Sunday, July 31, 2022

The vain things I conceive

(2347)  Tomake jay na bhola

Yourself it's impossible to forget.
Whenever I imagine: forgetting I'll proceed,
I'll set aside Your memory,
I become anxious to that exact extent.

On Your name and song I float along;
Your tenderness I do love...
Pleasure's laugh on hope of acquisition,
It's a feeling that can't be expressed.

Seated at the core of heart, You are there;
With color the world You've made shining.
By rhythm and melody You have frenzied;
In a life, that's the sway You present.

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Saturday, July 30, 2022

How can You stay far away?

(2346)  Kon se deshe acho tumi

You are in which country
For so long, oh Darling?
Not a sight You granted, not a word You spoke;
Deprived of fondness, did You not know agony?

For Your sake, day and night,
Passed in waiting has the time.
From grief, a song I've vocalized:
Stranger You have gone on staying.

I keep hearing that You love,
You laugh and cry for everyone.
Hence why then do You not come:
Don't You know I'm in such need?

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Friday, July 29, 2022

My Thrill, come nigh

(2345)  Durera bandhu mor

Enduring Friend of mine from far-off,
Please come with face sweetly smiling.
At a distance why remaining any more?
At heart's core, deep inside me, do appear.

Kindly enter stealthily upon silent feet;
A blossom is made to bloom, always in welcoming.
Oh You are the kohl on eyes whelmed by fatigue,
Infusing hope constantly.

Yourself to realize, one simply is not able;
Gauging Your depth is totally impossible.
In ancient days You had been, and You stay forever,
With a thrill in what is known, in what's beyond knowing.

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Yet another Creation story

(2344)  Pran tumi dhele diyechile

Life You had conferred
At this earth's every niche.
Afloat had come poetry with tune,
On that existential wind.

By the cradle of life, the cosmos was enthused;
At core of mind, a mood got infused.
Mood gained expression; dejection set aside,
It danced to that tune in notes of music.

From Your thought is churned an agent,
Each and every living being, hey Supreme Master.
Insignificant or futile, nobody is ever...
In Your mind everybody drifts,
By Your gracious gift.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A sweet hope He gave

(2343)  Amay dak diye jay kon ajanay

Having kept calling me to some unknown realm,
What expression of soothing sympathy,
It comes floating with a sweet infatuation,
Expectation wrapped in beat!

There was hope I will achieve just that;
I'll go on performing just that task.
With its yearning I shall advance;
I'll forget the tears and laughing.

At my psychic niche impervious,
In total privacy of all thought,
Applying color to mind's arbor,
I am watching for arrival of Him only.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Just between You and me

(2342)  Kena dure gele man na bujhile

Why did You go afar, did You not fathom psyche?
Owing to wounded pride, I said nothing.
By mouth only I spoke not, I did not disclose;
But with two eyes I've told the story.

At the soul, inside hole, I've wanted still more near,
Garnished by psychic flowers from my every deed.
Why didn't You understand, why didn't You stay?
Without gain, for what reason did You leave?

Without You I have got nobody else;
Thou art King of Psyche, ever I want Yourself...
Amid my cogitation, having permeated feeling,
With a tune of my fulfillment, in strict privacy.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Sweet insight

(2341)  Esechile tumi prane mane

You'd arrived in heart and mind;
For You had I hankered,
I in my life.

You are the light amid obscurity;
You know how to hold dear.
You pour out unasked mercy
By day and by night.

You don't ever stay afar;
Only I saw not, Lord.
You're around, but no thought had I;
I did not see with fog-covered eyes.

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Of crucial importance

(2340)  Andha tamasa sariya giyache

The pitch dark has stepped aside;
A crimson dawn smiles.
On mind's mirror throwing light,
Only His flecks of love arise.

There is no other person, a stranger to me;
The entire universe constitutes my family.
I've seen Him in the midst of them only,
On the sky of heart and mind.

I did not go to holy sites to find Him;
I made no show, solemn oath, or atonement.
With an earnest mind, I have cherished;
To get merged, I've desired.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

I remember Thee

(2339)  Bandhle more priitir dore

You fastened me with love's string,
Oh the Playful Master.
Your tie, surpassing mundane life,
Can't be forgot, hey Manifest Consciousness.

In the bloom with fragrance You are there;
With cadence and song, You go swaying.
Mid movement with a stream of velocity,
Rhythmic, You are mingled.

The Lord Self-born, in the beginning,
Endless One, in full maturity,
At depths of existential feeling,
Luminous, You are awakened.

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Friday, July 22, 2022

You and me internally

(2338)  Tomar amar bhalabasa, marme gabhiire

Yours and mine is a love
At the core, in the deeps...
The world of speech knows it not,
Anyone externally.

Transcendent Lord, in form's field
You submitted to heart's bidding...
At the rifts betwixt clouds of psyche
Through a rhythm, song, and melody.

Hey the all-surrounding Avatar of Consciousness,
Upon the mental firmament with light filled...
Yourself having received, dancing is the world
To the sound of love's clattering.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

I know enough

(2337)  Eso tumi mor ghare

You please come to my home;
With two arms extended, I proclaim welcome.
You're the love of my life, far away don't keep;
Except for You I don't have anyone.

Near to fish is water from the snowy Himalayas;
In the oyster is a pearl, on eyelids is collyrium.
In same manner You are mine, hey Amity Brilliant;
And so I go on singing Your song.

Why You like it so, I know nothing;
When You are pulling close, that too is a mystery.
I only know that I'm Your fancy;
To learn more than this I don't long.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My home unknown

(2336)  Ghum bhaungiye na janiye

Breaking sleep, without informing,
To some remote place You carried.
I know not much,
I know You love;
So faith is around Thee.

With mind's light You applied hue;
You thrilled life with beat and tune.
Love's flower, You made it bloom
On far bank of a stream of tears.

The sea of form's Formless Gem,
You cherish; that also I accept.
I float adrift, I know, I comprehend,
Toward abode unknown with Your melody.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Life's purpose

(2335)  Svarnashatadale bhare dile

On a lotus of gold You filled
My lake of psyche.
I could not grasp, could not imagine
Why it happened, this boundless mercy.

I had been racing behind vice and ignorance;
Not a bit I thought for other than myself.
But light You brought to a life deplorable;
Making Your own, myself You received.

I failed to fathom life's innermost core;
I had not got involved with Your chores.
By mistake, I did not think of another;
But You made me understand public duty.

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Silently He spoke to me

(2334)  Niirave ele niirave gele

Stealthily You came, and You left quietly;
There was no account of what happened.
Gazing at the face, attention grabbing,
With eyes You communicated.

About that day I ponder frequently;
Upon tears that memory sails to me...
On the musing, tune it keeps infusing;
It pours out a pleasant softness.

That reverie, it will stay forever,
Morn and eve, with a sweetness of nectar...
Making replete, rending web of illusion,
Dispelling every affliction.

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A reply befitting

(2333)  Bhalabasiyachi ami

I do cherish,
Sin and virtue having weighed not the least.
Myself do I relinquish
To the charming feelings of you only.

Anywhere that I peer,
In the light you rise blooming.
You come to the realm of body,
Hey the formless, with unmatched mentality.

Forgetting you never happens;
You dance with the All-Pervasive.
What occurs is a stupor ever broken
By sweet clamor of your anklets.

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Please come to me

(2332)  Ekhano ki prabhu tomay

Master for You, oh does it still
By staying distant show goodwill?
Inviting You, calling often,
From a choked throat it does pass.

What for to Earth did You send off?
For what afar myself You shoved?
And why just why did You ignore...
With such a love is this apt?

Your cosmic sport, it's hard to grasp;
Emotions surge with no language.
Cry it makes sometimes, sometimes laugh,
In the heart with passion packed.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Now that I'm Yours

(2331)  Bhalabese kotha lukale

After loving where did You go hiding?
What, pray tell, was my offense!
Ignoring way, You'd appeared,
Hey unfamiliar Dearest.

You poured out ambrosial stream,
A flower making bloom in the psyche.
With such fondness You excited greatly,
Through peerless sense of happiness.

Of sweetness the gemmed radiance,
You made wear affection's necklace.
You belong to me, You said,
Among the sweet, the Sweetest.

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No need to reply

(2330)  Harano dine vyathabhara gane

On olden days in poems full of agony,
The words that I've spoken inwardly...
Have You not listened to that torn guitar,
In view of the moment, inattentively?

You are the Huge, I am an atom;
I am sedentary, You are frolicsome.
On a path circling Thee, I'm a pollen-spore;
At any instant, didn't You see me?

Though I be puny, I am not of scant avail;
Inside throat, it's Your message that I bear.
Inside breast, with the thought of You I stay,
Lying abed, in a dream or unsleeping.

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Thursday, July 14, 2022

My Everything

(2329)  Bhalabasi tomay ami, kena ta jani na

In love with You am I,
I know not why that is;
To say that, I'm unable.
In my gloomy heart, You're the light,
A light I won't abolish,
A light I won't extinguish.

My any adoration,
My mind's any expectation,
All my exits and arrivals...
Ever they revolve around Thee,
In songs varied, to Your rhythm.

Where I will go, where I reside,
From where I've arrived–
These queries are not mine, Lord...
To know that I don't wish;
I know my all is Your acquaintance.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Merciful Lord

(2328)  Amar citte diip jvele dite

To light a lamp inside my psyche,
This dark night, oh Who appeared.
In the gloom with suppressed grief,
I'd been asleep due to fatigue.

No one was there, grasping affliction;
Sympathetic heart's touch, there was none.
To give love and to mop the tears,
Upon the earth was nobody.

Come have beatings after beatings;
A ruthless society has gone on watching.
At such a night, full of love, with understanding,
You arrived on compassion's stream.

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Hey Lord

(2327)  Corabalira pare

Quicksands, they bring down;
So a house, why keep building?
Did You not look closely?
Greatly it's been shaking.

Throughout many ages You have been constructing;
So much blood and labor You are lavishing...
Imagining, satisfaction You've received
Around something transitory.

On erosion, the bank of a river will break;
Ere that too, an avalanche quicksand will make.
Paint that's just imaginary, it will fade away;
What will stay is everlasting.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

My Silent Caller

(2326)  Phalgune mor phulavane

At springtime, in my flower garden,
Oh Who came, a mystery?
I could not recognize, I did not make welcome;
You smiled, but no word did You speak.

With Your pulse You filled the earth;
By Your cadence came a stir.
On Your viewing was consumed in a moment
Every prohibition worldly.

Though it was not spoken, You hold dear;
There was no necessity of verbosity.
In a speechless language, through a sweet glance,
You dispensed a kindly mercy.

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Monday, July 11, 2022

You open eyes

(2325)  Andhar ghare ghumiye chilum

In a dark room asleep I'd been;
I hearkened not to the light's call...
Of blame and fame, shame and acclaim,
Through bondage, inarticulate.

I never looked attentively;
Color's game I did not see.
Yourself I failed to hold dear;
I've wished that gloom might linger.

On stream of light You had arrived;
In veins a shake You did provide.
With crimson hue You goaded mind;
Misguided phase You obliterated.

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

My destination and my highway

(2324)  Pai ni tiirthe giriguhate

I found not in a holy place or mountain cave;
In search of You my days have gone away.
With scriptural interpretation or a scrutiny of psyche,
Time has passed in telling my own tale.

You are the central gem of the abstract realm;
Above everyone, You're the lamp lit by Yourself.
In Your thought-stream, beneath just Your light-rays,
All existential knowledge has remained innate.

The same work that You like to go and make;
Only that I'll keep doing, Yourself to propitiate.
By Your kindness, through Your flow of mercy,
Near to You alone, I will stay for ever and always.

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Friday, July 8, 2022

A portent exceptional

(2323)  Aji manete tuphan kena bay

Why a typhoon blows in the mind today...
The reason it happens, it keeps active, please say.
On the mirror of my thoughts with rhythm and melody,
Diffusing sweetness it remains.

For so long, gazing at Whose path am I?
I'm in love with the Man my heart desires.
Preoccupied with Him only, like essence of honey,
In bud's ear, the bee spins a tale.

This hurricane is a sign of His advent;
My life it made overwhelmed.
On only His reverie, in course of time, eternally,
In concert, just His win it sings in praise.

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I am not confused; it's You that I want

(2322)  Tomare pavar ashe maneri madhumase

In hope of getting You at springtime of just psyche,
An effusive bud acknowledges no obstruction.
Stooped beneath a load of nectar, exalted by love,
My boycott, one hears that not.

Having kept remote, a shaking You afford;
A burning sensation, staying at home becomes.
To string a wreath of thought,
Forget I do not.

I realize everything is Your diversion;
With me You are making sport.
Though I be alone without support,
Vacillate I do not.

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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Divine choreography

(2321)  Bhalabasi ami tomare

I cherish Thee,
And You are fond of me...
In my worldly setting,
Your light falls incessantly.

All around You whirls my psyche
On Your love's upward propelling...
With a small thought's every melody
At the heart's most inner dwelling.

With mind in Your cradle, that cradle awakens;
Upon Your jingling, I'm oblivious to self...
With my veena, hey the Instrumentalist,
On Your anklet a tone rises from sleep.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Despite my imagination

(2320)  Tomare bhuliya thakite ceyechi

To remain ignoring You I've desired;
You've continued giving fondness.
In the thought of You alone is my life;
You dance within that existence.

Never did You stay forgetting me;
Love You've kept pouring sweetly and profusely.
With cadence and melody, You've gone on filling me;
You are in both light and darkness.

Thinking I am at a distance, there was ignorance;
There was envelopment by the fog of egotism.
A stream of worldliness had encircled,
But You have removed it.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Brought on high

(2319)  Tomar apar dane mamatar avadane

By Your immense gift, a sympathetic contribution,
Toward hell's abyss has withdrawn my self-conceit.
That pride, it had tied me in strings of blind infatuation,
Banishing it, all my burdens You did carry.

On Your own You're coming; You've entered fold at inmost core–
Though formless You've been smiling, arrived at realm of form.
And on that light a-flashing, both joy and woe go floating off;
At the atomic stratum is an acquaintance with everybody.

Always awake You've endured with amity, soothing and tranquil;
You've been smiling gently-gently with an ever-new affection.
But for You, who is there that's understanding the affliction?
Myself You have vanquished, taken and made family.

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Monday, July 4, 2022

Such a boon

(2318)  Dekhechi tomare marma majhare

At core of heart Yourself I have seen;
Thoughts most loving I have received.
On the whole world, by Your light-beams,
Glow You poured through music-notes and melody.

Everyone You've taken and made Your own,
At depth of heart, providing devotion.
Those who do not love, around them also,
You continue dancing constantly.

Ocean of Divine Game, hey Ruler of the Waves,
Make remote all shame and fear, all bondage.
At Your feet, obeisance to Thee I proclaim,
A million, million times, with both body and psyche.

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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Keep your eyes trained on the goal

(2317)  Ei niil sarovarera gay

On the surface of this blue mere,
A white lotus, water lily, smiles effusively.
Who came, who went, she does not see;
Her mind just runs to Him only.

Many a storm has blown with flow of lightning;
Many an aerolite flashes many light-beams;
Many comets, showing up, set their tail a-dancing...
In each case, don't they come and leave?

Many days have gone away, many ages have elapsed;
Nonetheless her breast has stayed replete with nectar.
Many black-bees, haven't they come and kept on singing?
Yet her honey isn't lost, not by any means.

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Beyond imagination

(2316)  Aji amar maner aunginay

Now, inside the compound of my psyche,
Oh Dark Prince,[1] arriving, You tarried.
Myself You astounded:
You told that You hold me dear.

What I did not imagine, I see that alone happened;
Your sweetness, mind it filled.
I replied, having cried with a passion:
This just cannot be believed.

You said this mind is Your abode;
You had been there, love's extract, in the past also.
I saw You not, under ego's influence:
You were hid by the mist of vanity.

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Friday, July 1, 2022

Strict but lenient

(2315)  Tomar tomar tomar

Your, Your, Your...
Your love has built the universe.
Immensely allured and with face smiling greatly,
At heart all have wanted to acquire Thee.

None is unrelated, none is distant;
Everyone is kin, everyone is pleasant.
Everybody watched over, everybody frenzied,
To myriad rhythms, they have gone on dancing.

In the cosmic liila You are the central gem,
A jewel strung on the necklace of love's thread.
You never expel... I know it, I comprehend:
Gaining means getting united inside inmost feeling.

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Don't let me be lonely

(2314)  Parabo baliya saunge enechi

Saying "I'll make wear", with me I have brought
A wreath threaded with the medlars shed.
I have composed it on a string of love,
The whole day unattended.

This medlar is my life's essence;
In this medlar is fragrance immense.
If able to make wear, by that it will bestir
The swing of a sweet love-tryst.

On that swing the earth sways every minute;
On that swing pulsating, the sun.
At the touch of that swing in a wink vanishes
All pangs of non-attainment.

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