Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Brought on high

(2319)  Tomar apar dane mamatar avadane

By Your immense gift, a sympathetic contribution,
Toward hell's abyss has withdrawn my self-conceit.
That pride, it had tied me in strings of blind infatuation,
Banishing it, all my burdens You did carry.

On Your own You're coming; You've entered fold at inmost core–
Though formless You've been smiling, arrived at realm of form.
And on that light a-flashing, both joy and woe go floating off;
At the atomic stratum is an acquaintance with everybody.

Always awake You've endured with amity, soothing and tranquil;
You've been smiling gently-gently with an ever-new affection.
But for You, who is there that's understanding the affliction?
Myself You have vanquished, taken and made family.

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