Friday, January 27, 2023

Even in dream

(2524)  Sei purnima rate ami

On that full-moon night, oh I,
I had been beneath the spell of a dream.
In the same illusory palace of a king,
I had spied,
Yourself, lo, I had seen.

In that place with blooms was an odor delicious,
Which with sweetness did envelop.
There, in hope of contact sweet,
The Love-Bee had hovered.
In that solitude, always floating,
He had smiled;
With the moon He had beamed.

In that place with blooms were no thorny spines;
There was no ebb tide in life.
In that place just flow upstream
And sandal-paste there were.
That very nebula, coated on azure,
It had danced,
It had frolicked like peacock of psyche.

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