Wednesday, December 20, 2023

In the resonance that lingers

(2860)  Tamasari shese alor deshe

On conclusion of my darkness, at light's realm,
Yourself did I get in the end.
At first I recognized not, You also did not speak;
Song heard, I've fathomed in just tune's post-effect.

Embrace You don't want to grant, the why is hard to grasp;
Do You think that will be inconvenient to Your liila?
Votary keeps wanting You in a style familiar;
Seeing that alone, did You come in novelty's apparel?

The moment You remain somewhere, when there You appear,
I wish to welcome You, a billion times prostrating.
Upon a shore beyond thought, on other bank of nothing,
Come still more my adjacent in a charming raiment.

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  1. Yourself will I never comprehend, but still I'll get You in the end.