Saturday, March 28, 2020


(1538)  Ajana pathik neve esecho

Unknown Traveler, descending You've arrived;
You have been so kind.
Dust removing and love filling,
You have made sin-free.

Intense gloom on the sky, ringed by the dark,
Dressed in string after string of stars,
Bearing a galaxy, upon the nebula
You have dispensed love.

Expressionless and lacking name or meaning
Were the mute for days and years aplenty.
By their rousing and love-coating,
You have built a world of beauty.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Light everlasting

(1537)  O je asiimer gan geye jay

Oh the One Who goes on singing odes to infinity,
Who, for eternity, does keep on giving swing...
Oh the One stooped by love's load, oh that Noble One,
He pours ambrosial stream into the barren heart.

He tells: "At no time am I elsewhere;
Ever I am tied by strings of amity.
I dwell within psyche, I keep mind replete;
Absence of light, it sparkles with Me."

He tells: "No one is foreign to Me;
So I deem everybody family.
I just smile, just hold dear,
Neath moonlight, mid floral heaps...
From Me extreme darkness gets fear.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

He crept in...

(1536)  Maneri manane gopane gahane

Surreptitiously, in thought-depths of the mind,
You had arrived;
And no one knew of it.
You had brought along loads of ambrosia,
But that no one noticed.

You had bloomed with melody, tempo, and beat;
You'd spoken through raga and raginii.
Fast then slow, in music-measure secondary,
You had swelled in ecstasy.

By Your own hand You'd ignited wisdom's flame;
With love You'd let the zest for life pervade.
Dissension among humans, You'd sent far away;
Nectar You had made cascade.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jiiva jiivasya

(1535)  Kena ele aji ei asamay

Why came You at this hour inauspicious?
Toward a close time proceeds, oh Playful One.
Flower's petals, they have fallen,
Nectar of pericarp has dried up,
Heady fragrance has been lost...
The bumblebee does not hum; it does not hum.

Once the floral grove was colorful;
Teeming had been petals' nectar.
Heady fragrance was not frantic;
It was glamorous, yes, glamorous was it.

By Your touch, a dried-up river summons flood;
A withered bough persists, budded having become.
You have been of consequence; ambrosia You have lavished...
Life with life You have admixed, oh Avatar of Consciousness.

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It's a certainty

(1534)  Gan geye jai alo jvele jai

Singing songs, igniting light, I proceed;
No one in the world is foreign to Me.

I am the Unknown Pilgrim, My home in the Formless;
Dressed in My goods is the whole Creation.
For those who have no one, I am their support;
So into the empty heart, love I do pour.

Even though I am unknown, I don't remain far off;
With the mind impoverished, I am intimate.
Honey in the flower's bud, I keep it full;
I sparkle in the darkness.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The greater me

(1533)  Upal majhe mahacal tumi

Amid stones the huge mountain are You;
My head bent, Yourself I salute.
Mid heaps of white lilies, the blue lotus,
Oh Lord, You are always marvelous.

There's no end to Your profound wisdom,
With its splendor filling all directions.
Through Your intuition, ever novel waken
Foot-kissing Game-bubbles.

No entrance or exit is there of Your
Bounty-dripping, grand composition.
She who's gotten a jot of Your mercy,
Her I-feeling, it has merged in Thee.

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

This foolish pride of mine

(1532)  He devata balo amay

Oh God, tell me please...
Why have You kept distant?
If pride was there,
Why did You not pulverize it?

Your light, Your air...
With Your hue is my display.
It's Your light.
Your clay, Your firmament...
With You everything's full to the brim.

A molecule am I, very-very little...
You are extremely vast, ruler of the universe.
I am a molecule.
For every adversity, You alone are remedy;
I am puny, afflicted and needy.

On Earth what would occur when there was none...
Not the least effort, nothing done.
What would occur in the world?
There was a wish ineffable
To get You, oh Sweetness.

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My Love, my shelter

(1531)  Phuler vane saungopane

In secret at a flower's forest,
What did the blossom grip?
Honey-smeared and petal-hid,
In seed-vessel it was missed.

At bosom of the bloom there was nectar;
And also was the hue of hope for attainment.
In concert with the moon, upon nights moonlit,
A one-stringed lute was practiced.

And too there were clouds in north-east quarter;
In addition was an ominous roaring of thunder.
There was dread of storm and gusty winds,
But the flow of love was abundant.

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

He captivates

(1530)  Balo na kar pare ei abhiman

Won't you say over Whom these hurt feelings,
Doe-eyed maiden, do tell, do speak please.
On ruby lips no song is there.

On ringlet you set not a white jasmine blossom;
On earlobe an oleander pendant you hung not.
On chignon, you tied not an unrivaled garland;
A visage like the moon... why is it so glum?

Which is that Pilgrim Unfamiliar who had come;
Having held you dear, in an instant He had gone!
From afar He'd sent nothing but a tender smile,
Now He has departed with your heart and mind.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Never fear

(1529)  Vajre tomar baje banshii

Mid thunder Your flute resonates;
On storm You laugh... them You disdain.

To lightning's cadence You frolic;
With meteor You are united.
On earthquake, with the beat of cosmic heart,
You go on saying: "Everyone I love."

At high-tide on ocean waves,
Destruction by fire, Rudra[1] at the time of dismay,
Matted hair unleashed in tandava with awesome noise,
You proclaim: "Filthy sin I destroy;
I consume the demons humanoid."

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Unaffected by relativity

(1528)  Ajana pathik eseche aji

Today the Unknown Traveler has come
In creepers blossoming and in fragrant garlands;
Today, He has floated upon floral pollen.

Cast afar timidity, fear and apprehension;
All your doubts abandon!
Making all His own and infusing honeyed sweetness,
He has smiled in the mind's deepest niche.

On basis of time, space, or form, there is no familiarity;
With this Kanu,[1] just a love-filled heart succeeds.
Those with human subtlety, theirs alone is the authority;
This fact He has made known presently.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

On final approach

(1527)  Dustara giri launghan kari

Crossing the mountain hard to cross,
I am entering Your presence.
Lord, exiting Your drunken maya,
With You only I am falling in love.

I've made Your acquaintance in hue, form, and taste;
Through abstract ideation I have managed to appreciate:
The past of everybody, for one and all it is base...
But You are there, close at hand, in every place.

Through intellect, no one reaches the far shore;
Through intuition's splendor, they approach...
With strong attachment of devotion, ambrosial obsession,
They get integrated, that I'm coming to know.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

My mistake

(1526)  Chile kon videshe

Have You been in some foreign land?
Crying, crying, days have passed;
I have been in hope of Your arrival.

I don't know what fault was mine;
What for Your divine sport, I did not realize.
You are the quintessence, I have learned;
And I've understood You will return.

I've been told no coming or going is there;
Then, why don't I catch sight of You constantly?
In that case, this must be a blunder of my eyes,
Due to a vice of my own mind.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

If I'd only had a roadmap

(1525)  Tomay pelum anek pare

I'd found You after much adversity,
Having journeyed far and wide,
Having made pilgrimage to many holy sites,
And having welcomed troubles aplenty.

Having ransacked desert sands
And having melted ice-cold poles,
I'd returned, in lack of hope,
To the shrine of my emptiness.

Peering inside the mind, I observe
You are hiding, what surprise,
In a somber heart, giving light
On the lampstand of love.

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

He is both the question and the answer

(1524)  He prabhu tomar liila balo ke bujhibe

Hey Lord, pray tell, who will grasp Your liila?
You're beyond the reach of speech or mind and senses;
Hence, at every step, the intellect, it will get defeated.

Why the day and night come, that I do learn a bit;
Why Earth and sun had come, I don't know about it.
To find reply of the question, Why,
The more I know, so much the unknown will get multiplied.

What for do the living come, and why do they go away;
Full of form and juice, Earth goes to which unknown place?
Pray tell, except You, the answer to this who will say?

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Now I understand

(1523)  Phagun mase dhara sakashe

With the first month of Spring, being earth adjacent,
What's this sweet perfume You've brought, do tell!
In an arbor of flowers, on a heady wind
You have strewn it by Yourself.

Floral pollen's heavy load cannot be transported;
Each molecule, every atom, proclaims its love.
With drunken reverberation on sweet-sounding feet,
You have walked, ankle-bells echoing.

All of us, we are in love with Thee;
Thinking of You we do weep or beam.
To see You day and night upon eyelids,
You've become the one most cherished.

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Friday, March 13, 2020


(1522)  Eso nava ghana niilakashe

Come with a new sky intensely blue;
Come with a charming smile and with mind's perfume.
Come with love and devotion;
Come with fragrance sweetness-coated.

In the daylight, You exist;
At dark of night, You are there with a kiss.
You are in Heaven, and on land in mortal realm;
You are at lovesong's core with happiness.

I don't know where You aren't there;
So I bow to everybody constantly.
I am not cowed by any difficulty;
I am neath Your shelter, touched by Thee.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

What am I to do without You?

(1521)  Amar dike dur nimese

To my dismay, afar without delay,
Staring at some place, You went away.
Language of the eyes and love's desire
Of mine, You could not realize.

I could not obliterate
That smile and sweet gaze.
From a mental nook, furtively,
You applied color upon seat of psyche.

Still today, there is sketched a painting;
Inside its periphery, everything is embodied.
With lines of a paintbrush as Your facsimile
Kept intact, You left with my rhythm and beat.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

There's something happening here

(1520)  Ankhi jale bhare geche kar tare

For Whom have eyes filled with tears...
Oh fair-eyed maiden won't you speak?
Tell Me, tell Me, tell Me please.
What callous one has forgot thee...
Just gone on practicing deceit?

Down have the monsoon's white clouds reached;
Starlight, it's been veiled in ebony.
Yet estranged heart has remained watching;
Has it not spoke much, silently!

He had left on coming of spring;
Now your seasons pass in counting time only.
Brimming with Whose thought is sweetness of psyche;
Whose sadhana do you go on performing?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Why not stay forever

(1519)  Pratiiti rekhe gele

Cognition delivered You departed;
Lamp of sky ignited, You departed.
Giving absence of fear, You departed;
Within human psyche, You awakened consciousness.

You've arrived after much penance and longing for light;
Love You have lavished upon the kadam, yearning-dyed.

Please come age after age into heart and vista of psyche,
Into the soul's abode with living's joyous beats.

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Monday, March 9, 2020

You've got Me wrong

(1518)  Patheri kanta nahiko ami

The path's thorn, oh I am not at all;
I am the bloom's core ambrosia!
To existence I bring not an ebb-tide;
An upstream-bearing flood am I.

Upon a pebbled path to walk and walk,
I advise to never halt.
On hot sands in desert storms,
I provide the might to fight.
I am a colored light, welfare bright;
I remove your sorrows.

When none will remain, I will go on staying;
When none will notice, being called I'll receive.
I am yours, and you are Mine;
With Me is all worldly life.

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bitter honey

(1517)  Ami bhuli ni tomay

I did not give up on Thee,
But You have gone and forgot me.
The bloom that had fallen neath a tree,
Vista remembers it constantly.

Color that had painted light,
A love that had felt good inside the mind,
A remnant of that, its honey,
To this day it is oozing.

Sweetness that was sketched on psyche,
A flight of geese that had spread wing,
The memory of that, its speed,
Does it ever recede?

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Candle of Gurudev

(1516)  Tumi esecho bhalo besecho, man jine niyecho

You have come and held dear;
You've won over psyche.
In person with beat and rhythm You appeared;
And You have made a game that is so amazing!

Not a thing was I knowing;
Who You be, I was not fathoming.
You arrived and clarified:
Only You are mine.

Just despair was I conceiving;
Neither light nor hope was there.
In the dark with candlestick,
A match You have lit.

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Enter the light

(1515)  Ekeri ahvane

On summons of the One,
All do rise, rise at present,
Having loved with smile pleasant
In the floral pollen.

Of wish or not, there is no question;
Everybody got the light of morning sun
On hours final of night ebon,
Like a courtship colored crimson.

Slumbering through ages had been
Humanness, two eyes shuttered.
By a clap of thunder and love's touch,
Sleep was shattered with affection.

The pitch dark beats retreat afar;
All would give it leave to depart.
Kettle drums resound inside the heart;
She feels good amid form and color.

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Ruby of psyche

(1514)  Tumi esechile manera nikhile

You'd arrived in the mental universe;
Filling psyche, You have abided.
With dye all thought You have brightened;
The mind You've won over.

You're the ruby of the psyche, in the mind only;
From the outside, it will not get seen.
In the realm of eyesight, You've remained screened.
Yet staying inside psyche with a gem's lustrous beauty,
You've become revealed.

I am in love with Thee...
I, a mere atom; and You, the Supreme Being.
Notwithstanding that, I am in love with Thee.
I, but a meager drop; and You, the mighty sea;
Not having got fear, I do come near.
With hopes shattered, all affliction bearing,
I laugh even midst a hundred sufferings.
Gopal beloved, through the world of song,
You have let me hold You in hued ideation.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

My partner unseen

(1513)  Jarata jadi ase

When inertia comes,
Please remove it by Your touch.
Neath constant light of consciousness,
With dye make bright my thoughts.

Everybody having brought along
And coated with the honey of affection,
Oh You, so that I may go forward,
Please exude such blessing.

Resounding are Your anklets
Amid those with and without origin;
Dressed in splendor imperceptible,
Please grant me Your proximity.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How sweet is this universe

(1512)  Aj bhuvan bhariya dao

Today, saturate the universe
With song after song;
And disperse friendliness
To each existence.

On this earth no one is unrelated,
The same clan is filling all creation.
In every place your residence is,
And everyone brings fine aroma.

Nowhere is anybody helpless;
Paramapurusa is the helper.
A honeyed breeze, it keeps active
In each nook of the three worlds.[1]

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Monday, March 2, 2020

My one and only

(1511)  Ami tomay bhalobesechi, rupe rase marmikatay

With You have I been in love...
Subtly inside form and flavor,
Yourself I have wanted to receive.

Over onto dust had I keeled...
There'd been none to notice me;
In the late-night's darkness gloomy,
Yourself only have I spied.

Crying out in grief and misery,
Sky broken by bolts of lightning,
Far removed is everybody;
Yourself I've found by my side.

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

To get Him back

(1510)  Giyechile prabhu na bale na kaye

Lord, unpersuaded, You had gone;
Again You came on rain's downpour,
On shower of eyes' falling water.
Not a word had You heard, no obstruction heeded;
Alas, what's the reason You had been inattentive?

Autumn's white clouds had cried out;
Dewy night-jasmine had wept.
Reeds and high grass, bright laugh they'd neglected;
Upon that affliction Your mind never melted.

In springtime the birds have sung;
Flowers multicolored, how they've pined!
With golden stars sky's been overspread,
But Your eyes did not open on that desire.

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Saturday, February 29, 2020

I thought that I had it good

(1509)  Kon se nishiithe madhurima sathe

On which night, with sweetness in company,
You'd arrived inside the mind very deep?
'Pon a happy dream You had beamed.
In my mind there had been black ego,
Extreme poverty filling the eyes both.

Unfamiliar Traveler, into my 'hood You came
And erased the distinction between known and strange.
The mundane with celestial You combined right away,
Underneath a smiling lamplight unawares.

Oh my Most Beloved, take me further please;
The light-stream, it is quashing my stupid vanity.
Please remain very near, be inside of psyche;
On silent feet, please walk with me.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

He leaves with our burden

(1508)  Tumi esechile, maner kone alo jvelechile

You had arrived;
In mind's nook, You'd struck a light.
I had been in utter gloom;
At once, the gloom You removed.

There had been no sadhana;
I prepared no altar...
On Your own, my home inside,
With silent footsteps You arrived.

You did not want anything;
You lit up the realm of psyche...
Then when You departed,
You left with my entire burden.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020


(1507)  Se chilo amar, saunge nishidin

He was mine,
With me day and night.
At innermost He was lodged,
But Him I could not recognize...
Though seeing, I saw not.

With the crimson glow of daybreak's sun,
To Earth He brought music from heaven.
Though listening, I heard not that tune;
By its notes I was not enthused.

With the midday's fiery sun
Always to dance havoc in rhythm,
Thundrously he kept calling, but in fear
I did not draw near.

Mid the pallid light of sundown,
In a conch-like sound His voice rings out;
But with the wine of pride, drunk was I...
I could not offer reply.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I get confused...

(1506)  Rajar veshe eso amar

In princely clothing, come to my
Deeply sleeping consciousness mind...
What's been lost, then found by fluke,
I will tell to You.

Hey Stranger, ever-new,
With dream-nucleus You're become fused;
On murmur in acquaintancy,
You've grown bright before me.

At the heart's core, most privately,
With mind-Elysium, You are there,
In empty mem'ry's darkened corners,
With a blazing implication.

Please remove the black stains–
Myself made Yours do take;
With devotion please do steep
A psyche's puny wreath.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What does He awaken in me?

(1505)  Kena ase kei ba se

Why does He come, Whoever He may be?
That's something only He knows properly.
I could not discern Him,
But from me recognition He has taken.

That bamboo flute of love...
That affection, essence of nectar...
Experienced, I only fathom that the Lord,
He casts light on the sky of heart.

I want Him near, right inside my heart's core,
Far removed from what is full of cosmic sport.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

A world in need

(1504)  Ghumer desher parii ese

Having come a sprite from land of sleep,
Said she: "You keep on slumbering.
The birds and beasts, the honeybees,
And the fish, their view is You should sleep.

"All flowers, they have gone to sleep;
The honey in their breast, it is suppressed.
Shutting Your eyes, go You to bed;
Heart's nectar, put a lid on it."

I replied: "I don't sleep;
I pass the night, vigilant.
Lest there be defeat of sweetness,
'Wake I keep; you must know that.
This honey I will go on pouring;
Your wrath,[1] please abolish it."

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Everything is He

(1503)  Nijere charaye diyecho tumi

Yourself You have strewn
With love in the fruits and blooms,
In the morning sun's crimson beams,
In the hopes of colored dreams.

Those who did not have a thing,
You seated on the golden mountain peak;
And those to whom nobody listened,
You brought to the world's notice.
Everything You gave but came not personally;
Far away You went, to remain in hiding.

Grasp of philosophy as well as knowledge worldly–
And a timeless strain beyond mundane sphere–
Everything You provided; You gave understanding:
Everything is unified inside of Thee.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Just to explain...

(1502)  Ajana pathik aj kena eseche

Today the Unknown Traveler has come for what reason;
Nectar He has conferred on the floral garden.
In His own hand He has held a paintbrush,
And with dyes He has been brightening petals of flowers.

In His eyes and on His face rise a pure simplicity;
While in demeanor has abided strictness and sincerity.
He is everyone's beloved, well worthy to be esteemed;
Ever smiling, ever dancing, He has come running.

Everyone is His own, no one is a foe;
All are prized more than life, He always deems it so.
With such devotion in rhythm, tune, and music mode,
He has brought with Him love's basketload.

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A cuckoo speaks

(1501)  Ei phagune tithi nahi gune

In this month of Phalgun, not reckoning auspicious time,
Who are You that came into a corner of the mind?
For You I did not pine, by day or by night;
Nonetheless, to this niche, why did You arrive?

In clusters, the ashok flowers blossom;
The palash flowers, scarlet on the path they sprawl.
Flowers of the bakul tree, ever supplicating,
Dancing, they race about, absent-mindedly.

Perfumy flowers distribute their scent,
Young maidens decorate merchandise with them.
In the magnolia grove, lonesome beneath awning,
A cuckoo bird is warbling, his notes low-and-sweet.

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Or could it be that God weeps?

(1500)  Nivir nishiith tuti

The dense night is torn asunder;
Two tearful eyes have blossomed.
Of Whom does she ever think, at Whom does she peer,
And why does she weep, oh what is her failing?

Well she had held You dear;
Her heart she'd entrusted to Thee.
But You did not take it, did not grasp what it is;
And so those two eyes, incessantly they stream.

Round life's zodiac signs of the year,
Whoever loves somebody, that person she's received.
But she who loves You, her You don't esteem;
And yet to You her mind keeps racing.

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Prisoner of love

(1499)  Tumi esecho dvar bheungecho

You have come, the gate You have shattered;
Prison's gloom You have illumined.
Tenderly You've smiled, and eyes You've opened;
You've expunged thought's every grimy degradation.

Hey Ever-Unfamiliar Lord, I don't see
How the heart You seized and held captive.
Your light, Your effulgence,
You poured into psyche's darkness...
Melody You've infused with cadence aplenty.

Oh You have bound me with what shackles,
Not with chains of iron but with string of flowers!
Through Your bondage with its sweet vibration,
You have removed the inertia.

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It's all Your fault

(1498)  Kena asamaye ele emana bhave

Untimely... why did You come in such manner?
You made no announcement, gave no intimation.
To decorate house, then spread Your seat,
You gave no chance to get ready.

Age after age, in that hope I had waited;
I had wept so much with my breath bated.
You arrived, but You came without notice;
My wish went unfulfilled, unaccomplished.

It was not my fault, I could not know...
Oblation I gave not; I got no scope.
Repeatedly You make this blunder, such is Your habit;
Please make amends, arriving and showing compassion.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Father knows best

(1497)  Tumi ki bhule gecho amay

Have You gone and forgot me, Lord;
So now You never come?
Why, after giving hope, desperation You beget;
Having made a promise, do You renege?

New and newer hope, ever and again You grant;
You make me tempted to obtain the moon in hand.
At the last minute, then You halt and vanish;
My condition, why don't You consider?

From time out of mind I am but a pilgrim;
On Your path I walk, and You are the destination.
Look in my direction, keep overlooking flaws;
Devotional struggle, please make it fruitful.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Everybody knows

(1496)  Tumi manke kere nite jano go

Oh, You know how to snatch the mind.
So river and vista, star and nebula,
They do sing Your love song.

On honey of a mild breeze is drunkenness with Thee;
With redolence of flowers are Your words of interdiction.
From cuckoo's trilled greeting to fantail of peacock-call,
Your sweetness, oh, it is falling.

On this Earth You exist, Lord, and therefore
Nowhere is anybody helpless or without companion.
A wee speck of Your grace is always getting emanated;
Ah, this fact is renowned throughout the world.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Floating on high tide of grace

(1495)  Tomay bhalabasi, ajana acena tumi

In love with You am I–
You are strange, unrecognized;
Identified is the sweet smile.

In the womb of unknown mother,
To me You gave shelter.
In the love of obscure father,
I was set up on arrival.

In the desert's scorching heat,
You did bring the shade of tree.
In food and drink, necessities,
I am swimming in kind mercy.

In each state of mine, You are there,
Right beside me.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Holding on to one thing only

(1494)  Surabhita pavane maneri madhuvane

On a fragrant wind in the mind's pleasure garden,
Ruler of my psyche, please arrive in secret.
No one will know of this soul's goal in meditation,
Silently frequenting that recess hard to reach.

A garland strung I am keeping at the foot of musing's altar,
Sandalpaste I am smearing on its flowers' every petal.
I am sitting quietly, drowsiness I've kept ignoring
In ecstatic contemplation prior to Your coming.[1]

Incense, candles, sacred art– none of them will be used;
Your heart to hold, having resolved, selfless adoration will do.
Through meditation, incantation, and devotion, love's passion,
I will become painted by Your pulsating vibration.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

I will find You

(1493)  Rupe rage ele bhuvan bharale

With form and color You arrived; and You filled the world.
For what reason did You go and stay behind a curtain?
Holding back You came, and standoffish You left...
Just like a stranger, an unfamiliar person.

Maybe You don't wish to be well assimilated;
And so You've taken to seeking a safe haven.
Your mind never wants, Lord; but my mind desires...
Tween these two appetites, You must know a compromise.

You're the maker of the universe and its controller;
You're the arbiter of truth and its firmament.
To lay hidden from the truth You simply won't succeed...
So why do You try to accomplish such a thing?

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Burning time

(1492)  Raktima prate alo jhara hate

At crimson morning, with light-dripping hands,
You had come, being compassionate.
In two eyes the honeyed smile had been;
And the sweet flute was upon rosy lips.

Just arrived, You said: "I go;
For lingering, I've no scope.
I have no temporal bondage–
How will you hold in time's vessel?"

I said: "Take me with;
Please make me timeless.
Bringing me outside of time,
Know that Your work is done fine."

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Go inside

(1491)  Tomay khunje beriyechi

I have roamed in search of You,
Through wilderness and atop mountain...
Mid the gloom on night of new moon,
With lampstand of ghee-flame.

Everybody says: "Not here, not here–
Why do you seek in vain?
His abode is over there...
Why don't you go to that holy place?"

The temple having entered, I observe
Such wondrous articles of worship!
Devout laity is there and also clergy,
But the Worshiped One has gone off where?

Searching at heart's core, I perceive
Oh my, You are in hiding!
No priest is there or any worshiper,
Not even a wicker tray, laden with flowers.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

His boundless grace

(1490)  Alor dhara nece cale

The stream of light keeps on dancing
On this dusty Earth.
The Lord of Splendor has appeared
In everybody's heart.

With rays made in a heady dream,
The light-cascade falls beaming.
All darkness is dispelled by light,
Externally and on the inside.

Amid the gloom, light's tremors,
Is Shiva's dancing in dark's bosom.
Dhurjati,[1] matted locks unloosed today,
He came to grant embrace.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Even for deplorables

(1489)  Tumi tamasar sagare jyoti anile

You brought luster to gloom's ocean;
Into dark earth, You infused effulgence.
You painted the flower's petals;
In her bosom You dispensed nectar.

When You arrived on chariot of colors seven,
With the clouds You brightened daybreak's fringes.
Misgivings of living beings You dismissed;
In consequence, everybody's love You did win.

Those who were drowned in blind ignorance,
Fast asleep to humanity's foundation they had been.
Their slumber You shattered, their heart You awakened;
So You became the monarch of mentality cosmic.

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