Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Holy Grail

(2869)  Ganera tarii mor tomake smari

My boat of song, invoking You,
To which far horizon it sails?
It wants not to pause, no halt it craves;
With motion's delight, forward does it gaze.

Holy sites, townships, and cities aplenty,
On both shorelines they remain, shade-ringed dwellings.
They are stationary, fixed on Earth, roots down deep;
Boat in tandem they don't move, parked by feet are they.

Lord of remote heaven, suited for everyone's meditation,
Amid the inmost core You exist, dear and auspicious.
Having given inspiration, on the path supplied provisions,
Playfully it flashes, Your divine game.

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  1. You are the Aim of All, Desideratum also for those ones who don't migrate.