Sunday, February 6, 2022

At least this I would understand

(2167)  Asari ashe din cale jay

In hope of advent only, the days go by;
You came not, You came not, You came not.
From frustration lengthy, the eyes, they cry;
You see not, You see not, You see not.

The black in clouds conceals light-beams,
Keeps moon and stars behind a screen.
A tiny jot of light through its chink,
Why show You not, show You not, show You not?

You can do everything if You should wish;
With a splendor luminous You suffuse the universe.
I can't comprehend why You don't do it;
Why did You not let me grasp, why permitted not?

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  1. Though I've asked before, I'll ask again... why hide Yourself behind a dark curtain?