Monday, February 28, 2022

A golden water lily

(2190)  Svarnakamal phutechilo

A golden lotus, it had blossomed
Inside which blue mere?
Hope's ruby had bestowed a spark
Deep within everybody.

At daybreak, below air mass, gently swaying;
At midday, underneath the sun's beams.
But at dusk, the evening star,
Unto Him she was going, telling sundry things.

The mind of a human, sullied by malice,
Did not inure him to a smile exquisite.
With a saw to its body, the stalk of a water lily,
Ever and always he inflicted injury;
Today upon the earth that lily is extinct.

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Could it have happened sooner?

(2189)  Jaminiir shesa jame esechile

On night's last watch, You had appeared,
Darkness in total removing.
Absent You, at heart I had been gloomy;
With gentle hand, You broke my sleep.

I wasn't able to believe that You will reach–
That me also in Your mind You will keep.
You are huge; I am trifling–
Will the Great One think of me?

In hope of getting You, day had transpired;
Then in desperation, gloomy night went by.
By Your advent on last watch, mind got satisfied;
I came to know if there be mercy.

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

If mind is overheated, it's Your fault

(2188)  Eso snigdha shiitala pavane

Please arrive on a mild and cooling breeze
At the sound of my psychic honeybee.
Open the door to my house and appear
With eyes honey-coated and smiling.

Awaiting Thee, I am seated;
Daytime passes, ever counting moments.
Nighttime thickens and brings frustration;
Lying down is he, the darkness aggrieved.

Having been told that he loves You, please remain,
His being kept remote is Your blame.
No matter if I love or not; with me You don't communicate,
Lying abed, in dream-state, or after waking.

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Winter's bypass

(2187)  Hemante mor phulavane

At my flower garden, in prewinter season,[1]
Only the spring tidings came;
Oh they came, they came, they came.
On humming of the bumblebee,
Nectar did get stowed away.

Frost-drenched plants aplenty,
They rose up swaying in fresh leaf.
The psychic peacock, fantail spreading,
With a dance it was engaged.

On withered bough a bud appeared,
Yellowish branch became green.
On lethargy was vernal breeze;
New music-mode, out it rang.

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Now that we've met

(2186)  Tumi dur ajanay theko na priya

Don't stay at a distance, Dear, at someplace unknown;
With You present I do wish.
Please take Your seat on splendor's throne;
The crown of mind I dress You in.

Please banish all my mundane interests,
Corruption of selfish motives.
The sludge of my narrowness,
Far aside let me set it.

Hey, my Hope Eternal,
A liking of rhythmic sweetness,
May its coming to the earth be fruitful.
I, just having obtained Thee,
I sing a song to You only, wholeheartedly.

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

If You assist, then I can

(2185)  Sahe nako ar andharer bhar

Brooked no more is the weight of darkness;
Light a lamp, bring luminosity.
Around the gloom there remain
Frowns of sin; to this pay heed.

Mental darkness kindly rid;
Show one densely ignorant the target.
Hey Cosmic Lord, resort of the unable,
You know my ability.

I don't ask You to banish mishap;
But grant me the capacity for combat.
By Your strength, at Your rapid pace,
Draw me near to Thee.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

My Father awaits

(2184)  Tomare kari ahvan

Yourself I invite
In life after life through many a song.
Hey the Radiant One, ever sublime,
Please come to my mental pavilion.

I can never hold You by means of pride;
Bonds do not work with silk string so fine.
Nonetheless, You are keeping the world tied;
Come into my unbroken flow of mind.[1]

Through intellect You cannot be described;
By scholarship Your title is not derived.
Deception of language gets pulverized;
Yet in my hearing and thinking, You please arrive.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Marching toward a war divine

(2183)  Andhar sareche alo jhariyache

The gloom has withdrawn, light-rays are dropping;
Now there is just going toward the front.
Those who are lifeless, dreading beings of the dark,
Tacitly they are crooning love-songs.

In vain you lose time, having looked behind;
Do not fret about old tales that are futile.
We march onward with both heart and mind;
Forgotten is all desiring and acquiring.

Day passes by in hope of only the light,
Upon liking, toward the goal we all hie.
Having stayed seated is no waste of time;
With face smiling, a boat we are plying.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Big business

(2182)  Kena base acho kaj ki serecho

Why are you seated; work have you completed?
Will you give to me its minute reckoning...
What you have purchased, what you have peddled,
And on top of trading, that which is remaining?

From the sunup, a sundown has emerged;
Respiration, many times has it occurred.
What work had you done, tell me please;
Evening time is drawing near.

At daybreak you have played, then books you have read;
After that, you've obtained monetary wealth.
Idly seated, you've kept counting stars at present;
At this time, tell me please what mind wants to achieve.

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Sunday, February 20, 2022


(2181)  Tomare smariya supatha dhariya

Yourself remembering, righteous path following,
I will go on performing the work of You only.
Forgetting the ancient past, spurning inactivity,
I will move toward Thee, hey the Mind-King.

Trampling selfish motives beneath feet,
Nowadays will I think, looking out for everybody.
In everyone's happiness is also my happiness;
In a new mood today, fact I will deem this to be.

I will go and become Thine, by Your contemplation;
Perimeters of narrowness, I will break asunder.
Touched by You only, thrilled and delighted,
Clothed will I be, as soon as You will dress me.

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Munificent One

(2180)  Tava patha dhare tava nam kare

Following Your path, reciting Your name,
I remain moving in Your direction only.
But for You who else belongs to me?
So I call unto You ever and always.

Hey Master, in Your world, well-arrayed,
Carefully to me also You have given space.
All things you gave, nothing You did crave;
From me only has advanced chicanery.

In a niche of the cosmic mind, tucked away,
My unit mind, a vibration it conveys.
In that same vibration sweetness resonates;
Eyes open wide, love's fleur-de-lis.

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Friday, February 18, 2022

He oversees

(2179)  Ke ghumiye ache tumi jano

Who is asleep... You know the answer;
You go on calling,
You go on calling, You go on calling.
Who has gotten lost... You hear the lamentation;
You show the path.

Under the sky those who are there,
Inside Your mind is everybody.
All their cries and laughter,
Hear it, You can.

Those who keep forgetting Thee,
Those who call You constantly...
Your whole stream of love
You dole out to everyone.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

His love is not a judgment

(2178)  Phulera vane anamane

Into the garden of a flower, in a fashion casual,
One specific fairy had entered.
With a search for honey in among the petals,
An entire day had turned.

Even if there will be petals, no honey remains;
Even if there will be sky, the moon does not hang.
Petals will request: "My honey must stay";
The honey will say: "My petals are good."

This acquaintance of the fairy with the flower,
It is not of today but of time perpetual.
Each adores the other;
The fairy had arrived upon floral pull.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

In weakness resolute

(2177)  Saunge saunge chile mor tumi

You were always with me;
Myself neglecting, why did You leave?
Don't You know how much I am weak?
I can't forget Thee.

Dispelling darkness, You have given luster;
Sleepy inertia sheds its armor.
Charmed have been the three worlds
By Your light's sweet humming.

Do not forget me; this alone is my request,
Hey Lord of the Seven Realms.
Myriad prostrations at Your feet, having professed,
Time and again I entreat.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

His grace is everything

(2176)  Tumi chandamay alokamay

You are full of cadence and effulgence;
Inventing Sky You have triumphed.
Every creature's final haven;
Those You shelter, make undaunted.

In the cosmos, Your resemblance is not there;
At the home of gods or of mortals is no peer.
Your majesty is all-transcending;
Touching all is the glow's embodiment.

For me too, at Your feet a place provide;
My filth do take, please lave and wipe.
Know that You are mine also, more precious than life;
Collection is only Your kindness.

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Monday, February 14, 2022

Finally I went deep

(2175)  Notun eseche puratan geche

New has come, old has gone–
This new, always my Novel One.
Day and night He is with me,
Making my existence complete.

What has ending becomes olden;
Of the new never is there any end.
Its coming-and-going never happens;
For all times, it is the Novel One.

This new is based at my inside;
Searching outside, futile days have expired.
Ever rambling far and wide to many a holy site,
I have simply squandered time.

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

To cherish

(2174)  Ratrir jiiv andhar ane

Night's creatures bring gloom;
You have brought the light.
Dark rains hid the moon;
Clouds You thrust aside.

However much may grow the load of sin,
Even if it shroud all sweetness,
Ridding burden and cleansing impure,
You have lavished splendor bright.

That is why Yourself everybody craves;
At Your core only, everything they attain.
You exist, and so are everybody too;
In a rush by Your own impetus, You've arrived.

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

You arrived

(2173)  Andhar sariye dile

You removed absence of light;
Like a bright and blessed site You arrived.
Any gloom or darkness frightful,
From the mind You wiped.

You packed the world with crimson color,
Made ambrosia fall through dance and song.
What could or could not be imagined,
Everything You fulfilled.

The fervent wish that had been in human psyche
And every defeat that was frightening,
With lightning's splendor, in a thrilling trice,
All of it You sent into exile.

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Presenting papers

(2172)  Alor rathe rauna prabhate

On a chariot of light with the crimson sunrise,
You arrived, hey Consciousness Personified.
I could not identify You;
No ID did You provide.

At the core of psyche You were hidden;
Within existence You were resident.
Having gone to search in mental realm;
I see: You are Mind Personified.

At dream's domain on a night moonlit,
I had floated with Your current.
In that same stream only, upon my eyelids
You revealed Yourself: Light's Glow Personified.

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

On Your inspiration

(2171)  Ar karo katha bhavi niko shudhu

Candidly, I considered not another;
Of me only I have thought.
To Your world my having come,
Even You have I staved off.

You have given rain and given sunshine;
You gave shade and the wine of my life.
Everything You provided, asking nothing,
While to Thee I have stayed oblivious.

For attaining You, the way You have stated;
You've taught song for breaking the inertia.
Forward facing, drawn toward You only,
To proceed I've received inspiration.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

God's ear

(2170)  Ke kii bheve cale mane mane

What one keeps thinking inwardly,
You go on hearing everything.
No one can hide anything
Under darkness or light-beams;
Unwittingly, it ascends to Your ear.

Those sounds, from extolled thunderbolt of Indra
To the quake so mild even blades of grass don't notice...
They all come a-floating by the side of Your ear;
And You hear with a stoic psyche.

The brutal people's callous roar,
The devotees' heart-outpour...
One with everybody, through the ear You hear,
Every moment, every jiffy.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

And so it began

(2169)  Tumi jakhan ekla chile

When You had been all alone,
On the earth none else appeared.
In front of You had been no one,
On seeing whom gets told something.

Sky and wind, there had been none;
Absent a capacity, there was no endeavor.
In the hush, completely unaccompanied,
Doing what, You will reside where?

Seclusion's disadvantages
Are banished when there be profusion.
You'd been one; You've become many–
With a passion You are dancing.

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Monday, February 7, 2022

No longer green

(2168)  Ele ar gele na kaye na bale

You came and departed, speaking nothing;
Of which sort was this, Your visit?
What You'd brought, all You did leave;
You did not take what You'd said You will.

Now with the blooms, crying I've moved on;
Ripping it, I have flung the self-strung garland.
But the offerings of song can't be discarded;
Just feeling for Him lies therein.

Sweetness has floated off on a stream from the eyes;
Verdancy has perished in a desert's fire.
But the psychic pearl, on a necklace it was threaded;
So in mind I will let that be preserved.

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

At least this I would understand

(2167)  Asari ashe din cale jay

In hope of advent only, the days go by;
You came not, You came not, You came not.
From frustration lengthy, the eyes, they cry;
You see not, You see not, You see not.

The black in clouds conceals light-beams,
Keeps moon and stars behind a screen.
A tiny jot of light through its chink,
Why show You not, show You not, show You not?

You can do everything if You should wish;
With a splendor luminous You suffuse the universe.
I can't comprehend why You don't do it;
Why did You not let me grasp, why permitted not?

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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Supreme Magician

(2166)  Alok anile akash bharile

You brought light, filled up the sky;
In the cosmos You don't have a peer.
Everyone You mesmerized;
Hey Majesty, I sing Your glory.

From a vacant core all things poured out;
The stillness was made full of sound.
An end to long night came about;
And so triumphant drums have beat.

Amid lifeless matter arrived a pulse of vigor;
The Jewel Unembodied resigned unto form.
Also, time's periphery received calculation;
All this You accomplished, wholly unaccompanied.

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Friday, February 4, 2022

I knew not what I was missing

(2165)  Tumi andhar hrdaye esecho

In a gloomy heart You have entered;
On mind's mirror You have risen.
Full existence brightening,
Love You have conferred.

What I don't imagine, that occurred;
Whom I do not summon, up He turned.
Maybe my thoughts, my craving,
Everything veiling, You have come.

In the hands of man is what indeed;
He can think and just entreat.
But, Master, all is near to Thee;
This fact You've imparted.

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Last wonder of the world

(2164)  Tamasar parapare bhasar atiita tiire

From the far shore of darkness, on the ancient bank of language,
Oh Who came– the Unfamiliar Pilgrim, Avatar of Consciousness!
I didn't know Your identity, nor did I call out to Thee;
But You came notwithstanding– heart and mind You vanquished.

You arrive even when unbidden, that I wasn't knowing;
I was aware that even if invited You do not appear.
In the mind is Your dwelling, hey the Always Unique;
You're the final surprise of the universe.

You know how to love, You don't know to hate;
You don't look on anyone as vile or depraved.
Before You I bow in greeting time and again,
Every creature's never-ending shelter.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

On Thee let me muse

(2163)  Tomare jabe bheve thaki

About You when I stay contemplating,
When to You I call wholeheartedly,
What is that sub-strain...
Please say, oh pray tell.
Forgetting You is forgetting one's own self;
While forgetting, from the path I stray.

Yours is not the least conclusion,
Yon azure's final horizon.
Having searched, I don't find Your terminus;
In all extant or nonextant, You are pervasive.

There is no refuge except Your mercy;
So that kindness all of us beseech.
Absent You, Lord, none other is there
With the flame of love resplendent.

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A lasting treasure

(2162)  Manasa kamale tumi esechile

On a psychic lotus You'd appeared;
Why so– I don't know it.
Of mine there had been no merit–
There had been ignorance and imprudence.

Inside mind You mattered, I perceive;
You granted the black curtain's retracting.
Myself You told: "Look at Me;
Go on doing My sadhana."

Now I've moved on, that same day forgetting;
But Your words I've kept clutching within psyche.
Day and night, in the light or darkness gloomy,
They afford me inspiration.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Light up my life

(2161)  Andhar nishiithe prabhu alo jvalo

Master, switch on a lamp at gloomy night;
Oh You ignite.
In the dark house, mind does fall drowsy;
Please pour out light.

I have wanted You in my close proximity;
I've pined in life from core of the psyche.
With a matchstick, oh come on please;
Draw me near if You hold high.

Perpetual, You are always ancient;
Of all time, You are ever novel.
Thrill me at a tryst of newness;
Raze the dark with life's insight.

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