Sunday, February 20, 2022


(2181)  Tomare smariya supatha dhariya

Yourself remembering, righteous path following,
I will go on performing the work of You only.
Forgetting the ancient past, spurning inactivity,
I will move toward Thee, hey the Mind-King.

Trampling selfish motives beneath feet,
Nowadays will I think, looking out for everybody.
In everyone's happiness is also my happiness;
In a new mood today, fact I will deem this to be.

I will go and become Thine, by Your contemplation;
Perimeters of narrowness, I will break asunder.
Touched by You only, thrilled and delighted,
Clothed will I be, as soon as You will dress me.

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  1. Pretentious I won't be; truly shall I represent Thee. I am Yours; use me as You please.