Sunday, December 31, 2023

He answers prayer

(2872)  Tomay ami ceyechilum, cander alor majhe

For You I had longed,
In the midst of moonbeams,
At ebon's other shore, at the sea of beauty,
Like a partridge entreats.

You heard not that call of mine;
Either You stay deaf-disguised,
Or the atom's pain You did not realize,
Maybe with chores busy.

Closer came a dark and dismal night;
Beneath it went my craving entire.
In that gloom You displayed a sight,
The Formless in fascinating clothing!

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By music we commune

(2871)  Shata dakileo sara daoni

Even having called a hundred times, You did not reply;
After many a song, You accorded a swing.
Speechless had You become, unmoved unchangingly;
But through cadence and beat You came near.

By that swing of Yours, the earth You excited greatly;
Life You infused into an inert body.
You arrayed with a girdle of beauty,
With sky and air in hues ultramarine.

Once having come, You were not going away;
Willingly the world You could not forsake.
Bringing a sweetness mid heart's nave,
Therein every moment You went on staying.

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Friday, December 29, 2023

To attain Thee

(2870)  Tomari sathe jyotsna rate

On moonlit nights with only Your company,
Intimate mental secrets
I go on speaking in songs aplenty (Dear).
Through the whole world, in minds each and every,
A story is hidden;
I will tell You privately.

I know Your hearing is extended;
To reports on all sides You listen.
Heartaches of all nevertheless,
I will go on singing everywhere.

Even when You stay most remotely,
You have kept getting caught on mirror of psyche.
With tunes brightly painted, closer yet will I reach;
In mind this is my firm belief.

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Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Holy Grail

(2869)  Ganera tarii mor tomake smari

My boat of song, invoking You,
To which far horizon it sails?
It wants not to pause, no halt it craves;
With motion's delight, forward does it gaze.

Holy sites, townships, and cities aplenty,
On both shorelines they remain, shade-ringed dwellings.
They are stationary, fixed on Earth, roots down deep;
Boat in tandem they don't move, parked by feet are they.

Lord of remote heaven, suited for everyone's meditation,
Amid the inmost core You exist, dear and auspicious.
Having given inspiration, on the path supplied provisions,
Playfully it flashes, Your divine game.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Bliss amorphous

(2868)  Katha diye gele kena nahi ele

Giving word You left; why did You not visit?
Decoration of my house turned out in vain.
With heap of green leaves and wreath of flowers,
Wasted went the welcome gate.

The floral pollen drifts on crying;
On this new-moon night, hard gets understanding
In my mental anguish, with a deluge of tears
Shed in torrents by a fickle brain.

You'll come yet, with this hope tied to breast,
Upon this thought alone, all sorrow I forget...
Applying this thought, the mist is dismissed;
With You to the formless sea, myself You take.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

As He takes a look

(2867)  Kena je navlo badal o kajal cokh

Why did the dark and cloudy eyes burst
Into a tearful current?
Tell Me please openly, without hesitation,
What you think each moment.

I remain with everybody;
Inner secrets I keep hearing.
Now from your mouth that narration,
Anxious am I to listen.

Along I dance through the cosmos
With each mind, conscious or unconscious.
None has a thing hid; I go on knowing all,
The heavens and the nether realms.

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Monday, December 25, 2023

Looking for a reason

(2866)  Ogo priya balte paro, kon se deshe thako

Oh Darling, can You advise
In which country You abide?
Smile sweet and pipe charming,
Them You keep along, but why?

I seek You in the dense forest
And at mountain cave in secret.
You don't look at me afresh,
But why do You veil eyes?

Afar I've gone, gone to the ocean;
I have bathed in sacred waters.
Only inside was not quest;
So You don't arrive?

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Sunday, December 24, 2023

I have a wish

(2865)  Ke je elo bale gelo

Oh Who came and left ere long;
Aren't You showing up this time?
Ridding gloom, will You bring a wide,
Lustrous splendor unto my domicile?

I have kept calling out in darkness;
Alone in house, so much have I wept.
That weeping mine, those tears from eyes,
Perhaps they soaked into Your mind?

It feels not good being so lonesome;
Coming close, mercy do afford.
Whatever be my light, my ebon,
With Your lamp they will combine.

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Lord, let me help You

(2864)  Eso mor mane abhidhyane

Come to my mind in focused contemplation,
In seclusion, Lord, in isolation.
I don't find You amid the throng;
Please arrive secretly and in private.

The work You've given on each birth,
To please You I've performed it.
These words I wish to say for once:
Through yet more work do fill me with song.

Of nothing Yours is there an end;
Neither of work nor of path do I get.
Hey the Limitless One, ever tranquil,
Into Cosmic Mind draw this atom.

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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Even when You don't speak

(2863)  Jyotsna rate alokapate

On moonlit night with fall of light,
Stealthily You'd arrived.
By mantra's implication for latent consciousness,
You woke the honeybee of mind.

Oh Lover from afar, blue firmament's moon,
You had forgotten me, please say why.

I've kept musing on You at a mental paradise;
In Your meditation I had been, day and night.
Why did You not come, why did You not love;
What had been the gain in making sport divine?

Even though with delay, nearby You've appeared;
Although You spoke not, You have smiled tenderly.
With tune from Your anklets and lower lip made bright,
Full of love, You play a reed pipe.

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Friday, December 22, 2023

Krsna in the sky

(2862)  Tomari ashe base base, phul jhariya jay

Expecting You alone, waiting and waiting,
Flowers go on getting shed.
Colored buds had been swaying to and fro,
Hopeful their breast.

The summer finished, monsoon finished;
Fall, pre-winter, winter too finished.
Will the springtime vanish,
Withered by despondence?

For Your sake is this spring;
It's filled with new and tender leaves.
A rainbow plays the pipe of reed,
On firmament's blueness.

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Thursday, December 21, 2023

The proof is with me

(2861)  Bhavite parini asbe abar

I could not believe You will come again
Unto this thatched hut trifling.
I've simply gone on calling, kept retaining hope;
Only by tears am I holding dear.

What You go on doing, it cannot be fathomed;
What was not exists, and what was once gets lost.
A lofty mountain dissolves into dust,
In bosom of an atom, along stream of Supreme.

In darkness and light proceeds Your cosmic play;
With bewitching flute what is the melodic game?
You're doling out a love-filled tray
Inside each home to every human being.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

In the resonance that lingers

(2860)  Tamasari shese alor deshe

On conclusion of my darkness, at light's realm,
Yourself did I get in the end.
At first I recognized not, You also did not speak;
Song heard, I've fathomed in just tune's post-effect.

Embrace You don't want to grant, the why is hard to grasp;
Do You think that will be inconvenient to Your liila?
Votary keeps wanting You in a style familiar;
Seeing that alone, did You come in novelty's apparel?

The moment You remain somewhere, when there You appear,
I wish to welcome You, a billion times prostrating.
Upon a shore beyond thought, on other bank of nothing,
Come still more my adjacent in a charming raiment.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

In my garden of psyche

(2859)  Eso tumi amar ghare, tomar tare base rayechi

Come You to my dwelling;
I've been waiting for Your sake.
Path bedecked with rice painting,
Floral garland strung I've maintained.

A flower has blossomed inwardly,
Amid me, secretly.
In a garden thorn-free,
Within that, love have I sprayed.

This flower of mine is honey-filled;
A multi-colored pollen is emitted.
Brightened is the smiling stamen;
In that all nectar I've ingrained.

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Not fallacy

(2858)  Phaguner agun jvele diye gele kon vane

In which grove got lit the fire of spring,
A bower of flowers or garden of psyche?
This, love's bitty offering, I gifted to Thee,
Most sincerely, oh yes, wholeheartedly.

In my breast the honey had been concealed,
Like magnolia that had been fragrance-smeared.
The nectar forthcoming, upward gushing,
It goes on calling You through a vernal breeze.

I go on seeking You everywhere,
In grief and glee, in glory and ignominy.
Who knows it, that day when You'll appear,
Having packed both bloom and fruit with hope's dream.

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Monday, December 18, 2023

Maybe You like art

(2857)  Tomar e liila priya

Love, this Your sport divine,
How does reason fathom!
On water fire You ignite;
The poles with silver are adorned.

Why oh why had You come;
And why did You go far off,
Leaving me abandoned,
Wasteland thirsts among?

Yourself oft having called,
Many a night I have cried.
In thought of You continuous,
Drowsiness I've ignored.
You came not, nonetheless;
Never You looked back afresh.
But You arrived this night ahush;
To dance and song You succumbed.

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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Love divine

(2856)  Megh sarale alo jharale

Ridding clouds, exuding light,
You've infused many colors.
Meeting hopes, appeasing mind,
With many lives You've got crossed.

Strange, new, and unknown are You, my Darling,
Sweetness-coated and extolled, warmly received.
Full of love, fit to revere,
You've remained in every atom.

I have searched for You always outside;
Like the musk deer, I did not see inside.[1]
By the musk aroma You've stockpiled,
Through that You've kept making sport.

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Don't just be contrary

(2855)  Jyotsna nishiithe khushi bhara hasite

On moonlit night, with smile full of happiness,
I've wanted You time and again.
On nights of grief, tears in distress,
I've gotten You, to give solace.

Everyone, in joy arrives; from far they smile in sadness;
Opposite, I've realized, is Your liila.

Even when calling in joy, please come; stay with in grief.
Never keep away from me in the least;
Hey Enchanter, this wee kindness do I ask.

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Saturday, December 16, 2023

With each new day

(2854)  Bela bahe jay balaka pakhay

Day goes by, a flight of geese on the wing;
Evening draws nigh on all sides.
Hey, the well-adorned Cosmic Charmer,
Please do tarry; I will see You just one time.

Oh the Unkind One, why don't You come?
As I am insignificant, don't You love?
In such neglect, existence keeps drifting;
To whom shall I speak about my plight?

You go away upon a gold chariot;
You gaze not back in my direction.
Nonetheless, on this hope am I relying:
You'll arrive with the crimson light.

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Friday, December 15, 2023

I seek but do not find

(2853)  Gane gane ami khunjechi tomare

With song after song I've searched for Thee,
At many a forest, at pilgrim sites and sea,
On river banks and mountain slopes,
In quakes from meteor and lightning.

What I've viewed, whatever I've listened to,
Amid just that I've searched for You.
Where I believe there's not, I find no way also;
But at just that place I did not go to seek.

Earlier I did not know that You had been so near;
You had perched inside a mental niche secretly.
There would have been no time wastage even so,
Had I detected You at the meditation seat.

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

My Bringer of Bliss

(2852)  Kena jani na kena jani na

Why, know I not; I know not the reason.
To go on mulling You feels good;
Not musing, to continue I cannot.

Through flow of color, in the world You smile;
With affection, on both sky and air You glide.
To persist in making sport, ever You like;
There is not the least comparison.

In the cloud's rumbling You reside;
With a zephyr-sound, You've poured honey into mind.
You've gone on dancing, swaying in great delight;
Won't I find such a One adjacent?

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

To a gray world You bring light

(2851)  Kusumer gaye raun charaye

Sprinkling dye on the body of flowers;
You'd arrived in my garden.
Packing tune in strings of lute,
With jingling sound Earth You delighted.

Amid snow You bestowed a whiteness bright;
A smiling greenness, to the grass piles.
Tidings of love You publicized
Far and wide, on sky and wind.

Upon human mind You conferred a sweetness kind,
Hope and affection, and a tenderness refined.
With flow and wave You conveyed a tide
For gracious life's expedition.

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Light, love, and melody

(2850)  Alor pare alo taro pare alo

Beam after beam, and afterward beams;
By that light You confer all Your love.
Surpassing weal, Yourself I revere;
All that's good of mine, into You I pour.

As much as You are near, just so keep abiding;
From sweet mouth please allow pearls dropping.
More than life adored, You are fit to receive;
On existence and beyond it floats Your splendor.

Please exude sweetness in tempo, tune, and beat;
Amid heart dejected, please infuse hope's belief.
Even when I'm forgetting, please don't forget me;
Endlessly, kindly sing Thine undying song.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Love torrents

(2849)  Asiyache ajike asarh

Today has come the monsoon season;
Water falls, rapid, continuous.
You throw open mind's closed door;
Lightning calls, no delay is borne.

In a sunlight-heated mind, new hope has arrived;
Love has awakened in my dreary life.
It has brought greenery, aridity set aside
By the load of rain, its profusion.

Under fierce downpour, the heavens I don't get to see;
Earth-surface too, rain-shrouded, I can't know the street.
Having lost boundary lines, all have started mingling;
Enemy and friend became one.

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Your divine sport

(2848)  Ashay asha diye

Expectation against hope allowing,
How much will You make me forget?
At those with hope You look briefly;
I am waiting without end.

In this monsoon season I'd imagined
You will grant embrace on a stream melodic.
But in rains continuous, You did not appear;
Bath of water must have vexed.

I've thought that on an autumn morning,
With the frost on sorrow's trees,
I'll find You near, I'll sing a song;
Times myriad I genuflect.

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Monday, December 11, 2023

The pain is gone

(2847)  Svapan bhara ayata ankhi

Dream-filled, eyes wide,
Coating sweetness of far azure sky,
Oh Who are You today arrived,
Calling from the gate with a strike.

For ages I'd been watching;
I'd been awake in hope of Your coming.
Applying dye on the clouds ebony,
You said: "No pain is left to realize."

In the springtime on a colored eve
Or clothed in night jasmine of fall morning,
Your war-trumpet, out it's sounding,
Cloaking anguish of a wretched life.

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Saturday, December 9, 2023

My life's purpose

(2846)  Mane esechile cupisare

Stealthily into mind You had come,
Along this floral avenue, lonesome.
You'd filled me with the weight of love
On just this very present day, hushed.

In both light and darkness, Your liila proceeds;
Ever new and fresh sensations it does bring.
You pour and pour, a wicker tray made empty;
Coated with sweetness are all blossoms.

On the sky and in the air is Your throbbing;
Both outside and in deeps, Your lavish divinity.
Having cherished, kindly don, oh wear a wreath,
What I've been threading, whole life's duration.

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Friday, December 8, 2023

The Lord arrived

(2845)  Maner gabhiire cupisare

Imperceptibly in depths of mind,
You had arrived, You had arrived.
I had searched always outside;
Lurking, watching, You had smiled.

In Svati's room had been the star on sky;
Into slumber's bosom that did dive.
Effusive earth, thrilled, became rapt;
You made it dance to Your music's time.

Full of green leaf a tree was made by branches dry;
The buds at tip of stalk, devoid of nectar, did arise.
On eastern purple mountain, a seven-hued lamp set alight,
The news of Your advent was publicized.

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Thinking of Thee

(2844)  Varsan mukhar rate kekari sathe

Upon rain-loud nights, the peacock calls in company,
Away mind drifts to obtain Thee.
Don't You know, don't You notice,
On the lids of my eyes no drowsiness is there.

The screwpine pollen state: "We also drift;
We like to go on thinking about only Him.
We cry on just His account, just for Him we grin;
In that contemplation we forget the throes of agony."

The kadam hairs, in joyful thrill, horripilate;
Toward the sky with moist eyes they gaze.
Mental lyres sing out with melodies ablare;
In Your sweetness dance both realms, mundane and heavenly.

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Is there good reason?

(2843)  Dure kena acho prabhu, kache ele kii ksati hato

Faraway, Lord, for what reason are You;
Coming near, what became a detriment?
As much as You've remained unlimited,
That much are You space-transcendent.

As much as You are all-surrounding,
Molecules and atoms filling,
Out and in illuminating,
Not by shape or trait impeded...

You and I are not two persons;
I am Thine, Your creation.
Upon stream adrift like a blossom,
In Your cosmic play am I ever...

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Divine mercy

(2842)  Ganer dhara egiye cale

A stream of song goes ahead
Along a path per its desire.
It moves with straight intent, in danger stays erect;
It heeds no prohibition arising from crooked guile.

With painted daybreak on dawn's eastern mountain,[1]
A song the birds start singing in music pleasant.
Returned home to evening's nest, the birds sing again;
To brimming they fill the sky.

With the roar of thunder, You go on singing;
With lightning's guffaw, You make us quake in fear.
But hope You infuse in the despondent psyche,
This the world does realize.

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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Just busywork?

(2841)  Sagara belay gan geyechile

On the seashore, a song You'd sung;
Me alone You'd been with.
Collecting shells, a skirt I've filled;
What use in that, I did not consider.

Day has gone away, come has the dusk;
Ocean having painted, the sun has sunk.
Shell-gathering has been obstructed;
There's no work imminent.

Always spinning in night's gloom I am ruined;
The shells too don't remain visible.
Let me be told what I must do, Love,
To go cross the darkness.

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Friday, December 1, 2023

I move ahead

(2840)  Niilambu dharay bhese jay

On a high-sea current sails along
My psychic boat.
By action and reaction under turbulent winds,
Where it goes, that I do not know.

How often the sun sinks and rises–
A dappled light sprawls upon ocean.
Line of rain is traced on forehead;
Day and night, it comes and goes.

This traveling is for my welfare only–
Proceeding methodically, saying nothing.
Remaining forgotten is all life's agony,
Disregarding lightning and thunderbolts.

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My Goal Supreme

(2839)  Vishver parashmani

Universal Philosopher's Stone,
You are everyone's Beloved.
Greatest, I know, it's You alone;
In gloom, hope's light-essence.

Not having held You dear,
In hope of Whom I'll persevere?
Night jasmine are with fragrance floating;
In the kush and kash Your love is there.
On autumn clouds silvery
Rises just Your memory;
It removes the darkness,
All Earth's burden of distress.

Dances the peacock of my psyche;
Your compassion he entreats.
He desires You be near;
In trade, a fantail-necklace.

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