Tuesday, January 31, 2023

If patient You could be

(2528)  Pusparaji jyotsnarashi bale bhalabasi

Bloom-lines and heaps of moonlight say: "We like
Your delicious smile.
That same smile having pondered,
We float on a stream of delight."

With only that same smile brims over
The lifestream upon the earth,
Hearts having filled with tune and rhythm,
Razing all absence of light.

With just a speck of that same smile, momentary,
Scattered are lustrous rubies.
Please halt for a while, oh the Ruby of Psyche;
Through the realm of form I arrive.

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Monday, January 30, 2023

By the very thought of You...

(2527)  Tomar tare ashru jhare, tomar tarei gan sadha

On account of You, tears drip;
For Your sake alone, song is practiced.
In thought of You, I forget poverty;
Just for You a garland is threaded.

You are the lamp of my existence;
In the rainy season, a kadam in blossom.
Mind's screwpine,[1] remaining awakened,
Your tale it tells through its pollen.

I affix a garland on my hair bun;
I array love's tray of welcome.[2]
I go on forgetting a hundred burning sensations,
Any and all pain, Yourself having contemplated.

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Full circle

(2526)  Jaya shubhavajradhara shubhrakalevara

Victory, good lightning-wielder, bright-skinned
And wearing tiger-hide; Shiva, grant refuge at feet.
Victory to the horn-blower, ridder of affliction;
Shelter of all intellect, grant refuge at feet.

Triumphant be Progenitor and God, mantra-lord Shiva;
Transcendental, ever-new, grant refuge at feet.

Like a silver mountain made of honey, hard to get;
Bliss and boundless splendor, grant refuge at feet.
Victory to You, the truth eternal, stance supreme.

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

By Your peerless love

(2525)  Kuyasha esechilo

The fog had rolled in;
For a moment it had shrouded.
Your ray came, and the dark was abolished;
Fear of darkness, whereto did it vanish?

Oh God, omnipresent and resplendent,
Your light rids defilement.
Every pore of heartcore
That light, it had cherished.

Alone You had appeared,
And Your smile was honey-smeared.
At the depths of my heart,
That smile held me captive.

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Even in dream

(2524)  Sei purnima rate ami

On that full-moon night, oh I,
I had been beneath the spell of a dream.
In the same illusory palace of a king,
I had spied,
Yourself, lo, I had seen.

In that place with blooms was an odor delicious,
Which with sweetness did envelop.
There, in hope of contact sweet,
The Love-Bee had hovered.
In that solitude, always floating,
He had smiled;
With the moon He had beamed.

In that place with blooms were no thorny spines;
There was no ebb tide in life.
In that place just flow upstream
And sandal-paste there were.
That very nebula, coated on azure,
It had danced,
It had frolicked like peacock of psyche.

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Bewildered but not blue

(2523)  Akash bhara ajke tara

A skyful now are the stars;
On a south wind, stream of nectar.
Mind goes sailing to someplace unknown,
Confounded by Whose ideation?

A red lotus remains staring at the heavens;
Floral pollen wafts upon a sweet scent.
Missing everything known to themselves;
They have become anxious.

Seated on my own, the stars count I;
Lost have I got, I grasp, I mind.
I'll find the path, also that I realize;
Shining unending is the North Star.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

He gives grief

(2522)  Tumi kache thekeo kata dure

How distant You are, even when remaining near;
You don't grant embrace to me,
Though I know You are surrounding.

I find You in the hue of a sun at morning,
The night's bosom having cleaved.
Hope's light, You remove the ebony
With a vibrant rhythm and melody.

With You the acquaintance mine
Is not a tale of just one lifetime.
Tears are shed for the sake of attaining,
Eons upon eons previously.

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Life is Yours to command

(2521)  Theko nako ar dur alakay

Don't remain longer at a distant heaven;
Onto the dusty earth kindly descend.
I would get close; everybody with Yourself
Wants to stay, forgetting glad-and-sadness.

You lavish rays on every face;
With hope all bosoms broke You permeate.
You are everyone's, and everyone is Yours;
Let this truth be spread.

With honey let all tongues be saturated
That they all sing Your name together.
With Your vital breath themselves to blend,
May they sing Your song with excitement.

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Monday, January 23, 2023

My baffling Lord

(2520)  Madhur tumi mohan tumi

Sweet are You, charming are You;
You are very lovely, oh Darling Dear.
Even staying close-by, faraway are You,
Like the sky, never-ending.

With both light and wind You are mixed,
Abroad and at home, in no respect to which.
Having an open heart and meter poetic,
In their pulsation, You belong to me.

Though holding You, catching does not succeed;
Everybody is replete with Your beauty.
Beyond form, beyond worldly sorcery,
In the cosmos You don't have a peer.

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

I have weighed anchor

(2519)  Praner srote bhasiye dilum

Upon life's stream I set adrift
My fragmentary boat of song.
No longer remained ties to shore;
To rhythm without limit it is swaying back and forth.

There is no backward tug of attachment now;
The kettledrums of victory are ringing out...
Dejected heart, equipped was roused
By dance and hymn and melody once more.

My long-gone, former days,
Capering they arrived, become amazed...
By saying with a smile: "I am going sailing",
I have fractured a close dungeon.

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Friday, January 20, 2023

If I had my druthers

(2518)  Kena gele dure cale

Why did You leave, going afar,
Throwing me into the dark?
Having cherished You ignored;
No one calls this love.

I asked not for the night's pitch black;
I've yearned for the dawn's flash
At end of day in moon's location,
Moonlight-coated on a sky ambrosial.

I have wanted You with all my heart
In beat and tune, in thought and talk,
In vacant home like empty urn,
Eyes ignited due to splendor.

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Thursday, January 19, 2023

His welcoming tray

(2517)  Tare bhuleo jay na bhola

Even having forgot Him, forgetting does not succeed.
Forgotten matters not the least...
Even when forgotten, forgetting does not succeed.
He lies hidden within psyche;
Words unspoken He receives.

Upon hearing His pipe magic,
Mind goes sailing, breaking limits.
Oft I cry, but oft I grin;
Was there burning pain severe?

The sound of anklet floats adrift;
I am always listening, so I hear it.
A heart to satisfy, hope's web I knit;
Arranged is the tray for welcoming.[1]

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Did He really leave?

(2516)  Gan geye cale giyechilo se

Singing songs He'd departed;
In a heady dream with charming visage,
Had He taken the mind captive?

For His sake how many ages am I keen;
I've forgot so many moments, days, and years.
Just that piece in throat did not escape my memory
Mixed with tune in music mode, what did He give?

In ear the sound of His footsteps I still hear;
To forget ten thousand thunderbolts could not be.
In the depths of psyche, with a sweet resonance,
Echoing is it with emission of ambrosia.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

My disguise

(2515)  Ami tomay

I am with You;
That I know, I know that advice.
For everyone You're the earth's light;
You are the sweetness of life.

You are here, and so the earth has bided;
Light and air and life exist.
In Your cadence they have frolicked,
All the entities that are alive.

Even knowingly, I remain forgetting Thee,
Hiding the sin by modes of speech.
Eyes closed, I weep bitterly,
Having devised my own lies.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

My one and only Darling

(2514)  Tumi amari amari shudhu

You are mine, only mine;
Around the horizon on the vast firmament,
Smiling, just one moon has plied.

In each corner of the mind, at my rumination's depths,
In a garden decked with blooms having a sweet scent,
Musing on You I move, I speak only of Thee;
You are the honey in a humdrum life.

Dejection's cloud arrives and floats at the northeast edge;
Far off it withdraws on Your mild breeze from the southwest.
Except for You nobody else is my own;
To a heart defeated, You are the cherished ally.

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Monday, January 16, 2023

It is but fate

(2513)  Matir pradiip jvaliye rakhi

An earthen lamp I keep lit
In this cottage of adobe.
I want You with face smiling;
Eyes satiated, I will see.

No property is mine;
What is there, all is Thine.
I will give Your things to You
With loving tears.

You will stay the Gopal of mind;
At heart's lotus despite good and bad times.
Flute replete with cadence and melody,
Dance You will, hope encircling.

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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Adrift upon Your love-stream

(2512)  Bujhechi jagate tumii sar

I've understood that You alone are the gist in the world.
Like blade of grass on a stream I drift along;
Currently I've realized I am Yours.

My body and mind are at Your favor;
Frequently I pay visit, fighting a load of affliction.
Yet I am a droplet of Your compassion,
Hey the great ocean, the flow of ambrosia.

Knowing or unknowingly, on Your way I proceed;
Grief in mind, Your name by mouth I speak.
Misery and mental torment I forget on thought of Thee;
In Your song I find boundless love.

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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Under Your spell

(2511)  Ar kata kal balo kata kal

How much longer, do say, oh how long
Will I go on counting moments, stay watching the path?
Will it wilt and dry up, the mind's lotus stalk?

Getting detached, chignon's braid has dropped;
From tears kohl is getting mopped.
Forehead's teep and lamp of ghee,
Lackluster each dusk to dawn.

The flower's petals have turned wan;
Nectar of bud, with none has it got on.
Fallen has the blossom, outstanding are the thorns;
Such a web of magic You have spawned!

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Friday, January 13, 2023

We sense His greatness

(2510)  Tumi bhuvan plaviya esecho

Flooding the world You have come;
You've been filling each and every atom.
You have looked in everyone's direction;
Everybody You have loved.

At first break of day, by Your effulgence,
In the life a latent cognition awakens.
With pristine light upon earth and in heaven,
You have let be made vibrant.

Upon Your azure comes the twilight too;
Inside nest Your hymn a bird croons.
Your majesty, Your kindness, Your glory–
You've arrived amid sense perception.

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Lord, it's been hard

(2509)  Hese balechile asbe abar

Smiling, You had told You will come again;
Moments I count, reliant on that only.
Night and day I remain listening,
That Your footstep-sound I hear.

Nectar of a bud has dried out,
Flower's petals have dropped down.
Throe-drenched and blow-stricken,
Within heart hope's web I weave.

Inmost speech, why didn't You comprehend;
Word plighted, why did You not keep the pledge?
That one who does survive, singing Your victory,
Towing in, why did You not receive?

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Thursday, January 12, 2023

One for all, and all for One

(2508)  Jagat tomate tumi jagate

The world in You, You are in the world;
In the midst of form, You're form-free.
Everyone is Yours, and You are everyone's;
Transcendental Lord, this truth is key.

From thought the earth You have built;
Thought's nectar You have lavished.
In every dearth You have fulfilled;
Beyond conception, You are everlasting.

There is not a limit to Your merit;
Absent equal is Your sweetness.
Azure endless is Your temple;
Hence, Lord, You surpass territory.

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Surely You know my mind

(2507)  Akasher tara nayaner tara

The star of sky and pupil of eye,
Are become eager, having observed.
Blooming, when will You rise, hey my Dear,
Pervading the entire world?

Ever numbering the moments, ages disappear;
Each and every heartbeat sails on, weeping.
The moonlight my Earth did not find;
To myself I explain, but what is heard?

I am in love with You, that You know;
Just with You am I, You acknowledge this also.
Why, making sport, do You give slight;
Having been attentive, psyche don't You fathom?

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

With me all along

(2506)  Campaka vane gabhiira gahane

At magnolia grove, in a dense part hard to reach,
You had come for me.
In eyes, love had been mixed;
A tender smile was upon lips.

Champak fragrance had floated unanchored;
A shake it was giving to the horizon.
By that same fragrance, with love and affection,
Essence of ambrosia You had smeared.

Along a garden path I'd been moving,
Mind pervaded by the hope of gaining Thee.
While cogitating, surging heart failed to notice:
Within psyche You've gone on being at lovers' tryst.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Partial but impartial

(2505)  Jaya shiva svayambho pashupate

Your victory, oh Shiva, the self-born, the beast-master,
The first ruler and ancient king bearing hair-locks matted,[1]
Witness of every mind as intellect's most honored guest.

Come from the realm of light, You dwell in the three worlds;
You confer a sweet flow upon everyone.
Beginningless and endless, eternal God Absolute,
Obeisance to You, Lord, the auspicious haven.

Endowed with every quality, ruler beyond attributes,
Renunciant are You, chief of the multitude.
Sweetly You smile, You are here in good fortune and recession,
Upholding all humans, oh the earth's sovereign.

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Monday, January 2, 2023

My Sweet Child

(2504)  Maneri gopal mane thako

My mental Gopal,[1] You dwell in psyche;
With ambrosial sound around the world entire,
You are diffused; You forget nobody.

Laughter on the edge of lower lip,
You play a flute that's magic.
Upon Your smile, from Your reed pipe
Light gets shed; stays no darkness gloomy.

Time and again Thee I consider,
Your warm-hearted sweetness.
The sternness of the outer,
By that the soft You keep concealed.

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