebees arrive and retire.
Upon a vernal breeze, in mind's blue sky,
That flight of geese does not spread wing, oh why?

Through sound and touch I've wanted Him;
Upon a sky sweetly smiling, in a fragrance bodiless.
I've wanted Him with screwpine's strong emotions...
The tree of my yearning, why is it not flower-filled?

Through tastes embodied I have wanted Him,
On a balsam's sluggish wind.
I've wanted Him, both breathing out and breathing in;
For the urge to express in words, He alone is motivation.

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

My Before and After

(1586)  Tomar tarei mala gantha

Just for You garland is threaded,
Thinking is about You only..
You are in the mental casket,
Sweetness overflowing.

The daytime brings Your message;
Comes Your tenderness with the night's magic.
Dawn and dusk are cadence sweet,
A song of Thee with melody practiced.

Without You there is no one else;
Even ere the beginning, we find Yourself.
And at the end of the end You laugh constantly,
Hey Deity of the distant Heaven.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

I will never quit

(1585)  Jadi katha nahi kay sara nahi dey

Should He speak no word, give no response,
Still calling Him I will go on.
If feet to hold He permits not,
At foot-dust I will set eyes on.

So many days proceed, much made to weep;
The nights go by, tears made to stream....
Yet I am not defeated, never do I cease;
To His ear I will transmit my innermost feelings.

As lofty as may come the obstacle,
Even a mountain insurmountable,
On kick of foot with thundering ruin,
Pulverizing it, I will be victorious.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020


(1584)  Pahar beye jharna dheye

Rushing downhill a cascade,
Toward which person does it race?
You who know that, please do say.
Inside of mind's jewel-case,
Whose portrait rises night and day?
With mind, what is this shell-game!

At home the mind won't abide;
Suggestive is the air and sky.
Effusive is mind all the time;
For Him unknown, it does aspire!

Mind's peacock on blue firmament,
Fantail outspread, it romps and grins;
In cadence, beat, alliteration,
Consciousness it emits.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


(1583)  Malayanile ke go tumi ele

On vernal breeze, oh Who did come;
You gave a shake to every branch.
Of mind all that had been amassed,
Its dust shook off, You smeared with love.

Those lives that had been sluggish,
Those minds that had been wretched...
Ridding all distortions,
Them You did embellish.

For Truth I had never searched,
Always trailing fear did I shirk...
But You aroused courage, You infused vigor;
You made me understand a human being's work.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Love is my Beloved

(1582)  Nayaner mani hiiraker khani

Jewel of the eyes,[1] a diamond mine,
The purest sandalpaste in Paradise,
For You, there is no come or go, no wane or decay;
The sea of love's dominance, You are its range.

In which bygone time had You smiled inside of psyche?
Nowhere is that found in theory or in writing.
I only know that You exist, You are holding dear;
Excluding You, worthless is my everything.

You are in the fire and the wind, and in the blue azure,
In the planet and the star, and in the black collyrium.
A jeweled sweetness, suffusing affection,
You have scattered far and wide, beyond all measure.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

All opposites He reconciles

(1581)  Cande joyare phule madhukare

Twixt moon and high tide, bloom and bee,
Such love You've been infusing!
With water on the bud of flower blossoming,
You have lavished Eden's honey.

There's no entity in any location,
Banished far away or disinherited.
Taking one and all in combination
You have built the universe!

The star holds dear Earth's infant,
And child wants near the star distant.
Twixt a sky of perfect blue and the vernal breeze
You have sung in a monsoon melody.

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The suspense is killing me

(1580)  Ajana pathik alakar katha

Unknown Traveler, Heaven's dictates,
Once having come near, kindly explain.
From dark-cloudy nebula a tiny grain
Floats away to which strange place?

What I keep witnessing, is only that okay;
And what I do not see, is all of it vain?
Which one is truth, which one is sham...
What was in past, it has got scrapped.

What resides in scripture, is it not man-made;
And what's not in scripture, is the same thing base?
Root of questioning and root of reply,
Please do provide, seated in the mind.

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When with spring He arrives

(1579)  Niilakashe alo bhase

Light floats upon a blue sky;
On such a day, Who comes to mind?
Ashok and palash beside,
Affliction forgotten, woodlands smile.

Floral pollen drifts upon a restless wind,
And peacock-calls sing out with rustling impassioned.
The jangled thoughts gripped in His anklets' chime,
Having banished pain, Who filled up life?

With stibnite upon eyes comes memory's whisper,
Dispelling what's made black and painting well in color,
Hope goes a-floating
In slow-stepping[1] cadence, beat after beat.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Love is enough

(1578)  Canpar kali tomay bali

Magnolia bud, to you I speak:
Please do not come a wee bit near.
Cast fragrance and watch while in hiding;
Do not come in reach.

The flower garden's ficus tree,[1]
Its nature is long, straight, and sweet.
The banyan's[2] main propensity
Is monsoon-water's welcoming.

Sea-of-forms' most precious thing,
Inner voice upon a gold-stream,
At core of heart missed it's getting...
The fountain-spout, motive sincere.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Have I not waited long enough; is my nectar not sweet enough?

(1577)  Tomare ceyechi phota phule ami

Like a flower in full bloom I have yearned for Thee
On a forest avenue, myself full of honey;
But the bumblebee of psyche, it moves on a-humming
With a wistful wish unruly.

Hour after hour, they proceed...
Minute and second fade into infinity;
But You did not appear, nor a word did you speak;
I am flooded by a shower of tears.

Oh Callous One, of what sort is Your acquaintance!
Why make sport with this my heart?
The pain You did not grasp, nor words did You hear;
The daytime passes on the wings of a flight of geese.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Now I am mindful of Your sport

(1576)  Ke go lukiye chile

Oh the One Who'd been concealed
Inside psyche, not informing me...
You're the stone of the philosophers,
But to me You'd been forgotten.

I had believed that I am without guardian;
Day and night, I had wept...
But with today's experience,
You let me know that You have got me covered.

Hey, my Nearest,
You are my Dearest...
Of me You are the quintessence;
Taking my heart, You had made sport.

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You have been warned

(1575)  Tomari ashay din kete jay

In hope of You only, my days go by
Throughout many decades... don't You realize?
Oh my Bosom Friend, lacking sweetness,
You are callous, and I know not why!

Many flowers blossom, many flowers drop down;
With a water-torrent arrives a cloud.
You don't come, You don't comprehend the pain;
In Your mind allowing mine, You do not associate.

A very loving moon, with magic radiant,
A nectar ultra-sweet, surpassing the palate...
Even with this moon honey does not carry on,
Should it be that near to me He appeared not.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

When hope is all but lost

(1574)  Nispatra vanabhumi

Leafless the forest,
Without blossom, on the day You came...
Fresh reddish leaves You infused;
On withered branch You made flowers bloom.

The hope that has been fading,
The language that's been losing speech...
To that expectation in clusters aplenty,
You brought loquacity.

The river that's evaporated,
Gotten lost in the arid wilderness...
Having brought Phalgu's undercurrent,[1]
That dried-up stream, You made it run.

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Irresistibly magnetic

(1573)  Ratnapradiip hate niye

Bearing in hand a jeweled lantern,
Who are You that came, oh Peerless One?
With steadfast gaze You are watching,
Every instant looking my direction.

On Your body splendor is an ornament;
To You belongs the luster of the universe.
On a sidelong glance comes such fascination;
It is an attraction unequaled!

Love limitless is at Your core;
To Your virtue is the cosmic song.
For Your service there is such an eagerness;
It is like ambrosia, filled with purpose!

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(1572)  Rater kalo alo kare

Dark of night making bright,
Who came, oh Who arrived?
Magic's kohl traced upon eyes,
The whole world He drove wild!

With notes of mind-thrilling flute,
Heart-filling song having diffused...
Pulverizing all that's crude,
A tune He played in Deepak Raag.[1]

Throughout the universe He has no peer,
His impact in the seven spheres...[2]
Only He is Truth, and He alone is effort holy;
This precious fact He made known.

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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Lord and devotee sing alike

(1571)  Tandra nave jadi

When drowsiness descends,
You please abolish it.
The never-ending weariness,
With motivation refill it.

I have come by your wish;
I have been in love with this earth.
I have beamed with the beauty of a flower;
In song, please do sing of just this.

You are blossom, I am pollen;
You are sandal, I am water.
Commixed with you only,
Let me forever be...
Look at me, eyes unblinking.

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Friday, May 8, 2020

It serves His divine purpose

(1570)  Kar katha sada bhavo sunayana

Fair-eyed maiden, of Whom do you think always?
Toward Whose arrival path are your eyes kept trained?
Who is that mind-thief Who, robbing you, has taken,
Taken your heart, so distant having stayed.

There is nothing, nothing that you crave;
Ever you have wished to give yourself away.
What you have wanted, just that has taken shape;
He has made off with, to some other place.

Today, you go about, singing your story,
So that a piece of remote heart is mixed there.
The load of yon heart, the soul's fiddle-string,
On tears it does float, from sphere to sphere.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Perhaps now I am ready

(1569)  Baso amar ghare ogo prabhu

Oh Master, please be seated in my home;
Flowers have bloomed at my grove.
You never came to my abode,
Bearing feet crimson those.

With aroma of magnolia garden
Giving out celestial flow of ambrosia,
Having coated honey of mind-flowers,
I have strung a peerless garland.

With a psyche pure and clean from reverie and telling beads,
The house I have decorated through profuse austerity.
On cooling rains and smiling neep,
My hope swings to and fro, an earring.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

You can't go

(1568)  Cale jabe je tumi

Oh You Who would leave,
Kept where, do tell me...
Snow that has gone and melted,
It will fall, I know, as torrent.

In winter leafless are the trees,
But blooms will blossom in the spring...
Dawn-crimson is the kumkum;
Such eastern-sky subterfuge!

Lost would I surely get;
This forest is so dense...
But You show the objective,
Lest my effort not persist.

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Monday, May 4, 2020

For my sins

(1567)  Ami kusuma parage rayechi

I have bided inside flower pollen;
I've allowed filling with nectar.
Having agitated life's ocean,
In rhythm I've become loquacious.

A song I sing in the strain of somewhere exotic;
Its lyrics I attain by musing on the Infinite.
Upon a flawless face in the Garden of Eden,
I've become aware of a ruinous blemish.

Into blossom's ear some words I tell;
Within lovely essence of nectar I dwell.
In fire and wind, in the bright azure heavens,
I have recognized the One Who is ever novel.

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Not a fair trade

(1566)  Bholo na amare tumi

Thou, You don't forget me,
But I go on forgetting Thee.
I do not fail to take Your gift;
I keep neglecting to give first.

On glitter of good cheer's light-beams,
Yourself I do not happen to see.
But on my nights of sorrow, bitterly I weep,
Having asked You to relieve the grief.

In happiness a web of logic I create;
I say: No faith have I in future states.
To You, Providence, credence I don't pay;
But when in pain, I pray: Come right away!

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Friday, May 1, 2020

He stands out

(1565)  Vajrakathora kusumakoraka

A flower bud stern as thunder,
To You, the Bow-Wielder,[1] let homage be offered.
Like unto Mount Kailash, crowned by the moon...
I ascribe all attributes to You.

Lord, You are Supreme Spirit, You are to be worshiped,
You are the refuge of any troubled people.
Outside the reach of time but stationed in time-limited...
Honor to the tranquil Master Of All Animals.

Owner of every gem but totally renunciant,
You are the emerald's brightly shining splendor.
Root-cause of the universe, the cosmos at present...
Give respect to Shiva, Master of Those Who Are Born.

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

My love transcends all sense

(1564)  Je kabhu kache ase ni mor

He Who never approached me,
For His sake, eyes do weep.
He Who never spoke a thing,
Oh why have I held Him dear?

O'er sea and land, through outer space,
In hope of Him I roam apace...
But in my proximity, Him I don't attain;
On the strings of mind's lute He plays.

From a heart filled with yearning,
Having borne love-lacquered honey...
Itself again wretched making,
"When will I e'er find Him near?"

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

From maya You keep aloof

(1563)  Amar dukher rate ele prabhu

Lord, on my mournful night You came;
You did not arrive on my happy day.
Through tears You allowed embrace,
But You weren't fooled by sly charade.

With springtime's flower-basket[1]
And with worship's dish, kept embellished,
Yourself I found not, my arghya to offer;
But mental anguish You appraised and accepted.

In a game of smiles or fair of light,
I got You not at joyful time.
But on this same, pitch-dark night,
Your kindness I could realize.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Opposites attract

(1562)  Tomay amay ei paricay

Betwixt You and me, as to this acquaintance,
No one knows from what hoary past it is.
You are my quintessence;
But one of us gets minded, the other does not heed.

When the litter of light rays arrived,
Started was the game of life.
The dark night got cast aside;
But one of us gets witnessed, the other does not see.

When the spring's mild wind blew in,
With floral beauty it got filled.
Flood tide appeared on the dry riverbed;
But one of us accepts wittingly, the other fathoms nothing.

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Let me not get distracted

(1561)  Asa ar jaoya caoya ar paoya

Coming and going, wanting and getting,
Staying alive is just within these pairs.
A flow of water, holding on to hill and sea,
Unity, the one like a river makes.

Many times arriving, many times departing,
Becoming lost in the midst of many a wasteland!
In the form of mist, once again coming back,
Hope's mirage, it summons me.

Desire, with or without reason,
Some is got, but much more is not.
On a measure of attainment, ignored is the One,
He Who clears away all of the fog.

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

The night serves His purpose

(1560)  Meghe dhaka varasay vari jhara tamasay

Inside a downpour-darkness, mid a cloud rain-concealed,
I have gone on calling You through my tears.
By a restless wind, with its din echoing,
Kohl had been etched on the depths of psyche.

A blue-stibnite shadow over an effusive tempest,
Lord, what is this... a rock received its accrued tenderness!
After the flow of hailstones with their bellow of thunder,
In the dark have moved a heart's lost emotions.

I realize that this dark night will sometime be over;
All of this will reach an end, with daybreak will vanish.
Above my eyes on the far bank of gloomy ignorance,
A flow of light will be revealed at that hour gladdened.

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

All-knowing One

(1559)  Ogo ajana pathik

Oh Voyager Obscure,
You left and stayed remote only.
So much am I calling You,
But You did not manage to hear.

In the crimson hue of daybreak's sun,
I'm calling You with devotion;
Rises on the sky at dusk
My fervent prayer in azure.

Like the dew-moistened night-jasmine
In a murchana dark blue of autumn;
Like the springtime's current of existence,
Like a floral-scented wind...

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Feckless reckoning... promise made, promise kept

(1558)  Balechile phire asbe abar

You'd said You will come back again;
In that same hope I count the time.
Having kept all yearning checked in mind,
A mesh of happy dream I weave.

Days come and go in hope or desperation.
Many dainty fibers get torn,
Many wings are impaired by hurricane and windstorm;
And with the rain, bolts of thunder roar.

Hey Most Tender One, amid the severity,
My fervent prayer penetrates into Your ear.
Even though You stayed afar, Intimate Darling,
Within heart Your song I hear.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

It's a world of beauty

(1557)  Gulbagicay raunin haoyay

In the floral garden, on a painted breeze,
With what mania does pollen keep floating!
With sweet magic and magnanimous psyche,
Flower-buds, what do they continue uttering?

A blossom, having looked up at sky-blue,
Peers down upon drunk mahul.
Sunflowers, having finished staring at each other's face,
They strew nectar to an unknown place.

What the bulbuls chirp in words of song,
The shimul blooms suppress, an ache inside their heart.
At the start of spring, fire having fallen twice,
Why do the palash take delight? Greatly they excite.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

And they call Him the Divine Thief

(1556)  Praner parag dhele dile

Heart's pollen You dispensed;
You left with psyche's nectar.
To know You, not having let,
Yet You discerned my all.

Outside was a brazen air;
In mind, a bashful craving.
All things mine, making disdain,
What gained You in exchange!

Tiny am I, great art Thou;
I exist in midst of Thee.
Obtaining me, did You gain anything?
Giving Yourself to me, You lost out!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020


(1555)  Ketakii parage surabhita rage

With screwpine pollen, with fragrant music,
You had entered ideation.
A lethargic one got coated with collyrium,
Intoxication smeared on eyelids.

With all good things of the universe,
And all that's bad discarded,
Both loving hands outspread,
On rosy feet, silently,
You had entered ideation.

Regarding my fitness, there was not a bit of it...
No sacrifice or self-restraint, austerity or sadhana.
You appeared, granting compassion unmerited,
At my core, in sweet fashion
You had entered ideation.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

My river, my glamor

(1554)  Amar nadii madhumati

My river, Madhumati,
O'er which country you proceed?
The love of River Padma taking,
You race toward the sea.

Brimming with your fruits and flowers–
Honeydripping, each and every one of them–
Sweet humans and sweet kush-kash,
With sweet eyes, do take notice.

Yourself I am loving;
I've remained, kissing your feet.
You are the beauty of what is Bengali;
Why, today, are you evaporating?

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Sunday, April 12, 2020


(1553)  Tumi ele tumi ele

You came, You came...
To the whole universe a swing You gave;
You came.

The expectations that were in my heart;
The statements that were in my song;
The fog of hope and despair that was...
You lit the light, cloaking it all.

The fear and false beliefs that were concealed
Were full of sloth and fatigue.
The lack of peace that had been burning,
You replaced it with touch of vitality.

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

My secret Lover

(1552)  Bhal go, pahare phuteche kata na phul

How marvelous...
Upon the hill so many flowers have blossomed!
A bracelet on forearm will I put on,
I'll bind a garland on chignon...
And on my ear I'll hang an ornate pendant.

Today, there's no oven-work in store for me;
Having tucked my sari in, I dance ever-swaying.
Husband's mother and sister have gone out for sardines;
But I behold, I perceive, the fallen buds inviting.

From the flower grooved drips a honey;
To the bloom distilled adheres a heady property.
Way over there is He Who is my life's Darling;
I await, I am waiting... plays a maadal without peer.

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Even in autumn the love abides

(1551)  Sharada prate sonalii ksete

On a Fall daybreak upon a golden field,
Oh Who art Thou Who came in dream,
In a dream, oh, in a dream,
Dew-capped night-jasmine shed
On a gentle grass-bed.

O'er kush and kash, mid clouds white
With blood-red tint of the dawn's light
And with devotion of the birds
In a sky, azure and tranquil...

Mid a psyche that is lost,
Your ankle-bells resound at heart's core.
The scent of fragrant pollen reigns
On feet, dark blue and without stain.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Someone special

(1550)  Ankhi mele ceye dekho

Eyes opened, catch a glimpse;
Arrived is the Unknown Pilgrim.
With His bundle of affection,
A sweet smile He has lavished.

In mind had been nescience dark;
To which far place did it depart?
On flow of light inside prison of gloom,
A colored rose has now bloomed.

All those who are His heart's beloved,
Through Him only yearning be fulfilled.
Your frequent visits are just His;
Onward they have danced per His will.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


(1549)  Madhumase mayakanane

In springtime, in a delusive grove
Have bloomed flowers, row after row.
Into them mind's nectar having poured,
He fits them out, full of love.

The champak bud that sneaks a peak,
It won't get hid by tender leaves.
The tiny bakul bloom and many-hued parul,
Eyes having opened, look around on all four sides.

Bela and Spanish jasmines give out scent;
Palash and red cottons with color overwhelm.
But ashoka buds, flown and grown in both worlds,
They peer upward, just for Him!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

With spring He arrives

(1548)  Tumi vasante esechile

With the spring You had appeared...
To young leaves neath rosy feet,
You infused sweetness
In a heaven of existence.

On blossoms You had smiled...
A sweet zephyr, by surprise,
Arrived upon mind's mirror
With implication full of love.

Then, there'd been in flower pollen
Fragrant devotion...
On tender leaves, the coating was
Of a dawn's crimson
In mind's ushering of spring dyed with red powder[1]
And with golden sweetness.

Nature was kind in the month of Chaitra...
On heart and mind was heavenly splendor;
The southern wind was clean and pure
With song and dance on Earth.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Come into my psyche

(1547)  Tumi eso eso eso mane

Into mind, come, come, please do come;
Only with You is my Earth ambrosia.
Searching, I rove about in cogitation;
Into mind, come, come, please do come.

On account of You I perform sadhana;
To please You is all of my worship.
Without You nothing more exists;
In Your jingling sound is great sweetness.

To the world I've come time and again;
I've understood one person, You, as the essence.
With You alone is this worldly existence;
Tranquility lies in only Your recollection.

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sleep sweetly

(1546)  Bulbuli nace gulbagicate

In the rose garden, bulbul gambols;
Hawk-cuckoo sings its song.
Lest a bloom-bandit closeby come,
So their calling they keep up.

On petals struck with drowsiness,
The rose's honey-coating does persist.
With floral dust, a flower's love and devotion,
Inside it a scent gives thrill.

This day won't stay, everybody knows it;
The blossom falls silently into isolation.
Thus it just searches for aroma of sweetness,
In that unknown place, in that separation.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020


(1545)  Kena esechile cale jabe jadi

Why had You come when You will leave...
You'd smiled just to make me cry endlessly!

Even now, in my pleasure garden blows a vernal breeze;
On octave, the Diipak Raag[1] tells its story.
With the floral pollen floats a fragrant assembly;
Billowy is love's sea.

My moon has gone missing inside yon cloud ebony;
Heart's blood races toward it with vehement speed.
Those moved by music waken with devotion in prosody;
The ocean of emotion is overflowing.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

On wings of a song

(1544)  Tomay amay pratham dekha, kon se atiite

Twixt You and me the first vision,
In what ancient time was it?
In history it is not writ,
Nor is it in mathematics.

In geometry it is not etched,
Nor is it drawn with a pen.
On earthen pot or painted canvas, those lines,
They don't rise into sight.

Long before, when I've gone lost,
You did lift me up
Inside Your mind, a deep interior,
Through prosody and song.

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Why so sad?

(1543)  Jale bhara ankhi kena

Why are your eyes full of tears;
Who has given pain to psyche?
Tell me that story...
Your mind do speak.

Now, on this sunrise crimson,
Trees and ivy with the flowers,
They talk, overwhelmed by scent...
What's the reason for your silence?

With nectar, the southern breeze,
Heavy-laden now from early morning,
It cannot move on its way...
What's the reason for your angst?

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My everything in all seasons

(1542)  Tomay niye amar dhara

With You is the world of mine,
Illuminated by Your light...
You are there, therefore am I;
Around You circles death and life.

Under the scorching heat of summer,
For Your touch the heart yearns.
The rain that brings support,
That too is Your current, Lord.

Neath the bright-white clouds of autumn,
With night-jasmine colors mid tall grass,
And in the snowdrifts of prewinter...
Into all that loveliness You alone are packed.

From within the heavy winter fog,
Your anklets ring inside the heart;
Dressed in springtime hues and shapes,
Hey Vishvarup,[1] You grant embrace.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

At night with Him we go

(1541)  Hese hese parii ese

A fairy having come grinning broadly,
He left with the parul bloom,
Melting, melting into tears,
Pendant swaying in cradle of dew.

Looking on, the myna bird speaks not a word;
She cannot bear such pain of hers.
The peacock, pretty wearing jewelry,
States: "By mistake; I did not see."

Thorn-in-throat, the parrot speaks
Like chickpea water to the parakeet.
Having bathed, standing straight are the cockatoos:
"We did not see where is Parul!"

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Monday, March 30, 2020

And so they call it Liila

(1540)  Shukno patar nupur paye

Ankle-bells of dried leaves on its feet,
A gusty wind from the southwest has appeared,
Its clarion facing northeast
With music of calamity.

In company with beat of trees, persimmon and palmyra,
On that night the tuberoses
Fall demolished in great slaughter,
Under the grimace of Shiva Ferocious.

Keeping aloof from blame or praise,
The hurricane has run amuck, intoxication-swayed.
But inside the black clouds' many gaps,
Is the light-stream's chariot in single combat.

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