Sunday, July 10, 2022

My destination and my highway

(2324)  Pai ni tiirthe giriguhate

I found not in a holy place or mountain cave;
In search of You my days have gone away.
With scriptural interpretation or a scrutiny of psyche,
Time has passed in telling my own tale.

You are the central gem of the abstract realm;
Above everyone, You're the lamp lit by Yourself.
In Your thought-stream, beneath just Your light-rays,
All existential knowledge has remained innate.

The same work that You like to go and make;
Only that I'll keep doing, Yourself to propitiate.
By Your kindness, through Your flow of mercy,
Near to You alone, I will stay for ever and always.

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  1. There is but a single way that I can ever find Thee... only by Your kind grace.