Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I stand in awe

(3021)  Akashe vatase mahima

In the sky, upon air, majesty
Has been spread of Thee.
All around the cosmos is considered:
Who is the same as You; another I don't see.

From fount of the Beginningless,
On days and nights unnumbered,
You exist, with me ever;
You are the aggregate of every quality.

Your chronicle does not finish;
Can an atom tell it?
So many lifetimes vanish,
Hoping for iota of Your mercy.

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Down and dirty

(3020)  Marava pathe smita jharana

The smiling cataract on a desert path,
At end of flames from days struck by grief,
To the blazing fire, You gave a cool soothing.
Each and every sweetness is blended with Thee.

You are renunciation of all desire,
The chief propensity for all that is acquired.
For ages after ages, Yourself have I fancied;
Today You came in fascinating clothing.

That which I am doing beggars imagination;
Happiness mine, it shatters obstruction.
Formless You had been, but to form You did yield,
Upon dusty terra firma, having appeared.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

To a cruel world am I delivered

(3019)  Aungane mor nahi ele jadi

To my compound, since You did not come,
On the mental mirror, do appear.
If wanting not a word to utter,
Beam a smile honey-sweet.

How many ages penance has transpired;
Passed has the last day of the dark fortnight.
Today, this very morning, with a crimson luster,
Raze that same darkness gloomy.

There is no wastage in the world of thought;
So I long for You alone with a firm conviction.
Having wiped me out by flow of kindness,
Without merit, I also hold dear.

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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Now that I'm awake

(3018)  Jiivaner pratham dine

On first day of existence,
That ambrosia You'd cascaded—
Through it only, rapt and excited,
Movement You goaded.

With passion, upon path I entered;
The goal had been a mystery.
I'd been feeling anxious;
Yourself I did not see.
Even yet I did not forget that story;
Regret and remorse had been awakened.

Gone away have many ages;
In the past how much has been?
Many flowers, they have fallen—
In the mind whatever had blossomed.

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Saturday, May 25, 2024

You are such a mystery

(3017)  Aso na katha balo na

You don't come, not a word You utter;
This is love? Surely, it wasn't!
You don't hear, pain do not fathom;
How it is intelligence, I fail to discern.

Inwardly, You are with me,
But I never get to see.
You are hearing, all-pervading,
But talk not... what avail hidden?

Eye having kept to eye,
Is it You cannot advise?
There's not much more time;
Worship of Thee, will it be accomplished?

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Friday, May 24, 2024

None so blind

(3016)  Jiivaner utsa hate

From the wellspring of existence;
Buoyant had I been a-drifting.
You've remained in that current;
But Yourself I'd not been viewing.

Ever with me You had been,
Day and night sleepless.
Light in hand in darkness;
But Yourself I had not been knowing.

You have accompanied even today;
On eyelids You assume a hundred shapes.
Pulsating You dance always;
But I saw not, eyes I'd been veiling.

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What did I neglect?

(3015)  Amar din cale jay, din cale jay

My days elapse,
The days pass–
Moon's light on night's ebon,
From mind having got erased,
Whereto did they get lost?

I had thought that in work I'll be engaged;
Amid everybody absorbed will I stay.
Dressed in diverse garments I will remain,
Whatever may suit Your heart.

I had thought that You will speak;
Crucial history will You reveal.
I'll go on conveying those same tidings
The whole Earth across.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

I've wanted You so very much

(3014)  Asoni sukher dine

On a day of happiness You did not appear;
To give a flower at graveside You arrived.
Upon a throne, You took no seat;
Rosy feet You did not wipe.

I have seen too many games,
In hundred shapes, in light and shade.
With flute at any time of day,
Matchless, You've kept calling from deep inside.

In surroundings brightly shining,
With that rapture full of knowing,
Psyche wants to go on mingling
With You by anxious drive.

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Darling, it's alright

(3013)  Ankhira badal mucheche kajal

An ocular rain has wiped away the kohl.
Won't you say: Into mind has sprung Whose story?
What's the reason there's no sleep, to you I inquire;
The innermost secret, why don't you speak?

To light is light directed, alike is the nighttime sweet;
But a weight ruinous, fragrance pained, is the vernal breeze?
Despondency has awakened upon viewing Somebody;
Shame and fear forgetting, please make known Who is He.

Psyche's clouds ebony don't remain for a long while;
Bit by bit they become weak by focused thought on the Divine.
After bad days, happy days will arrive;
So I say knowingly: Worry not about a thing!

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Monday, May 20, 2024

A world of possibilities

(3012)  Nandanamadhu sathe ke go ele

Oh Who came with ambrosia,
Scattering an amaranthine pollen.
A golden stripe upon mind having etched,
In colors aplenty You exuded nectar.

Everybody's all anxieties mingled with Thee.
They came from a wellspring endless of Infinity;
But entering the One, the many's grief disappeared.
You filled up everybody with the One's happiness.

Today a single hue, it became the color of the many;
Many a soul's hunger showed itself as nectar's beauty.
Cadence of the multitude danced to the same beat;
Every boundary line stepped aside to a great distance.

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Sunday, May 19, 2024

From the beginning

(3011)  Chilo na kichui jakhan

There'd not been, when there'd not been a thing at all,
You had been alone, my Love, You'd had no help.
Everything had been at standstill
On that new moon night's darkness dense.

In gloom, in gloom You had been unattended;
No occasion, bad or good, had there been.
There was not the floral garland,
Nor someone to place it upon neck.

The colored exhibition did You want, You wanted:
"I won't stay alone any longer;
Oscillation will I wake through a universe
Upon the shore of love's ocean
At the consequent Creation's first moment."

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Saturday, May 18, 2024

I cannot imagine it

(3010)  Gan geye gechi, sur sedhe gechi

A song I've gone on singing;
I've rehearsed a melody.
I've wanted to make You hear
That I have held You dear.

You are there in sphere of light;
You've been hid, the darkness by.
But You've remained ever nigh;
This fact I have conceived.

You've provided hunger's rice;[1]
Misery by sympathy You've wiped from mind.
In sorrow solace You've supplied;
How do I survive forgetting Thee?

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Friday, May 17, 2024

Being on Your path

(3009)  Venuvane nupura pay

In bamboo[1] grove, ankle-bells on feet,
Oh Who came, won't You tell me?
Rejoicing of the lower lip, lampblack of the eyes,
Made to rain is Heaven's splendid beauty.

From grove a flute echoes upon beach and forest path;
The darkness blazes with light beams.

Ones lost in Your melody from ocean to land,
They're made to faint, deluged by ecstasy.

Everything You do whereby kindness You show;
Lovingly, a cradle awareness-filled You make swing.

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Don't just alight, make it all right

(3008)  Mayaloke eso ajana pathik

Passer-by Unknown, please come to the realm of Maya,
To my home, having strayed intentionally,
At my eyes entwined with sleep,
The veil of mist sundering.

Except for You there's none else to desire;
By anything other I don't get satisfied.
And so each moment from dawn's rise,
Through liila do deceive by a hundred means...

Not a bit will I ignore that play divine;
In the thought of You my mind wants to abide.
I go on singing a single tune in darkness and in light,
Wholeheartedly: Please arrive with pride and glory...

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

He advised...

(3007)  Ke jena asiya marme pashiya

Like Someone coming and piercing heart,
He said that in springtime He will arrive...
The anger latent within mind and my every flaw,
Forgiving them, He will be kind.

You've shown the path, a path I'm understanding;
But I've disregarded it, out of lethargy.
Knowingly, an unsound way I'm following,
My faith was that sweetly You will smile.

To call my own, I know that not a thing is there;
Yet I keep claiming Your things belong to me.
This infatuation, an errant and painful fraud,
Pray do tell, You will rid it at what time.

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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Both far and near

(3006)  Tomari katha bheve marmik anubhave

Having thought of You alone, with feelings poignant,
The dam is broken, to Infinite my mind goes floating.
You are Master of Heaven-and-Earth, refuge to the helpless;
A particle of Your love fills the heart with ecstasy.

With unrivaled cadence and with mind-pleasing scent,
With a throbbing mood-mounted, everyone's Most Beloved...
For blooms You're the garland, on necklace You're the gem;
Unattached You laugh with affection and exquisite beauty.

In extreme summer heat, the first flow of water;
In gaps between thunderclouds, the polestar splendid.
A tree's shadow under sun, in darkness the moon's magic;
Though staying remote You live in a paradise of mind-honey.

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Hey You

(3005)  Asiimer majhe siima nihita ache

Amid the Infinite, limit is innate;
In both the two are You, oh Master.
Everyone You envelop, mind You pervade;
Nonetheless, proximity You don't give.

Having swayed, off You go on a swing of entertainment;
When starting to fathom You, away You take the sense.
It keeps filling existence, oh that flame;
Never do You let it get extinguished.

You are on azure sky, in fire, in air;
By star-smile, You're combined with mental state.
That grain of love, a sweetness on mind it paints;
You are the Almighty and also Its contemplation fit.

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Friday, May 10, 2024

Everybody wants just You

(3004)  Tal tamaliir vaner majhe, ke go ele nava saje

In a grove of tal and tamal trees,[1]
Oh Who came in new clothing?
Door of psyche opening,
Myself You fetched for Your deeds.

By rainfall the earth is flooded;
Lost in just the One, heart's hoofprints.[2]
Plangent is the mind, with You abrim,
Amid a fragrance delighting.

United in thought are hell and heavens,
Everybody's dance with same cadence.
The sole-purpose necklace vibrated,
An iota of Your grace they beseech.

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You make me see

(3003)  Amravaner madhu jhare jay

Discarded, the mango grove's nectar is getting;
Lost upon the horizon are the winds of spring.

Today, on summer's heat, the cuckoo has forgotten song;
Without a green color, no keynotes in bamboo arbor.
Rainclouds not viewed, the peacock too is vacuous;
A bud unblown dries up, the sunshine beneath.

On the blades of grass has attached a yellow mark,
As if they go on bearing remorse hard to cross.
Concealed had been all of the heart's affliction;
Eyes are made to meet a wasteland heat.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Let my delusion finish

(3002)  Cirakaler bandhu

Abiding Friend for all time,
Coming near, break my sleep.
When I stay whelmed by worldly thought,
Kindly do awaken me.

Unknown to You there is naught;
You are ever in each pore.
Ignoring You, in static matter I get lost;
Unto the path please drag me.

Amid this liila without start or finish,
Having been in search of You, how hard it is!
Delusion gives not a glimpse;
Oh You, ignite a lantern please.

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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Thanks be to Thee

(3001)  Ganer mala jena shukhaiya na jay

That a garland of song not get evaporated,
Parched by desert winds deadly,
By Your kindness, peace and a sprinkling of water,
Ever may they dwell with me.

A flower I've made bloom, instilling mental sweetness.
Carefully I'm stringing a tiny garland on love's thread.
Having said I'll make You wear it, I'm become effusive;
Night and day the pathway scrutinizing.

By Your inspiration, in mind a sweetness has appeared;
On a speck of Your grace, my breast has gone brimming.
Psyche's in a frenzy to give You an offering,
With love's conviction in hand and ready.

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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Please excuse me

(3000)  Tomay ami ceyechi, shata rupe mane mane

I have wanted You
In a hundred forms at heart of heart.
Lord of Existence, why did You not come,
Parting and staying far, in a huff?

Invisibly You move on singing with delight;
You convey a tune-stream, filling life.
With just Your lyre, just Your lyre, its smiling chime,
To the far Sky, taking me it soars.

This Your attraction, dodging does not succeed;
My psychic sweetness races on toward Thee.
You did scatter such ambrosia,
Its sweet scent, a fragrance that with life accords;
By just its love, its pollen and affection,
It drags me along, heeding no prohibition.

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Friday, May 3, 2024

Opposites meet

(2999)  Vajra anale ele shanta susama dhele

Thunder with fire, You came pouring tranquil splendor;
Contrary, Your divine game is exposed to everyone.
You are both mild and severe, a heart-realm limitless;
On sky, in hell, You're with many states, many forms.

When going to fathom You, bottom does not get obtained;
Having gone to seek You, the minuscule existence fades.
The Supreme, You are peerless, everybody's Dearest Dear;
You exist, so flow of life is there in the whole cosmos.

The vanity of one who's tiny is a vainglory;
Where it gets subsumed, Your fragrance is revealed.
You varnish love and sweetness, You keep filling the earth;
Ambrosia, in good and bad times, unto Heaven having brought.

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Thursday, May 2, 2024

A flood of light

(2998)  Alojhara shravanii sandhyay

On this light-dripping Shravan evening,
Upon a restless breeze with a lilting resonance,
To a far distance my mind goes a-floating.

Silently coming a southern wind,
Today to me it did speak in whispers:
"Don't go anywhere, you remain here;
The one you want, He also wants to appear.

"So much nightfall has left, and so many nights;
Gone have days aplenty, so much lunar daytime.
Keep in mind on this day will arrive that Guest Divine,
By Whose smile the world becomes giddy."

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Who am I fooling?

(2997)  Malayanile ei shephalii mule

Against zephyr, at root of this tree of sadness,
Evening's humble lantern, kindled I keep.
Wanting aught and there is naught belongs to me,
With love's pollen core of heart I smear.

Of You there is no coming or going;
Hence the Lord Everlasting had You been and You be.
Also in future, You will go on constantly;
Myself to console, I simply call You near.

Having been in thought, You are in reminiscence;
Day and night You exist for ages after ages.
Vanity I set aside; in mind I enter presence,
My own imperfections carefully veiling.

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My source and my destiny

(2996)  Arup ratan arup ratan

The Formless Gem, the Shapeless Jewel,
I pay my obeisance to Thee.
You haul me near, amid You,
With cadence infusing.

I'm an atom, I've been frenzied by Your tune;
Dancing round just Your song, singing I continue.
You dwell on the opposite shore of gloom;
That is why I welcome You in heart constantly.

Good and bad I know not, Yourself I perceive;
In both atom and molecule, it's You that I seek.
I've arrived, coming from the fountain of Infinity;
That wellspring is You, ever I'm remembering.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

In this life will we meet?

(2995)  Asha asha kare, kete gelo mor e jiivan

Hoping and hoping
Slipped away this my life.
Nonetheless, my any hope
Did not become realized.

Upon the heavens a hope had been,
Sun, moon, and stars encompassing.
By thought's illusion I'll go floating,
Spurning my inertial ties.

A hope had been that You will state:
Understood is my great angst.
Strung is all of my heartache;
Garland will I give per mind's desire.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

May we level up?

(2994)  Aloke esecho tamah sariyecho

With light You've arrived, darkness You've set aside;
Nonetheless, to realize I could not.
Oh You, please be kind.
Around me You've remained, and You are inside;
And yet I saw not, You did not raise up my eyes.

Myself You awaken with the crimson light;
With chirp of birds You fill my mind.
From Paradise the nectar keeps falling;
With that ambrosia do load the goblet of my life.

My mind, it goes dancing to a remote Heaven.
Paying heed to no taboo, it speeds to Unlimited.
You are with me; knowing Yourself held in psyche,
I move with just this notion: You are also mine.

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Monday, April 29, 2024

A circle game

(2993)  Ami tomare ceyechi mane prane, sab kichuri vinimaye

Wholeheartedly I've wanted Thee;
In exchange, my everything.
But Your proximity I craved not a bit;
Even wanting it, I go far and be.

You have given firmament, You've given the wind;
Endless scope of expansion You did give.
Also what I wanted not, You've provided that as well,
My sins and virtues, not noting.

Night jasmine on autumn eves You've conferred;
With the sound of gentle breeze, a flower basket.[1]
Even if I don't make known when and what I covet,
That too having given, You make me replete.

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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Wanting to want

(2992)  Liilay racecho e samsar

With divine sport this world You've formed;
I know not why, I don't know the reason.
Such a magic show, oh, such enigma;
I don't understand aught.

All those things that I hold dear–
In gladness and sorrow I laugh and weep–
They are untruth; mind wants not to regard.

In winter the heat, it sustains life,
In summer the coolness, it assuages,
In autumn and spring the fragrance excites;
But they don't exist, psyche does not regard.

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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Gracious presence

(2991)  Ruper sayare ele arup ratan tumi

On a pond of form You appeared, the form-free jewel,
Everybody's ocean-churned gem.
Beyond thought You entered it, there made mind replete;
The heavens and the netherworld, they wed.

From crimson dawn to evening ruddy,
With just floral pollen a day red-flushed You bring.
Only Your affection the world goes on bearing;
Whatever the desire, You're commended.

Filled with darkness upon night's coming,
A star-studded sky fetches a smile sweet.
On a flight of geese neath moonlight soars Your respect;
Of the whole earth You are its complete adornment.

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Friday, April 26, 2024

What change a day makes

(2990)  Varasa dine ghana varasa dine

On a monsoon day, a day intensely rainy,
The dark clouds in company,
You've arrived with sound of wind.
Day and night, on lute one-stringed,
Through just its resonance You've made effusive.

The sun has got concealed by the clouds ebony;
With meteoric speed a tempest is blowing.
In the same high velocity the peacock of psyche,
Its talk and tail, with sweetness You have filled.

Today there's green loveliness in the cane forest;
In the bamboo grove enticing are straw-bundles.
Oh my, on water lilies red and white, on lotus,
And on fresh blades of grass, elegance You've lavished.

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Thursday, April 25, 2024

All over the place

(2989)  Bhevechilum tumi asibe

I had imagined that You will appear–
Promise having given, promise You will keep...
Fallen on a desert, alike unto dew,
You won't evaporate instantly.

All the defects of an atom, they reside in being–
Owing to that, a liila at time of Supreme.
Promise having given, then word not to keep:
Who will support it, do say please?

Frail am I, my defect is only this;
But to the frail also can abide a wish.
Purposely, distress why did You inflict:
Today with logic, face will You reveal?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

If You permit

(2988)  Kanta haye phutechilum

Become a thorn I had blossomed,
On the lotus stalk of Thee.
Forcefully a torrent had descended;
Me You whelmed with ecstasy.

I had been the pond beneath,
In the midst of water muddy.
Holding You upon my head,
Sorrow I've gone on forgetting.

Blows aplenty, have they not arrived,
The actions-and-reactions of life!
By not getting broken, Yourself
Skyward I have kept on raising.

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That day I asked

(2987)  Ankhite chilo je jal

In the eyes tears had been
The day that You were leaving.
To resist I was not able
On my own that nighttime, me.

Eyes were trained on eyes
When You said: "Soon I arrive."
This Your world remains behind;
Oh please don't go, myself forgetting.

Way back then I stated, "You will appear,
But how many ages– to count them will be!"
You declared, "Happen will a meeting
When enticed by love's yearning."

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Don't You see

(2986)  Srsti racecho e kii karecho

A universe You have built, what's this You've made;
Yourself, You've kept veiled!
Not remaining in the shrine,
At depths of mind You've stayed.

Your cosmic play is hard to comprehend;
Defeat, logic and reason tend to accept.
Not having stayed in floral bed,
You've sat on a thorny chair.

You're the Master, the refuge of everybody;
Those created and maintained, they follow You only.
Hence, the win of You alone they all sing;
You've bestowed the fervor theirs.

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Monday, April 22, 2024

What we seek

(2985)  Esecho esecho, tumi esecho kiseri tane

You have arrived, You have arrived,
You have come with which attraction?
Onto Earth's surface-dust, Yourself, You've declined,
Any and all vanity, having ignored.

A temple built with lovely jewels,
A lake adorned by tiirtha's sacred waters,
Not going close to anyone and taking naught,
With empty intent, oh why did You come?

Giving its fiery plume, You ignite the comet;
Dreading that flame, both Rahu and Ketu move in orbit.
Nature true lies in stability; wholly due to this,
Toward that alone You pull everyone.

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Sunday, April 21, 2024

I have given You my everything

(2984)  Ei shukla nishiithe sumanda vate

On this clear late-night with a sweetly mild breeze,
Why are You remote, my Love?
Coming with the lower lip dyed and made ruddy,
Please remove my extreme delusion.

Lying abed, in dream, in sleep, or on waking,
Within hearing and cogitation I recall You only.
In absence of You, to me who else belongs,
The string of love to get a garland strung!

Oh the Innermost, You smile inside of me,
Lightening the load earthly.
Whelming with cadence and a lute's jingling,
To the night of existence, You convey the dawn.

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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Partial to love

(2983)  Nam na jana mana na mana

Name unknown, revered or not,
Arriving beside, a colorful Fairy.
Eyes traced by golden beams,
He spoke to me, always smiling.

"My home is in splendor's realm;
With work the whole world I travel.
Those who long for Me, I lean toward them,
The persons who love Me.

"Incessantly I roam about;
Without halt I fly around.
Getting bound by love's strings,
I go on rising in a hymn's melody."

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Friday, April 19, 2024

The sweetness of You

(2982)  Jyotsna rate canderi sathe, tumi esechile kar tare

On a moonlit night with the moon along,
For whose sake had You come?
In a recess of the mind, with the wind sonorous,
Stealthily You went on singing a song.

In the depths of my thought I had been lonely;
When has gone the full moon at early morn, I didn't see.
Like a golden streak on gray cloud's body,
Traced upon that gloom light had become.

Musing on that, with a shiver mind thrills;
Divine realm descends to this dusty earth.
All sense-perception gets this realization:
Surrounding me day and night You are.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Had He stayed longer

(2981)  Kon se ajana pathik esechilo

Which is that Unknown Pilgrim Who'd appeared;
Light He lit in a dark dwelling.
There had been no speech; a mouth with gentle grin,
The smile of lower lip, it went on lavishing.

Silently He had come from which unknown place;
Work accomplished, by what strange mode went He away.
Coming for an instant, a transitory love,
Why did it trace a line long-lasting?

At that time to know His particulars I did not wish;
Even still, acquaintance the mind does not imagine.
Simply, in thought of Him is honey-smeared intoxication;
What was given, forever it enticed me.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Opened was a chink

(2980)  Je diiper shikha jvele diyecho tumi

The lamp-flame that You've ignited
In this dark cosmos,
Under just its light they flickered,
Refulgent the atoms.

In a wink, inert sleep was broken,
Fatigue and delusion shattered in a moment.
With hues aplenty was illuminated
By a light-stream disrepute's ebon.

What I could not imagine, that alone happened;
Within the gloom arrived an optic sense.
My spark of love's cascade did ascend;
To the new-moon night, perforation.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Despite all my limitations

(2979)  Tomar patha ceye basechilum ami

Watching Your path, seated had I been;
Your story alone have I contemplated.
Gotten lost is my world's every shape;
I have gone on singing Your hymn.

My coming and going was to decrepit atmosphere;
My pondering was in the same impaired periphery.
But with that meager scope, speculation's web weaving,
I have understood You are everyone's central jewel.

Musing on Thee, diffused into Infinity the limited becomes;
Your hymn having sung, effusive becomes bosom.
Between You and me there's no more obstruction;
At Your lotus feet have I taken shelter.

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Final attainment

(2978)  Tomar saunge mor paricay, kabe pratham hayechilo

With You my acquaintance,
When first it had been,
That is not today!
The year and day I've forgotten;
But shyness and fear, they have waned.

From the fountain of which Unknown Entity,
Had I risen, floating on a thought-stream?
That Strange Being alone, it is You, Lord;
Most assuredly, I have understood the same.

Even still I'm traveling to the Mystery;
Through cadence and song You are calling.
The end of all knowledge is within Thee,
Hey, the Embodiment of Consciousness, beyond shape.

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Monday, April 15, 2024

My one desire

(2977)  Tomar ei bhaver ghare ami eka

I'm alone in this Your notion's abode;
To my home, You please come.
Arriving at my dwelling, make completion;
Do appear in my thoughts.
You've gone on keeping lit the torch;
By that flame, always be brightened up.

I want nothing in Your presence;
I would give all there is, whatever.
What's kept me hemmed by spell of blind attachment,
Through that flame, it as well please exhaust.

What I say from mouth, let me perform in deed;
Having come, may I not shun ordeal.
With every action allow me to recall Thee;
Upon my mind-sky, You please forever soar.

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Sunday, April 14, 2024

You came into my life

(2976)  Tomay ami pelum

Yourself did I obtain
On the far shore of a dark ocean,
Like a golden streak of light.
My inertial slumber You broke
By music's sleepless fall and rise.

With much cadence You did come,
Afloat upon a stream of euphoria.
All the gloomy ignorance You got rid of
By an implication sublime.

You effused in all directions;
You infused honey in the bud.
Mind You entered with enchanting thought,
By a myrtle's beauty fine.

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Your prodigal son

(2975)  Sadher malakhani enechi

A selected garland I have brought,
Because, Lord, I will make You wear it.
From the mental realm blooms have I culled;
On string of love in solitude I've threaded.

On that I've smeared the sandal of heart-core;
Lavishly I've conferred all the nectar of my bosom.
Effusive become, I've been waiting at the door
To hear a footfall every single minute.

Don't frustrate me, look with eyes of kindness;
Awaken a fresh flood-tide in a life afflicted.
From my mind obliterate what is good or wicked;
I have come away from the peerless shelter.

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Friday, April 12, 2024

Plan of a simple man

(2974)  Shunini ami prabhu path bhule kabhu

Lord, I did not hear that ever, forgetting path,
You have come to someone's dwelling
Only once momentarily.
Customarily, You proceed in routine series;
Thinking thus, mentally I've wept profusely.

My virtues, they are not accrued;
In store-room has remained a vacuum.
There was no awareness, Your work I did not do;
Tied to matter had I been, in blind-attachment deeps.

I have not philosophy's wisdom;
To scripture never did I pay attention.
Yourself I adore, just for Your smile I pray;
I don't want heaps of grace, a tiny grain please grant me.

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ignorance and longing

(2973)  Bhuvane raye gecho gopane

Secretly You've remained in the cosmos;
Oh so abstruse is Your sport!
You do not approach, why– who knows;
Game You make of many colors.

With eyes full of hope I pine;
To see somewhere, I don't find.
Like a musk deer, upon woodland path race I;[1]
I don't know why You make me anxious.

You stay beyond the range of language;
On thought's pollen You coat nectar.
In both joy and sorrow, You keep a constant watch;
How You go on alone, I don't fathom.

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