Friday, December 1, 2023

My Goal Supreme

(2839)  Vishver parashmani

Universal Philosopher's Stone,
You are everyone's Beloved.
Greatest, I know, it's You alone;
In gloom, hope's light-essence.

Not having held You dear,
In hope of Whom I'll persevere?
Night jasmine are with fragrance floating;
In the kush and kash Your love is there.
On autumn clouds silvery
Rises just Your memory;
It removes the darkness,
All Earth's burden of distress.

Dances the peacock of my psyche;
Your compassion he entreats.
He desires You be near;
In trade, a fantail-necklace.

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  1. You are my Desideratum, the very best in me. To attain You, I forgo all vanity.